Rural broadband group: Utility bill inserts might help spread the good word

The group representing the interests of the nation's broadband service providers to rural districts believe rural Americans need a good public service announcement about what good things the Internet can do for them.

Security vulnerability with its own logo and marketing: Did 'Heartbleed' backfire?

First of all, what do you call the class of thing that Heartbleed is? Even local TV news websites have done a relatively good job the past few days in using the appropriate language to describe Heartbleed, usually by way of running the Associated Press story with little or no alterations.

FTC to Facebook: Stick to your promises after buying WhatsApp

If this is really an approval by the Federal Trade Commission of Facebook's pending acquisition of the messaging app maker, it did not come gift-wrapped.

Spotlight: If you're stuck with Windows XP, how do you tread water?

Journalist Andy Patrizio lists the remaining options for software support after Microsoft's long and drawn-out exit.

A software-defined Internet: Would net neutrality allow it?

SDN is a very good thing when applied to enterprise data centers. Let's use SDN to improve the Internet! No, wait, that would violate the principles of fairness and freedom.

VMware makes Office 2013 run in the cloud on an iPad desktop

Suddenly the virtue of native applications doesn't count for much, as apps that think they're running on Windows are made to fit quite nicely on Apple's hardware.

Dropbox plays catch-up with Box for business, collaboration forthcoming

Its first genuine appeal to businesses to please, please let it join the party, is accompanied by a renewed appeal to consumers.

US trade representative: Proposals to seclude EU Internet are 'draconian'

Germany's leading telco stands by its proposal to reroute in-country traffic within German borders. Now that its chancellor appears to lend it credence, the U.S. is raising more than an eyebrow.

Sloppy coding blamed for worldwide SSL 'Heartbleed' vulnerability

The temptation to bypass the standard C language library for memory handling functions may have caused the bounds check bug that plagues secure Web sites this week, according to experts.

Spotlight: The not-so-open side of the Internet

Incumbent service providers are making it difficult, perhaps impossible, for innovative rural ISPs to gain a foothold.

Storage provider Avere: Public cloud storage as fast as NAS

Benchmark tests conducted by Avere and confirmed independently show the speed difference between a data cluster with local storage, and one using Amazon S3, as negligible.

FCC Chairman Wheeler: There's the Internet, then there's interconnection

"Peering is not a net neutrality issue," stated the person now in the hot seat at the center of the issue of peering and net neutrality.

Juniper is laying off 6 percent of its employees

Juniper Networks is going to cut 6 percent of its employee base as part of a broader restructuring effort in the wake of a call from its activist shareholder Elliot Management to cut costs.

EU Parliament: End roaming charges by 2015, permit 'specialized' net services

The telecoms package is nearly the law of the continent, and puts telecom operators in the position of defending a net that's more neutral than Parliament perceives it.

VisiCalc co-creator documents our frayed, decaying communications infrastructure

At first, it's a photograph that reveals to us how much of our infrastructure we tend to ignore. Its photographer is one of computing's founding fathers, and his bigger point is that ignoring infrastructure can be a good thing.

Spotlight: The continued evolution of spam

Spam finds a way to survive, like "life" in Jurassic Park, but surprisingly the tools for diagnosing it may be smarter now.

AT&T bolsters IP-VPN customer mix by winning 200-site deal with Hilti

AT&T added another win to its IP-based VPN portfolio by securing a new contract with Frankfurt-based construction company Hilti that's designed to enhance the customer's retail sales process.

Stackato platform revision auto-scales app instances, this time for real

Whether a customer can do something and whether she's enabled to do it, are two separate things. This week, Stackato platform maker ActiveState is opting for the latter.

What it means to collaborate

If you've participated in a monthly meeting of your colleagues across the planet via an Internet-based video platform, then have you just collaborated? Or have you literally done the opposite of collaboration?

Interop: Xilinx realizes the dream of programmable SDN data planes

Should the data plane element of an SDN be a dumb switch or a smart gate array? This week at Interop, FPGA producer Xilinx makes a strong case for the latter--a case that may fly in the face of OpenFlow's best-laid plans.