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The Apple + IBM partnership: Who makes the first compromise?

The new alliance means IBM will be selling iPads, and Apple will be making room for IBM enterprise services. Sensible enough. But partnerships require communication, and only one of these two is good with that.

Scytl e-voting exposes the dangers of automating a democracy

A cryptographic protocol involving secret codes and device-to-device handshakes brings into question whether technology can actually drive away the world's last remaining voters.

The right to not know or be known

As Google begins its effort to comply with Europe's "right to be forgotten" law, more is now known about what's being forgotten than ever before.

'Public' as in 'airwaves' vs. 'public' as in 'performance'

There is no clearer signal of our having fully embraced the 21st century and shaken off the remains of the 20th than the lack of a wake for the old era's most pertinent metaphor.

Yo: Some thoughts on a syllable and the signal-to-noise ratio

Maybe a one-bit communications service is not such a silly idea after all. Except, wait a minute, you can't do one-bit signals on SMS, can you?

Does the browser still matter?

For one brief, shining moment in history, the engineering of Web browsers was a sporting event. Seems quaint now, doesn't it? Perhaps that's a good thing. Then again...

A net neutrality solution: It matters what we call things

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals told the FCC last January that things broke down when they stopped being consistent about their language.

A guide to life in the post-era era

A convention audience looking for Satya Nadella's rise to signal the passage of something and the dawn of something else, was not disappointed. Here we go again.

The last great customer experience

If the objective of all business is to deliver "great customer experiences," then how much do you want to bet that the Internet improves after this next round of net neutrality talks?

Citizens for a free and open service bus

Unite, O Internet-i-zens of the world, behind the causes of freedom, openness and compatible software for every processor of every shape, size and color.