Spotlight: How to determine if your audio specifications are reasonable

Not sure if the speakerphones and audio pickup devices you're deploying are good enough for your environment?

Faction adds SoftNAS cloud-based NAS to its IaaS

When it comes to cloud storage, it's easy to see how it's becoming a market flooded with competition. Most cloud services providers are taking what I'll call the traditional approach to cloud storage--low-cost commodity storage. That's the way Amazon Web Services does it, and its business practices are guiding the rest of the industry. It's a price war.

Still on the fence about VoIP? Believe the hype

Maybe I've simply been immersed in the digital world for too long, but it still surprises me to learn on occasion that VoIP has not yet been adopted by every organization. The technology isn't exactly long in the tooth (far from it), but it's not new, either.

Security a major reason for SDN adoption

Network efficiency, agility and flexibility may not be the only benefits enterprises are looking to get out of software-defined networking (SDN). "Security" is also on the tips of the tongues of enterprise networking professionals.

Oversaturated networks driving need for 100Gbps firewalls

The increase in bandwidth usage because of growing consumption of applications and content is pushing networks to becoming oversaturated, and according to Fortinet, that's driving the need for more than 10GbE connectivity. Instead, Fortinet noted a growing requirement for 100GbE--and with that, the need for firewalls capable of handling such capacity.

Open Networking Foundation warns of perils of big vendor SDN influence

Open standards have a way of disrupting the competitive landscape of technology markets, and the emergence of software-defined networking has the potential of significantly impacting networking vendors that maintain proprietary technology.

Cisco pulls away from Microsoft in UC race

Microsoft was chipping away at the unified communications market dominated by Cisco through 2012 and 2013, but it looks like Cisco has started to pull away again.

Spotlight: Top drivers for cloud UC adoption

For more than a decade, vendors have been touting the benefits of unified communications, even though some would say the promises have never truly been fulfilled.

Cisco to patch eavesdropping vulnerability on two IP phones

An exploit that could allow an attacker to listen in on VoIP calls made on Cisco SPA3000 and SPA5000 IP phones will be patched after Cisco initially opted not to patch the security flaw, according to a report from iTnews.

Wireless-only enterprise driving need for 802.11ac

Arguably, with faster transmission speeds and more reliability, the only network an enterprise needs is a wireless one. That is one of the factors driving the adoption of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol.

Bare-metal switches to account for quarter of data center switching ports by 2019

There's still the argument out there that open networking equipment is only for web- and hyper-scale companies. But those focused on arguing the unimportance of bare-metal switches and the likes of the Open Compute Project may be in for a shock in the next few years.

Remote workers: Got trust issues?

There's a trust issue when it comes to remote workers. Since they're not within the four walls of the enterprise--or at a branch under control of the IT department--there's a tenuous connection between the centralized IT systems and that worker.

Polycom joins Microsoft to carve out collaborative workplace niche

IT teams will soon have another video option thanks to a new partnership forged between Microsoft and Polycom. The two companies are working together in the hopes of taking a greater share of the collaborative workplace market, with a focus on video collaboration.

Juniper SDN solutions overlapping one another

Juniper Networks has been tackling software-defined networking (SDN) from various angles, and Network World's Jim Duffy speculated that the networking vendor may now have too many SDN solutions. Can some consolidation be on the way?

Altia's PanaCast panoramic video solution integrates with Microsoft Lync

Just as others are getting back to basics with their conferencing solutions, Altia Systems is looking to beef up the video capabilities of Microsoft Lync users. Or are those Skype for Business users? I lost track.

Spotlight: What you can learn from Hanson's deployment of Xirrus

Maybe shoddy hotel Wi-Fi will soon be a thing of a past. It's a nice thought, anyway, right?

LoopUp aims to simplify Web conferencing, collaboration

Audioconferencing solutions have come a long way in the last decade or so. The feature sets of the likes of WebEx and its virtual kin put a lot more into the hands of conferencing users than they ever had. But according to Steve Flavell, CEO of LoopUp, most of those features are wasted on 85 percent of conferencing users.

End-user buy-in, adoption consistently the most overlooked success factor in UC

Rolling out a unified communications solution is a great project for most enterprises, but according to Sonu Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Unify Square, there's one factor most organizations overlook that frequently leads to a failed UC solution.

Cisco's Project Squared becomes Spark

Cisco is commercializing Project Squared, the unified communications and collaboration solution announced back in November, and giving the product an official name. The newly-renamed Spark builds on the free app that was released in the fall and is now aimed at enterprises.

Spotlight: SDN as an enabler of NFV

Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) often get spoken about in the same sentences, but as two different things--possibly even adopted separately.