Why you should care about how NFL stadiums build their Wi-Fi networks

At last week's Seahawks game, Extreme Networks says its Wi-Fi network processed 2.7 terabytes of data and supported 1.4 Gbps at the peak. 



A tip for UC vendors: Practice what you preach

IT staff are increasingly making buying UC decisions and they want their vendors to be using the products they're trying to sell. 

Lifesize's new gear targets video conferencing for the rest of us

Responding to the growing demand for video conferencing, Lifesize is rolling out a few new products designed to make it easier and cheaper for businesses to do video conferencing--and not just in your biggest conference room that has the expensive video setup. 

Leonid buy to bring better management, admin tools to BroadSoft end users

BroadSoft this week announced that it acquired Leonid in a move that should give business users better management and administration tools.

Spotlight: The antithesis to the 'Shadow IT' argument

You may have read someplace that "shadow IT" is a significant threat to the enterprise--the notion that the latest wave of software presented as services is taking power away from on-premise IT departments.

Analysts: Global service provider capital investments are slowing down

The growth in revenue from enterprise communication services is not doing enough to offset the rapid decline in revenue from mobile voice services, says Infonetics Research.

Joining Uruguay in the march toward gigabit: Sebewaing, Michigan

The sugar beet capital of America will be Michigan's first town with gigabit-capable fiber-to-the-premises. Only a nuclear disaster could stop Sebewaing now. We're not kidding.

Cisco CEO Chambers endorses Germany's 'Industry 4.0,' stops short of 'two Internets'

An endorsement of the German industrial re-innovation program may put Cisco on a controversial side of a new and troublesome issue: whether net neutrality proponents should be given their own Internet.

Akamai: Uruguay topped US in peak broadband speeds in Q3

It's been said that only in a free market can Internet innovation flourish. That's not the case for Uruguay, where government-owned broadband has succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

Changing of the guard

In which the editor of this publication takes a final bow, but tries at the same time to keep a level head about the meaning of this little change relative to the big scheme of things. Can Scott pull it off?

Spotlight: Maybe thin clients are too fat

The selling point for thin client computers is that they perform the basic functions required by a client-side system, in a form factor that miniaturizes both footprint and energy consumption.

FCC Chair: 'We are down to the short strokes' on net neutrality

An existing avenue in the law may be available for regulating Open Internet principles, said Tom Wheeler at CES on Wednesday, so long as you erase the word "wireless carrier" and insert "Internet service provider."

New Republican Congress gears to fight Obama on Title II

It's unlikely that any attacks by Republicans to the head of the President's effort to regulate net neutrality will score any hits. So what comes next may be a series of body blows.

Broadcom's DOCSIS 3.1 SoC finally enables 1 Gbps broadband over copper

Shouldn't that number be "10 Gbps?" Not just yet, as the cable industry tiptoes gently into a new era of broadband. At some point, it will need to engage enterprise customers.

Qualcomm-led alliance finalizes secure device protocol for CES

One of the emerging Internet-of-Things consortia has struck pay dirt, having completed initial development work on a protocol for enabling software platforms for everyday devices.

AT&T moves closer to making a browser work like a phone

A beta program for a new API has just been opened to AT&T's Premium tier enterprise customers, enabling developers to claim new telephone numbers for their Web servers.

Spotlight: The price bank customers pay for lack of authentication

This week, one of my favorite online analysts shares the experience of his new bank doubting his authenticity as a genuine person.

CES 2015: Cisco, Broadcom will try to make more sense of '5G'

If the fifth generation of wireless technology is ever to produce an actual generation of wireless products for the enterprise, it will need to win over consumers first. So far, it hasn't been that easy.

The easiest 2015 tech predictions piece ever written

"In today's fast changing technology world" will certainly not be the opening words of this editorial.

CES 2015 promises 'presidential-style' healthcare tech debate

As many as one-third of the vendors at this year's Consumer Electronics Show may also be there to promote healthcare and communications in the enterprise, making CES the leading show in this emerging field.