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Routers are Achilles' heel of most enterprises, says CloudGenix cloud architect

The culprit for the United Airlines severe network issues last week has been identified. And elementary, dear Watson, the blame has placed on a faulty router. And according to Hector Salas, principal solutions architect at CloudGenix, the ever-increasing complexity of routing processes are the Achilles' heel of most enterprises.

The cyberpunk future may very well be on its way

Reportedly, William Gibson, author of Neuromancer and sometimes credited as the creator of the cyberpunk science-fiction genre, wasn't a computer guy. Quite the opposite, in fact. He wrote the...

HP's SDN vision may resonate with some customers, but it won't be realized any time soon

HP has been playing hard to take on competitors lately – Cisco is particularly in its cross hairs – and a recent blog post by Ahmad Zamer, HP Networking's senior global product marketing manager, shows that HP has at least managed to convince its customers of its message.

UC poised for rapid growth through 2020

Although I don't remember the first time I heard the term "unified communications," I'm certain it was at least a decade ago. It followed the VoIP trend and was hinted by vendors as being the next big thing in enterprise communications.

In WAN, expect hybrid approach to become more popular

I recently spoke with David Hughes, CEO of software-defined wide area networking vendor Silver Peak, about the company's strategy around its Unity product lines. It's the second time in the last few months I've spoken with Hughes, and each time, the conversation has been centered around the how SD-WAN technologies will slowly replace the long-standing multi-protocol label switching technology used to power today's WANs.

It's not the same ol' Cisco

Incoming Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins jumped the gun by about a week in announcing his senior management and executive team. With the announcement also comes more sad news, as Cisco says "goodbye" to even more long-time executives.

Cisco's incoming CEO aims for streamlined executive suite

It's a time of churn and changes at Cisco Systems. From the moment CEO John Chambers announced his impending retirement and that Chuck Robbins would be replacing him, there has been much speculation about what the Cisco of the future will look like and how the company will fare without Chambers leading.

Internet traffic will hit 1 zettabyte by 2016

According to data from Cisco, global Internet traffic will reach one zettabyte by 2016. Internet traffic has grown significantly, particularly in the last decade as video and other bandwidth-intensive applications have taken hold.

Cisco loses PR head as CEO change nears

Whether it's just coincidence or has something to do with the changing of the guard at Cisco, the networking vendor is losing a long-serving senior manager. A Business Insider article speculated that as current CEO John Chambers steps down, other senior talent may look for opportunities outside of Cisco.

It's still networking, but be prepared to learn a lot more about software

With changes in network design coming through the likes of software-defined networking and network functions virtualization solutions, the role of the network administrator is also changing. And so are the skills needed to stay on top of emerging technologies.