Editor's Corner

Spotlight: The Internet's attack surface is becoming more homogenized

You hear a lot about the threats on the Internet 'evolving.' Maybe they're not. Maybe they don't have to.

One on One with Dropbox: We offer freedom from operating systems

In the second part of his interview with FierceEnterpriseCommunications, Ross Piper makes the case that the role of a cloud service is to bridge the gaps between operating systems, and build that bridge into a platform.

Spotlight: Samsung may strike a blow against passwords everywhere

Surprise, there may be a biometric scanner attached to your new Samsung smartphone; and (surprise again!) there may be a system behind it that makes it work.

Chat for free with NTT's WebRTC, if you don't mind being a bloated, dancing cat

It's one of the first live tests of P2P communications technology using only your HTML5 browser, and if you don't watch out, it could cause nightmares.

Death of cable by 'cord cutting' is greatly exaggerated

A recent survey of TV viewers states that close to one-fifth of viewers without pay TV have abandoned it in favor of Netflix or Hulu. That may be a little much, as a veteran broadband and entertainment industry analyst confirms.


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Close to three-quarters of businesses that suffer a major data loss close down within 24 months, according to an infographic put together by security firm Imprima.