Spotlight: Get smarter about software to make SDN and UC pairing a reality

As enterprises continue to explore the potential benefits of software-defined networking, one area that is piquing the interest of some is how SDN could improve unified communications.

To get ready for IPv6, start by testing in the lab

IPv6 isn't exactly a new protocol at this point, as it has been deployed in some fashion for more than 15 years. However, within the enterprises, it's a protocol that is fashionably late to the party.

Customer service focus needed to boost UC adoption among SMEs

For UC to grow within the small and medium enterprise space, vendors will have to find ways to differentiate themselves from traditional telephony providers. The solution? A customer service focus.

HP campus networking solution aims to simplify network management with SDN

One of the first announcements out of Interop Las Vegas comes from HP, which announced a new campus networking solution meant to simplify large enterprise networks while also providing a software-defined networking foundation.

Acer enters UC market

Acer is making its first forays into the unified communications market. The company plans to release a series of new hybrid IP PBX products and a touchscreen desk phone later this year.


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