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Is a sensible communications network of things really an Internet?

Technology analysts and writers imagine a world where you, your car and your toaster all have Facebook pages. Engineers see the future somewhat differently.

A software-defined Internet: Would net neutrality allow it?

SDN is a very good thing when applied to enterprise data centers. Let's use SDN to improve the Internet! No, wait, that would violate the principles of fairness and freedom.

What it means to collaborate

If you've participated in a monthly meeting of your colleagues across the planet via an Internet-based video platform, then have you just collaborated? Or have you literally done the opposite of collaboration?

A tale of 2 worlds: PBS frames ICANN debate

Just how does the Internet work? Does anyone know? For more information, perhaps you could send a self-addressed stamped envelope to your PBS station.

The top reason communications systems break down

One of the key benefits of mobile devices is that they give you something to do while waiting in line. This story is about why you wait in line in the first place.

Net neutrality and the whole 'freedom' thing

Everyone is for an open Internet. But the moment you come up with a clear definition of "open" is when you realize someone has to keep it open. Scott Fulton asks, who should that someone be?

Apple's UX lesson: It's not that simple to be simple

UX is hard work. It's interdisciplinary. Hiring a designer is a tiny step in the right direction. Excellence stems from constant emphasis, creativity, training, testing and improvement. 

Big thoughts on big data

What's happening at your company--is major analytics work underway? If not, what is everyone waiting for? The transformational and disruptive potential of big data is too big to ignore.

The new FierceEnterpriseCommunications--and how to find your way around Fierce

You might have noticed some sawdust, maybe a few tools and tarps lying around Fierce these past few months. We've been building and remodeling to improve our coverage of the Enterprise IT space.

The remote worker debate: Home is where the heart is

The tech media has been quick this week to jump on reports that HP is calling remote-based workers back to the office. It follows similar action by Yahoo earlier this year. But there are plenty of reasons to allow--even promote--a remote workforce.