The rumor mill says Cisco is buying NetApp, but insiders say it will never happen

The rumor has surfaced before, and it seems likely it will appear again. The chit-chat around the watercooler is that Cisco is looking into buying storage technology partner NetApp, but according to a Business Insider article, just forget about that idea. It's never going to happen.

Riverbed bolsters SD-WAN capabilities with Ocedo acquisition

Riverbed Technology is expanding its software-defined networking and software-defined WAN capabilities. The company acquired Germany-based Ocedo, a developer of SDN and SD-WAN products, with the intention of providing next-generation SDN products.

Lifesize and Logitech go their separate ways due to conflicting business models

After two years of work and a complete reinvention of its business model, Lifesize has spun off from (now former) parent Logitech. The deal closed at the end of December, and Lifesize announced the change last week, as well as a $17.5 million injection of venture capital money.

WebRTC is finding a home in North America, especially on mobile devices

WebRTC is still in its infancy, at least as far as adoption and industry-generated revenue is concerned. A new report from Technavio indicates a rather speedy growth cycle over the next four years, though.

Spotlight: Big Switch scores $48.5M in latest funding round

Big Switch Networks has completed a $48.5 million Series C funding round to boosts its software-defined networking products.

Cisco begins to support VeloCloud's cloud-based SD-WAN through funding round investment

Cisco appears to be taking an interest in alternate software-defined WAN technologies. The networking vendor's investment arm is part of a funding round of cloud SD-WAN VeloCloud.

ChitrChatr continues testing of all-in-one UC suite with beta version 2.0

ChitrChat's Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform isn't quite ready for official release, but the company has made some more progress since it launched the beta in September.

Former VCE CSO lands at Riverbed in newly created executive position

Riverbed Technology has created a new senior executive position and hired industry veteran Phil Harris to fill it. Harris, who previously held executive roles at BMC Software and VCE, has assumed the roles of senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Riverbed.

UCaaS on the rise, but enterprise penetration will only reach 20% by 2020, says BroadSoft

A BroadSoft survey of service providers and others in the industry shows a sharp incline for unified communications as a service over the next five years. Through to 2020, BroadSoft expects market penetration for UCaaS and hosted PBX to grow to 41 percent.

2015 was the year UCaaS vendors found the formula for success

Unified communications struggled to find traction in the market for the first decade of the hype cycle. Vendors talked about its benefits to the enterprise more than they and their partners were actually deploying UC solutions. Last year kicked off a significant change, thanks to cloud – but more to the point, that cloud unified communications as a service got it right after some trial and error.

Bolste aims to be the next generation of team communication and collaboration software

Bolste is aiming to provide the next generation of team collaboration tools; and although the company doesn't directly compare itself to Slack, that's the market it's going after. Bolste officially launched this morning after spending months in beta.

Spotlight: Cisco opens 9th innovation center - this time in Toronto

Cisco is looking to continue driving innovation and entrepreneurship as it opens its ninth global Innovation Center.

Can we still trust information from social networks?

An increasing amount of rumors, lies and general clutter is creating a certain distrust of social networks. I can only hope that enterprise-driven social networks are faring better than the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Blue Jeans: The future of videoconferencing will be geared toward non-tech-savvy users

If Mike Mansbach's vision for the future of enterprise videoconferencing comes to pass, it could simplify video communications to the point that it's natural for even the least tech-savvy person to use it.

Enterprises will boost customer engagement with WebRTC, says UC Strategies

WebRTC is coming up on its fifth birthday, but the technology (which stands for Web Real-Time Communication) struggled in its first few years to gain acceptance. Now it appears enterprise software developers are taking more notice and are beginning to use WebRTC to enable communications in a variety of Web-based applications.

Cisco partnership with Springpath won't damper VCE relationship, says VCE president

One would think the relationship that still exists between VCE and Cisco would be going through a rough time as Cisco gets ready to build its own hyperconverged infrastructure, but a CRN article quickly put an end to such speculation.

Voice systems and telepresence are hurting, but vendors see growth in other enterprise infrastructure areas

Voice and telepresence are both suffering as vendor revenue in those areas continues to decline, but other enterprise infrastructure areas are growing. New research from Synergy Research Group shows that wireless LAN infrastructure products are growing the fastest – something that comes as little surprise as more enterprises roll out Wi-Fi deployments with the latest 802.11 technologies.

UniVoIP OfficeConnect integrates with Skype for Business

Cloud-based VoIP provider UniVoIP has integrated its OfficeConnect Enterprise phone system with Microsoft Skype for Business, both the cloud hosted and on-premises versions. The vendor aims to provide businesses with additional features on top of what's included with Skype for Businesses. Through its VoIP system, UniVoIP now offers voice control features like presence, the ability to escalate instant messaging chats to voice quickly, call from contact list, click-to-call, incoming call device selection and hot desking.

Spotlight: Open source SDN technology is now quite pervasive in AT&T's networks

It just goes to show how software-defined networking is starting to become a big thing when major telcos not only adopt SDN technologies, but migrate a sizeable chunk of their infrastructure over to the technology.

Standalone apps dominate UCaaS space, but business suites are hot on their heels

Standalone applications or business suites? It's a good question for enterprises to ponder when it comes to deploying unified communications as a service offerings. Currently, the market is dominated by standalone apps, but the all-in-one suites look poised to catch up in the long run.