Spotlight: The next big C-level job is the chief IoT officer

If a Network World article is correct, another C-level job will start appearing in enterprises shortly.

Buying a campus switch? Here's what you need to consider

It's no easy task to select a campus switch, but trends of the last decade or so make it even more challenging. According to Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Dan Conde, wireless and more recent growth of the Internet of Things, as well as the growth of mobile devices on the network thanks to the BYOD trend, are making it more difficult to choose a campus switch.

SDN: The new type of firewall? Not so much

Here's an interesting idea: Scott Hogg of Network World put forth the idea that software-defined networking could possibly be used as a firewall, but in the end, his investigation into the concept found that SDN is missing some key criteria. But it also depends on the individual SDN solution.

It's a fragmented UCaaS world, so buyers beware

When it comes to unified communications as a service, it's a buyer's market. Seems like good news, right? And in some ways, it is. But there's also a significant danger that you're going to choose the wrong provider.

Chambers on Chambers: What went right and what went wrong

Cisco CEO John Chambers has long prided himself and his comrades at Cisco at being able to predict market trends and transitions. Although the company isn't batting 1,000 in those predictions, it's hard to argue with Chambers' view of the vendor's history over his 20-year tenure as CEO.

Future of UC is in cloud, thanks to mobility

There are two clear trends around unified communications. First, the adoption of unified communications as a service, or UCaaS, offerings is increasing, and you can bet it will become the de facto standard over the next few years. And part of the reason for that has to do with trend number two--the growing trend of BYOD.

Microsoft adds video broadcasting capabilities to Skype for Business

It's little surprise that much of the news and chatter coming out of Microsoft Ignite this week involves Skype for Business, the company's latest take on a unified communications solution that is slowly replacing Lync.

Spotlight: Adopt SDN, but do it in bite-sized pieces

It's generally agreed upon by vendors that upgrading to a software-defined network is best done bit by bit rather than all at once. But how to begin the journey?

Cisco gearing up for small form factor campus aggregation switch

Cisco is getting ready to launch a campus aggregation switch within its Catalyst line. The big difference here is the Catalyst 6840-X will provide up to 40 10Gbps Ethernet ports and two 40Gbps uplinks in a small 2RU form factor.

What Chuck Robbins' appointment as Cisco CEO says about the vendor's future

Selecting the successor for one of the most well-known CEOs of a large public technology company can't be an easy task. According to Cisco, it took its board of directors 16 months from the time it initiated the search to the time it decided the right man for the job was current senior vice president of worldwide field operations Chuck Robbins.

SDN: Viva la evolution!

Although the hype may at times indicate otherwise, the adoption of software defined networking is more of an evolution rather than a revolution.

Unify Square removes tedious manual Skype management with PowerProv tool

At Microsoft Ignite, Lync- and Skype-focused firm Unify Square unveiled a provisioning tool for the popular unified communications solutions. Dubbed PowerProv, the new tool provides end-to-end provisioning for Skype for Business and Lync.

John Chambers to step down as Cisco CEO in July

It's the end of an era at Cisco Systems. This morning, the company's board of directors announced that its long-serving chief executive will be stepping down on July 26.

Spotlight: Cisco goes head-to-head against Arista in intellectual property war

Legal battles between Cisco Systems and Arista Networks are about to heat up. Cisco alleges that Arista has infringed on 14 of its patents.

When deploying a completely wireless network, look to Orlando's airport for guidance

There's a good chance that if you're reading this, you spend at least some time in airports, whether it's the annual family getaway or you're heading to one of several industry conferences to hear about the latest and greatest. There's also a good chance you've had the unfortunate experience of poor airport Wi-Fi.

Adoption of SDN, NFV in WAN is inevitable

It's still very early in the adoption phase, but the adoption of software-defined networking and network functions virtualization within the wide area network is inevitable. This is according to an article from eWeek about the recent WAN Summit 2015 in New York City.

802.11ac Wave 2 may require extensive architecture overhaul

Wave 1 and Wave 2 of the 802.11ac wireless LAN protocol share the same IEEE digits, but the differences between them may mean significant re-architecting of the network to ensure Wave 2 functions as...

Don't expect scalability with SDN

If you're expecting scalability to come automatically with any particular software-defined networking solution, first take a look at the fine print.

Choosing between Cisco and Microsoft in UC? It's not so easy

Selecting and deploying a unified communications solution is no easy task. But sometimes it is. Only the boldest of the bold truly like to play office politics, but choosing the right UC solution can be a very political decision, according to a TechTarget article.

Spotlight: Chambers notes 'tremendous shortfall' in number of IoT techies

Cisco CEO John Chambers said there is a "tremendous shortfall" in skilled Internet of Things technical professionals.