Editor's Corner

Spotlight: Does your right to personal data trump your government's right to it?

A ruling from the EU's highest court sets a precedent for government rights over human rights, that the U.S. government may one day have to meet.

Masergy snaps up Global DataGuard, expands managed security capabilities

Masergy has purchased Global DataGuard, a move that will enhance its growing cloud services portfolio with additional managed security capabilities.

WhiteHat security: Testing beats built-in frameworks for remediation

At most security conferences you attend, you'll hear someone recommend one server-side language as being safer than another. Don't believe anything you hear.

OpenSSL finance chief: Funding unrealistic for mitigating the next Heartbleed

The man responsible for the security library's fundraising efforts states that the current funding mechanism "is nowhere near enough to properly sustain the manpower levels needed" to keep it going at its present pace.

Moving the goalpost again: Quantenna promises 10 Gbps 802.11ac

A combination of wave dynamics and creative marketing could catapult wireless office bandwidths next year. Quantenna might have the right formula.


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