Where's the value-add? Xerox responds on Digital Alternatives

The company's chief evangelist for reducing the consumption of the same resources that "Xerox machines" once ate for lunch, defends the document management system as a behavior-changing tool.

Colorado counties' citizens clear the way for local broadband

The success of a quiet initiative to invoke a revocation clause in state law now enables some Rocky Mountain towns, for the first time ever, to seek broadband service solutions for themselves.

FCC Chair, thanking the President, may go his own way on Title II

"I am grateful for the input of the President," says Chairman Tom Wheeler, at the end of a statement which makes it clear not only that he doesn't quite agree with him, but that Title II may not be feasible.

Telcos mount opposition to Obama's 'Third Way' for net neutrality

The President could not have been unaware his decision to back Title II reclassification of the Internet as a common carrier would only come after a long, hard fight.

Obama supports Title II reclassification of Internet as common carrier

The "Third Way" approach to interpreting the Internet as a common telephone carrier service (except without the "telephone" part) has been resurrected by the President.

Spotlight: If you're shrinking your IT workforce, hey, talk to Rackspace!

Maybe you've noticed our running theme this week has been the trend (or maybe the inklings of a trend) toward reducing the head count of IT departments.

Are comments necessary? Tell me what you think in comments

Reuters' official offloading of reader comments for news articles last week to Facebook is the latest event in an ongoing trend. But it's probably not the trend you're thinking of.

Latest additions to Workday will suggest better org charts

What if you could provision your human capital with something similar to the same tools you use to spin up a virtual machine? Maybe your organization could begin looking like the cloud.

How the app store model is overshadowing the IT department

Simply the ease of being able to procure and deploy resources on an automated catalog system and through a common platform may be catalyzing policy changes that leave IT out of the picture.

Xerox declares the end of paper (again)

The electronic document company's latest system for acquiring and sharing documents depends on users' willingness to convert them all by means of a printer driver. How well has that worked before?

Google security engineer: 'We don't have a better option' than passwords

Passwords have been declared dead for the past few decades. But with regard to the technology that should replace passwords, a lead Google security engineer is open to ideas.

Spotlight: What Microsoft's next Office B-roll shows, and what it doesn't

In a tape released Thursday, we see the earliest public pictures of Microsoft trying to make a touchable Office for Windows as good as its touchable Office for Android. 

OpenStack leader: The IT department is going away

Walking beneath posters depicting the Soviet Union at the height of its power, the man in charge of setting a direction for OpenStack adopts a stance straight out of Ronald Reagan's playbook.

Brocade pushes smaller network switches into on-campus data closet

Cisco's fiercest rival in the network space comes up with a new and interesting type of physical switch that it says will help smaller institutions adopt SDN faster, and move their servers out from single closets.

Google adds Kubernetes-based Container Engine to Cloud Platform

In an effort to raise the bet on the table against Amazon and Microsoft, Google places an open front end on its container management platform to better automate apps deployment.

Google: Web browsers are casualties of mobile, cloud revolution

A senior product manager with Google Cloud Platform tells a company conference that people still use Web browsers because human nature makes them hang on for too long.

Office apps for iOS, Android to include Dropbox integration

Users of Microsoft's Office apps for Android, iPhone and iPad will soon be able to store documents in Dropbox' cloud directly and see them there. But what about the functionality Dropbox promised in June?

Spotlight: One big data raison d'être goes up in flames thanks to IBM

Yes, yes, Pam, I'm sorry. I know this Spotlight appears to be aimed squarely at your territory. (Folks, do be sure to read Pam Baker's FierceBigData, it's well worth your time.) 

Brocade: Campus SDN is very different from the data center

Because Ethernet components on-campus must fit into a limited number of ports, those physical connections must be daisy-chained. That setup creates a calcified network that SDN must crack through.

Toward software-defined Wi-Fi: Meru moves SDN closer to campus

For software-defined networking to move out of Fortune 500 data centers and into the common enterprise, it needs to become more automated. Last week, SDN took a notable step in that direction.