• The one-click battle for the net

    We're the Internet, and they're the cable companies, says the latest advocacy group. Click one button to send a meaningless statement about net neutrality and make you feel better about yourself.

Brocade acquires alternative to deep packet inspection for MNOs

Up until now, Brocade's NFV components had been marketed as a means for accomplishing DPI with x86 servers. Now the NFV pioneer has acquired a technology that could succeed DPI.

Spotlight: The apps ecosystem is profitable for whom?

The big asterisk in front of many of the reports you've read in recent days about the economy's recovery, especially in the personal revenue department, has to do with the persons in...

HP acquisition of Eucalyptus looks like attrition by consumption

Just one month after a sudden change of heart from the leader of OpenStack's chief competitor, his company finds itself swallowed by OpenStack's newest would-be champion.

Microsoft adds API management API to Azure

A new service launched on the Azure cloud platform Wednesday enables developers building business models around the sharing of data in granular bits or tabular chunks to instantly generate API portals.

EU Commissioner pushes Estonia as model for e-identity

Not only may Estonia's digital identification system be used as a roadmap for a pan-European initiative, but the way it was developed has been worked into new regulations that span the continent.


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