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Joining the Wi-Fi mile high club

Conference centers are much further along the Wi-Fi adoption curve than the typical airline, many of which still appear to be stuck in the Dark Ages of days gone by. If you're like me, you like to work on those hours flying between home and conferences, but Wi-Fi is only beginning to emerge on airplanes. Hands up. How many of you have spent the last 10 minutes before a flight downloading a bunch of files simply so you can do some work while you're in the air?

Pining for greater visibility on the home network

As someone who works exclusively from a home office, I have a good setup. I do my own thing. The network is fairly basic. I keep my OS patched, my software-based firewall active and my antivirus updated. But because of the simplicity and consumer nature of my so-called architecture, I'm also missing certain features that could help to troubleshoot problems when they arise.

Lest we forget

On this day, I try my best to think of networks past while I also pay my silent respects to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. They were the telecommunications systems that aimed to keep Allied soldiers in touch with one another so they had the best shot of not only survival, but victory.

SD-WAN takes center stage at ONUG Fall 2015 event

A couple of years ago, I don't think I'd ever heard the phrase "software-defined WAN." Today, barely a day goes by in which a press release or trend pitch related to SD-WAN doesn't land in my inbox.

Video isn't ubiquitous, but vendors are hoping to change that

It was a few years ago that I finally stopped making "where's my video phone?" jokes when writing about unified communications, collaboration and videoconferencing. With a growing number of routes to video communications on my desktop/laptop, tablet and smartphone, the joke wasn't as funny anymore. We were finally approaching the promised land of video at our fingertips.

Greater collaboration would be a boon for open networking projects

The number of open source networking projects has increased significantly over the last couple of years (even in the last 12 months), and although some target very specific use cases, others are more general software-defined networking projects.

Southwest Airlines's systems suffer outage, and the network may be to blame

Travellers across the nation are suffering from a technology failure that has taken down Southwest Airlines' systems. Although the cause is not yet confirmed, the speculation that the network is the failing technology has already begun.

The trials and tribulations of cloud-based conference calls

Like many of you, I've been a Skype user for more years than I care to count. I first signed up years before Skype went through one acquisition after another, but it was a technology I rarely used up until a few years ago.

We're out of IPv4 addresses for good this time

There are no more IPv4 addresses available. The well is officially dry. For real this time.

Skype goes down around the globe

When Skype suddenly lost connection this morning, I wondered if it was just me and my sometimes unstable Internet connection. But the entire Skype user base had similar issues, as the Microsoft communications service suffered a serious outage this morning.