Spotlight: How to determine if your audio specifications are reasonable

Not sure if the speakerphones and audio pickup devices you're deploying are good enough for your environment?

Faction adds SoftNAS cloud-based NAS to its IaaS

When it comes to cloud storage, it's easy to see how it's becoming a market flooded with competition. Most cloud services providers are taking what I'll call the traditional approach to cloud storage--low-cost commodity storage. That's the way Amazon Web Services does it, and its business practices are guiding the rest of the industry. It's a price war.

Still on the fence about VoIP? Believe the hype

Maybe I've simply been immersed in the digital world for too long, but it still surprises me to learn on occasion that VoIP has not yet been adopted by every organization. The technology isn't exactly long in the tooth (far from it), but it's not new, either.

Security a major reason for SDN adoption

Network efficiency, agility and flexibility may not be the only benefits enterprises are looking to get out of software-defined networking (SDN). "Security" is also on the tips of the tongues of enterprise networking professionals.

Oversaturated networks driving need for 100Gbps firewalls

The increase in bandwidth usage because of growing consumption of applications and content is pushing networks to becoming oversaturated, and according to Fortinet, that's driving the need for more than 10GbE connectivity. Instead, Fortinet noted a growing requirement for 100GbE--and with that, the need for firewalls capable of handling such capacity.


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