Unify wired and wireless for decreased expenses

If managing two different networking infrastructures--one wired, one wireless--is causing too many headaches, then maybe it's time to do away with the old way of doing things and unify the two.

I can't get no disaggregation

The separation of networking hardware and the software that runs it has been attracting more and more interest ever since Facebook unveiled the Open Compute Project.

Brocade: Disaggregation only of interest to small portion of the market

Forget about the disaggregation trend that is running through the networking sector right now. Or at least according to Brocade, which has opted not to get into the trend just as so many of its competitors are ramping up their disaggregation efforts.

VCE makes first big product expansion since EMC bought 90% of company

VCE has released a trio of new products--the first major expansion since EMC bought a 90 percent stake of the company.

Signiant: Software-defined file transfer driven by cloud adoption

Everything is getting software-defined. And according to Ian Hamilton, CTO of Signiant, the next shift in the software-defined everything movement is software-defined file transfer. And if it does gain some traction, it will mean accelerating large file transfers across the network and into the cloud.

Qumulo NAS promises at-scale data analytics

Enterprise data storage newcomer Qumulo has emerged from stealth with its first product. The company is touting its first market entry, Qumulo Core, as a data-aware, scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) product.

Spotlight: Facebook ups the ante against Cisco

This week at Open Compute Project U.S. Summit 2015, Facebook unveiled its plans for total world (I mean "market") domination.

Cisco safe from HP-Aruba tag team

Just like the ant who wanted to move the rubber tree plant, HP Networking has high hopes with the acquisition of Aruba Networks.

Open Compute Project embraces Open Network Linux

The Open Compute Project has accepted Big Switch's Open Network Linux contribution as the project's reference network operating system.

Cumulus launches standard for networking hardware, OS integration

Open source networking proponent Cumulus Networks is hoping to create a new industry standard for networking hardware and operating system integration.

Masergy SDN addition targets branch office connectivity from the cloud

Managed networking and cloud services vendor Masergy is continuing to build out its software-defined networking strategy. Click to the see the latest from the vendor.

Dell aims for common language for networking operating systems

Dell unveiled what it's calling a common language for networking operating systems. The vendor submitted its designs for its Switch Abstraction Interface to the Open Compute Project with the intention of helping to solve networking bottlenecks.

Wireless networking: Two steps forward and one step back

If you browse through today's issue, you may notice a trend. It wasn't planned (I'm not that clever, especially the day after we sprung forward), but most of today's top stories speak to the importance and difficulties of maintaining a wireless networking infrastructure.

Shields up! How to defend against common Wi-Fi attacks

Too many organizations have become the target of malicious nogoodniks. There are some highly sophisticated attacks that all types of businesses have to protect themselves against. But in some cases, the attacks on Wi-Fi networks aren't all that sophisticated.

Unified communications is not one-size-fits-all solution

As much as vendors might want to be able to sell their unified communications solutions to every business within their target markets, the simple truth is that no UC solution is a fit for every organization.

Spotlight: Cisco expands video business personnel

Cisco's looking to beef up its video communications business by about 150 employees--but not in Silicon Valley.

WAN gearing up for extreme makeover

The wide area network, or WAN, is attracting more attention from established vendors and startups--a trend that will no doubt make the WAN more strategic and start to create change that may be overdue.

Greatest network pain point: The home network

It's hard enough keeping the LAN and WAN functioning properly and providing end-users with the services they need to do their jobs. It's getting worse, though.

How to optimize your Wi-Fi networks

The 802.11ac protocol has now been around two years, and as most device manufacturers are just now shipping new products that are 11ac-compatible, it will still be a few years before the protocol proliferates in the enterprise.

4 tips for picking the right UC systems integrator

Whether your organization has worked with systems integrators or not, there's a business case to using an SI or solution provider to design, deploy and--sometimes--manage a unified communications solution.