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Cisco's switches likely to be the highlight of Q2 financial report

Cisco will release the financial report for its fiscal second quarter today after the markets have closed, and there's a good chance it will show similar trends to those in its first fiscal quarter of the year. That means a decline in routing revenue even as switches and appliances grow.

AWS Workspaces finally gets VoIP integration

The signs that unified communications is moving to the cloud continue to come. Now, it's Amazon Web Services that's getting in on the game – not so much as a provider, but rather integrating its existing virtual desktop infrastructure offering, Workspaces, to more easily integrate with VoIP and UC.

Big Switch brings the freemium business model to networking

The freemium model is something typically associated with software, but in an increasingly software-defined world, the usage of the business model is expanding. Take Big Switch Networks' most recent news as a good example.

WebRTC is finding a home in North America, especially on mobile devices

WebRTC is still in its infancy, at least as far as adoption and industry-generated revenue is concerned. A new report from Technavio indicates a rather speedy growth cycle over the next four years, though.

Can we still trust information from social networks?

An increasing amount of rumors, lies and general clutter is creating a certain distrust of social networks. I can only hope that enterprise-driven social networks are faring better than the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Standalone apps dominate UCaaS space, but business suites are hot on their heels

Standalone applications or business suites? It's a good question for enterprises to ponder when it comes to deploying unified communications as a service offerings. Currently, the market is dominated by standalone apps, but the all-in-one suites look poised to catch up in the long run.

The crystal ball shows more of the same in 2016

Enterprise networking and, to a lesser extent, unified communications has a tendency to stall for years at a time with incremental improvements and slow evolution of the technologies involved. The last couple of years have been promising more rapid changes within the space, though.

The key to enterprise video communication adoption is simplicity

This year, the typical prediction is along the lines of "2016 is the year of unified communications" or "software-defined networking adoption will grow next year." It's understandable vendors want to get their messages out, but those are predictions any of you could have made. You don't need vendors – or me – to tell you UC and SDN are on the upswing.

Seeing the light in networking

As we come ever closer to the final days of 2015, I've been thinking back to much of the news we've covered in FierceEnterpriseCommunications this year. Besides the trends of software-defined networking and open networking, one of the interesting trends I've enjoyed writing about is the use of light in some way in networking.

Joining the Wi-Fi mile high club

Conference centers are much further along the Wi-Fi adoption curve than the typical airline, many of which still appear to be stuck in the Dark Ages of days gone by. If you're like me, you like to work on those hours flying between home and conferences, but Wi-Fi is only beginning to emerge on airplanes. Hands up. How many of you have spent the last 10 minutes before a flight downloading a bunch of files simply so you can do some work while you're in the air?