Data center SDN pilots are on the rise

If Big Switch Networks is correct, then software-defined networking in the data center is about to cross the chasm from being sales driven to market driven.

Solve the network skills shortage with automation

It frequently feels like technology is changing faster than IT professionals can add new skills; and that has resulted in new skills necessary within organizations, but generally not enough people with those skills. It's not a problem that's going away, but according to Lori MacVittie of F5 Networks, automation is the key.

Spotlight: Li-Fi is coming, and it's 100 times faster than current Wi-Fi

We've mentioned Li-Fi a few times in FierceEnterpriseCommunications – particularly research going on at the University of Oxford. According to a DesiSpy article, the technology may be closer to becoming a reality within the enterprise than previously believed

Skype for Business PSTN features will go into preview Dec. 1

Better late than never. The enterprise Skype for Business features Microsoft promised earlier this year will be available in preview as of Dec. 1. And that means Skype voice and meetings features will be available to Microsoft's enterprise Office 365 customers.

VMware NSX use cases are few and far between

Pretty much every networking vendor is at least dabbling in software-defined networking at this point. That includes virtualization-focused VMware, which has been aiming to go head-to-head against Cisco in the next-generation networking space, but according to SolarWinds' Patrick Hubbard, there are several things holding NSX back from success.

GL Communications offers testing tool for 10 GbE networks

GL Communications unveiled a new Ethernet/IP tester that run tests on 10 GbE networks. Positioned as an one-stop testing product, the new PacketExpert 10G is capable of testing 10 GbE and 1 GbE enterprise networks.

HPE Networking looks good as HP closes out its final quarter

With the release of fiscal 2015's fourth quarter results, the final nail in the old HP's coffin has been hammered in. Although sales dropped in almost all categories, there's good news for the newly-formed HP Enterprise – and it's in the networking business.

Spotlight: Pearson VUE's credential management system falls victim to malware attack

Cisco's largest certification partner had a difficult week.

Brocade sees strong switch growth while router business declines

Brocade's fourth quarter of fiscal 2015 was slightly above the expectations of the financial community, with mild revenue growth, but the first quarter of fiscal 2016 isn't shaping up so well. Analysts expect the first quarter of the new fiscal year will not meet expectations.

Joining the Wi-Fi mile high club

Conference centers are much further along the Wi-Fi adoption curve than the typical airline, many of which still appear to be stuck in the Dark Ages of days gone by. If you're like me, you like to work on those hours flying between home and conferences, but Wi-Fi is only beginning to emerge on airplanes. Hands up. How many of you have spent the last 10 minutes before a flight downloading a bunch of files simply so you can do some work while you're in the air?

Cisco executives: Where are they now?

It has been four months since Chuck Robbins stepped into the role of Cisco CEO. The passing of the torch from former CEO John Chambers to Robbins came at the expense of several lost executives, reducing the old school Cisco brain share and replacing it with up-and-comers.

Solve branch bandwidth issues with SD-WAN, says VeloCloud exec

With increasing WAN bandwidth needs to the branch and no sign of MPLS costs coming down, software-defined WAN vendors are positioning their products as the medicine for what's ailing the enterprise. And according to Mike Wood, vice president of marketing for VeloCloud, it's entirely a scaling issue.

Many Skype for Business deployments fail, but you can improve the odds

There's plenty of interest in Microsoft's Skype for Business communications service, but according to Tom Tuttle, vice president of Microsoft practice at Nectar Services, many deployments of the product fail.

Cisco extends ACI to VCE Vblock systems

Cisco has been touting much success with its Application Centric Infrastructure software-defined networking architecture, and now the company has struck a deal to put ACI on the VCE Vblock.

Cisco drives small meeting room videoconferencing with planned Acano buy

Cisco plans to buy London-based Acano early in the new year to beef up its videoconferencing and collaboration capabilities.

Spotlight: Brocade names new security CTO

Brocade has brought on a network security veteran to take on the role of vice president and security CTO.

Integra aims to be a one-stop UC shop with UC Cloud Voice service

Integra is joining the unified communications as a service market with the launch of Integra Unified Communications Cloud Voice.

Red Hat bolsters Enterprise Linux networking and security capabilities

Red Hat rolled out a new version of its Enterprise Linux distribution with a focus on improving network performance and boosting security, particularly for verticals like government, finance and military.

Viptela: The era of SD-WAN is now here

As WAN traffic increases and changes, the attractiveness of MPLS technology is being overshadowed by the costs. Software-defined WAN vendors are looking to change the network and alleviate some of the pricing pressure enterprises are feeling as their branch office bandwidth requirements increase.

Pining for greater visibility on the home network

As someone who works exclusively from a home office, I have a good setup. I do my own thing. The network is fairly basic. I keep my OS patched, my software-based firewall active and my antivirus updated. But because of the simplicity and consumer nature of my so-called architecture, I'm also missing certain features that could help to troubleshoot problems when they arise.