Stackato platform revision auto-scales app instances, this time for real

Whether a customer can do something and whether she's enabled to do it, are two separate things. This week, Stackato platform maker ActiveState is opting for the latter.

What it means to collaborate

If you've participated in a monthly meeting of your colleagues across the planet via an Internet-based video platform, then have you just collaborated? Or have you literally done the opposite of collaboration?

Interop: Xilinx realizes the dream of programmable SDN data planes

Should the data plane element of an SDN be a dumb switch or a smart gate array? This week at Interop, FPGA producer Xilinx makes a strong case for the latter--a case that may fly in the face of OpenFlow's best-laid plans.

After Snowden, walls around the cloud are more fortified

An NTT survey casts light on more evidence of growing nationalist sentiments that could inhibit enterprise cloud deployments even further, including 1 in 6 respondents saying their deployments have stopped cold.

Will you need a new 'pocket pager' to sign bank transactions?

A new white paper from a bank transaction security firm dances lightly around the notion that you'll need to carry trusted hardware with you everywhere you go.

Spotlight: With SDN, certifications have yet to catch up with reality

NetworkWorld's Jim Duffy explores the growing problem of certifying hardware engineers in a trade that's made up of code.

Synergy Research: Equinix, NTT lead the North America, APAC colocation markets

Equinix has maintained its strong lead in the colocation market, including a dominant presence in both North America and EMEA, while NTT took the top spot in the APAC region in Q4 2013.

Jury finds Avaya manipulated market for its own software patches

Avaya distributes patches to its repair facilities through a direct channel, which a federal district court jury found might not have been a good idea.

Aereo's final Supreme Court plea: Cloud computing could be ruined

The maker of a curiously innovative broadcast retransmission service for the Internet makes its case that a Supreme Court decision in its favor will preserve the legal underpinnings of cloud computing.

New IoT industry group dreams of IP addresses for thermostats, pills, plywood

One of the benefits of an Internet of Things from a tech manufacturer's perspective is that it could make anything--a business card, a tree trunk, a facial tissue--into a potential customer.

Sprint partnership suddenly makes rural LTE a real market

Just days after a scathing report painted Verizon and AT&T as throwing in the towel on rural broadband, Sprint forges a critical new alliance.

Spotlight: The DevOps mindset changes how enterprises solve problems

Suddenly, the factors that separated corporate initiatives from their developers seem to disappear, finds George Hulme.

A tale of 2 worlds: PBS frames ICANN debate

Just how does the Internet work? Does anyone know? For more information, perhaps you could send a self-addressed stamped envelope to your PBS station.

Conference: Building the API industry into an API economy

Leaders of the emerging data accessibility industry contend they can make their business thrive if only more consumers became developers. Sound familiar?

CenturyLink, Windstream enhance their U.S. Ethernet standing, says VSG

CenturyLink and Windstream are both becoming growing forces in the Ethernet services market through their aggressive copper and fiber network expansion efforts. According to Vertical Systems Group's 2103 U.S. Incumbent Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard, CenturyLink and Windstream saw the largest growth of out of this group, which continues to be led by AT&T and Verizon.

Cumulus Linux leaders: OpenFlow SDNs already outmoded

The first wave of SDNs broke data centers free from single-vendor "blobs," concede the architects of MidoNet, but they left a new problem in their wake: an architectural fork between control and forwarding that's hard to bridge.

Juries find Google infringed a patent for telling your phone you have mail

When a technology idea that's novel in one century becomes commonplace in another, the innovator is still owed a license fee for it, says two Marshall, Texas juries.

What's more important for Lync: the 'Metro' app, or interop?

In the latest of a handful of updates to its "Modern"-style app for Windows 8.1, Microsoft finally added one feature that it probably should have included from the beginning: a way to start an impromptu meeting without scheduling it first. Now, a company called Pexip is taking the idea a step further.

Spotlight: The crux of the net neutrality debate today

A plain-language explanation of the way the net presently works.

IDC: HTML5 may never emerge from also-ran status

A blistering report from IDC's Al Hilwa blames the fragmented nature of platforms, and their vendors hedging their bets, for the state of the open Web platform.