What really happened with Juniper's last CEO?

The sudden departure of Juniper Networks' last CEO Shaygan Kheradpir last year may have been a surprise, but now the mystery of his resignation might be solved.

How to ensure successful SIP implementation

Session initiation protocol (SIP) protocol is coming up on its twentieth birthday, so you'd think by now it would be a cinch to deploy a VoIP solution using SIP within an enterprise network. Apparently not.

Facebook looks to disrupt Cisco-led networking industry

Update your status. Check your friends' photos. Watch videos of cats and dogs. Oh, and buy data center networking switches. That's the Facebook of tomorrow.

Networking at light speed (almost)

Don't start planning your network upgrade quite yet, but a future wave of Wi-Fi could offer data transmission rates of 100 Gbps. New networking technology out of the University of Oxford is said to provide such data transfer rates using light.

ExtraHop boosts wire data analytics to 40 Gbps

ExtraHop appears to be setting a new record for wire data analytics. Today, the vendor launched the EH9100 appliance, which was designed to do real-time wire data analysis at a sustained 40 Gbps.

Enterprises turn to software for videoconferencing, leave hardware market flat

Remember several years ago when telepresence rooms were all the rage? Looks like the good days for companies like Cisco, Polycom and Avaya are long over.

Spotlight: New collaboration certifications from Cisco

Cisco is beefing up its training and certification portfolio again--this time around collaboration.

Are your light bulbs Wi-Fi-enabled?

The role of the network administrator is forever changing. And sometimes the role's responsibilities shift in unexpected directions, particularly when you look to the future of all that will be connected to the network, if not the Internet of Things.

Don't let slowest 'car' lead the way in 802.11ac

Even with the launch of the latest 802.11 wireless networking standard, Wi-Fi has a performance issue. The slowest device on an access point kills the fun for everyone else, bringing throughput down and impacting efficiency. But there are ways to combat the problem, even without waiting for 802.11ac Wave 2.

Arista touts own VXLAN capabilities in wake of Cisco BGP EVPN news

Cisco's announcement of support for BGP EVPN VXLAN has met with some criticism from one of its rivals. Arista Networks has fired back with an announcement that its own Trident II-based switches, specifically the 7050X and 7300X, are also compliant with the protocol.

Talari Networks adds on-demand application policy changes to SD-WAN

Talari Networks is hoping to drive its software-defined wide area network technology deeper into the enterprise market. The company, which was an early pioneer of SD-WAN technology, has updated its technology with new on-demand application policy and network configuration features.

Spotlight: Software-defined WANs gaining interest

We've mentioned software-defined WANs before, and it's a topic that appears to be gaining traction among enterprise IT departments and with vendors' channel partners.

Fiber Mountain aims to shake up networking with Glass Core

Networking has been changing with the introduction of more software-defined networking technologies, but it's rare that core networking truly changes. But that's what startup Fiber Mountain is hoping to do with the introduction of its Glass Core technology.

UCaaS vs. on-premise UC debate comes down to TCO

An on-premise unified communications versus a cloud-based unified-communications-as-a-service offering. It may be an easy choice for some, but according to Todd Hagstrom, senior director of product management at Bandwidth, the entire decision really rests in the hands of total cost ownership.

Software-defined networking is survivable

Is software-defined networking keeping you up at night? If so, it's understandable. Not only does it demand news skills and a new way of viewing the network as a whole, but new technology has a way of changing jobs or making them obsolete.

Reduce the pain in 802.11ac upgrade

Upgrading wireless networks to 802.11ac--and then on to Wave 2 later this year--can be a tricky task even in the best situations. Enterprises are still moving to the latest wireless standard, but with a rapidly increasing number of devices supporting it and the overall benefit of faster transfer speeds, it's a justifiable network upgrade project.

Brocade ups NFV ante with Riverbed SteelApp buy

Network functions virtualization may barely be on the radar for most enterprise networking professionals, but vendors are ramping up their NFV strategies as they also build on their software-defined networking initiatives. Brocade is the latest to give a boost to its NFV strategy.

Spotlight: Cloud, BYOD, IoT, big data, social media driving UC

The unified communications market has been growing steadily for some time now, but according to Frost & Sullivan, new technologies and trends are going to have an even greater impact on unified communications.

Cisco adds support for EVPN VXLAN to Nexus 9000

It's only going to affect a certain segment of Cisco's customer base, but the networking vendor is adding support for the BGP EVPN VXLAN protocol to its Nexus 9000 Series of switches.

Brocade touts highest density with new VDX switch

Brocade claims the next addition to its VDX line will be the highest density fixed form factor switch on the market. Available in March for the 1U version and in June for the 2U version, the VDX 6940 switch was designed for scale-out Spine data center architectures and will include additional software-defined networking (SDN) features.