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The right to be forgotten: What is it we're forgetting again?

The idea that any one search engine should be charged with the task of facilitating individuals' rights of censorship, sounds absurd enough. But Tim Berners-Lee's alternative doesn't sound much better.

Reinventing HP for the umpteenth time

The latest course change for the company credited with creating the independent spirit of the technology industry in the 1960s may finally be the smartest one.

Shut the front door

Last week, a dangerous defect was discovered in the secure shell service bash that enables remote access through Linux. It's saying something for the skill of malicious users--specifically, the lack thereof--that this stupendously obvious exploit may have been lying out there in the open for the entire history of Linux servers, with apparently nobody really taking advantage of it.

Connections 2014: What have we learned today?

A service vendor can say its software helps colleagues to work together, or work better together. But that's only if these people perceive any value whatsoever in the concept of "together."

Connections 2014: Keys to the conference

Have intelligent tools for online communication and commerce become more effective than mass media at reaching an audience and inspiring more people in that audience to respond positively?

The one-click battle for the net

We're the Internet, and they're the cable companies, says the latest advocacy group. Click one button to send a meaningless statement about net neutrality and make you feel better about yourself.

The coming public data pollution problem

If Twitter starts rearranging your feed based on what it thinks is relevant, then will all those tools that examine your Twitter feed for things you find relevant, be right or wrong?

Obligatory post-nudity-exposure opinion piece

There comes a point where the sheer volume of "Lessons Learned" pieces in the wake of the Great Celebrity Cloud Hack points to a deeper problem than the ridiculousness of password-based security.

It won't be the Internet of Things as you know it

We're well past the time that technologists once predicted there would be a modem on everyone's key ring. And no, I don't mean Wi-Fi. A future Internet will incorporate things, but not the way it's been predicted.

Windows tech support scam: Have we lost the capacity for anger?

Surely it's happened to you: You've gotten those fake phone calls from "Windows Company" saying your PC is infected, and please install this keylogger. And you may have reported them. But why haven't they stopped?