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The information/communications dichotomy

Most intelligent people actually know what the Internet is. So why, when we get into one of the most important debates of our time, does intelligence fail us and we suddenly get this wrong?

2015 as 'Year of VDI:' Maybe 7th time's the charm

The ubiquity of high-bandwidth communications coupled with the rise in server-side functionality should make virtual desktop infrastructure practical this year. Should. That is, if we're still talking about the same thing.

A response to 'In defense of technology'

Is the smartphone emblematic of human evolution? A New York Times op-ed makes the case that connectivity improves our lives, but in the act, calls its own premise into question.

Because we don't know what the Internet is

It would be nice if life came with an instruction manual. "Life," as in "The Game of," does come with one, and so does "Operation." But neither one applies to the pickle we're in now.

The President's stance on net neutrality: '42'

It's good that we have a dialog on issues in the public interest.  But you can't take two different sides in an argument and claim to be supported by the majority.

Are comments necessary? Tell me what you think in comments

Reuters' official offloading of reader comments for news articles last week to Facebook is the latest event in an ongoing trend. But it's probably not the trend you're thinking of.

The virtue of impermanence

A short discussion emerging from my response to a comment made by Tim Berners-Lee ponders why the "404-ing" of impertinent and irrelevant content may be a good thing.

It's the end of the Web as we know it (and I feel fine)

Mobile apps platforms are now setting the standard for how businesses should communicate with their customers. So does that mean we can stop waiting for HTML5 to be done?

Security in the cloud era, such as it is

It was a small security conference, but I'll take it.  It gives me time to listen to people in their everyday work whose business is suffering from a lack of healthy communication.

The right to be forgotten: What is it we're forgetting again?

The idea that any one search engine should be charged with the task of facilitating individuals' rights of censorship, sounds absurd enough. But Tim Berners-Lee's alternative doesn't sound much better.