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We're out of IPv4 addresses for good this time

There are no more IPv4 addresses available. The well is officially dry. For real this time.

Skype goes down around the globe

When Skype suddenly lost connection this morning, I wondered if it was just me and my sometimes unstable Internet connection. But the entire Skype user base had similar issues, as the Microsoft communications service suffered a serious outage this morning.

To learn more about attackers, log more than denied traffic

Trying to improve network security is one of those tasks that never ends, but sometimes changing how things are done can help to understand the malicious types out there trying to do harm to your network.

OpenDaylight still has obstacles to overcome

Keeping an open networking project on its path must be a tricky task. Working with vendors and other open source projects to create something new – and often from scratch – while not letting any particular member take control can't be easy.

How a network disruption left me in isolation

It's a funny thing just how much we rely on network infrastructure, both traditional and telecommunications. And it's not something you really understand until you find yourself completely cut off from all network services – phone, cellular and the Internet.

Ahead of VMworld, VMware releases new version of NSX

For the last couple of weeks, a handful of press releases related to VMware NSX have landed in my inbox. And with VMworld coming up next week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, it seems safe to reason that NSX could very well be one of the products being discussed by the vendor's executive suite.

SDN rivals dig in for a long fight

Software-defined networking may not be a big thing within your enterprise today, but with more and more vendors solidifying their SDN strategies, many are also choosing sides between different open-source projects.

Cisco will wrap up Chambers' last quarter as CEO in earnings call

Based on the number of emails in my inbox about upcoming (or just past) networking vendor earnings calls, it's that time again when investors, the media and other interested parties take a hard look at how the biggest publicly traded networking companies are faring.

Back in the saddle again

Last Monday, a 20-year post as CEO of the largest networking vendor came to an end as Chambers abdicated in favor of Chuck Robbins, who hopes to turn Cisco into a more agile networking company.

Routers are Achilles' heel of most enterprises, says CloudGenix cloud architect

The culprit for the United Airlines severe network issues last week has been identified. And elementary, dear Watson, the blame has placed on a faulty router. And according to Hector Salas, principal solutions architect at CloudGenix, the ever-increasing complexity of routing processes are the Achilles' heel of most enterprises.