Aereo wins by losing: FCC's Wheeler advocates rule change for net streamers

The die has now been cast, triggering alterations to the meaning of Internet service in America that would tip the net neutrality debate completely on its ear.

With HTML5 declared 'done,' W3C begins mission transition

There's a fork in the road, and not everyone is taking it. The Open Web Platform is charting its own course, which may or may not be bound to the HTML markup language.

Microsoft says JavaScript-based RTC is coming to Internet Explorer

Ever since WebRTC was declared a part of HTML5, IE's exclusion of the browser-based streaming standard was deemed a deficit.  Now, an open source project sponsored by Microsoft attempts an end-around.

Dropbox receives good ISO 27001 grades from Ernst & Young

The safety of the service most often cited as the culprit behind "shadow IT" is looking better after one of the world's best-known accounting firms clears it for international certification.

College study reveals evidence of e-retailers 'personalizing' price

Some good, old-fashioned applied mathematics confirms what many online shoppers have always suspected: that their browsers may be doing the bartering for them, and not very well.

Spotlight: Machine learning may merely be justifying 'cartoon' learning, says expert

The highest orders of thinking in the 20th century, and on into the 21st, have been about whether understanding can be interpreted programmatically. "Learning" implies the cognitive ability to understand a topic or a function or a context; so "machine learning" implies that computers can essentially absorb this concept whole.

What Windows 10 still lacks for the enterprise

There's a chunk of the old world of work still lurking within even the latest public beta builds of Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. Yet there's a whole year to get that chunk removed.

It's the end of the Web as we know it (and I feel fine)

Mobile apps platforms are now setting the standard for how businesses should communicate with their customers. So does that mean we can stop waiting for HTML5 to be done?

Sustainable IT and security markets need clearer signals, says Bruce Schneier

It goes against human nature to take a small risk in order to avoid the losses from a larger one. And that, says the world's leading security expert, leaves us unprepared for the worst.

Spotlight: What if the Internet were an actual market?

I've often been asked to explain the "enterprise angle" behind net neutrality, and it's this: Whatever regulatory framework we decide to apply to conducting business on the Internet will decide what kind of economy will dominate the world through the remainder of this century.

Twitter courts mobile app developers with something like a platform

The commentary service could have simply said, please, please embed us in your apps, and here's an SDK, but don't violate our rules. Instead, Twitter went and did somethin' more clever-like.

Progress acquiring Telerik may stitch together next big PaaS platform

The CRM, PaaS and mobile app spaces are becoming dominated by companies that can do all three at once. In the interest of survival, maybe, Progress Software will put all three together.

IP phones may get productivity boost with Asterisk 13 upgrade

Close to one-fifth of the world's VoIP software for PCs and unified communications platforms is built on an open source platform that, on Friday, plans to alleviate at least one cause of headaches.

Akamai reports last IPv4 addresses are being exhausted

The constant drain on the remaining supply of IPv4 addresses may finally be relenting, although in certain geographic regions, they're still being sucked out as with a straw.

Marcus Ranum: 'We've failed at building system administration'

A security conference is generally where you'd expect the keynote speaker to present something called a "solution." At this one, one of the most recognized names in the field was left wanting one.

FCC is considering technology-neutral application of net neutrality

The Commission's chief lawyer and interpreter of the terminology behind regulations admits there may be benefits in re-interpreting the agents of the Internet the way Aereo would prefer.

Spotlight: What the Ebola crisis can teach you about workflow management

"Workflow" sounds better than "itinerary," and that poetic lilt is important when trying to get your workforce on board with a tactical improvement program.

Security in the cloud era, such as it is

It was a small security conference, but I'll take it.  It gives me time to listen to people in their everyday work whose business is suffering from a lack of healthy communication.

Where's your latest network exploit? Check behind the coffee machine

The tech press often waxes poetic about the latest clever, automated, exploit "bot." But a veteran security engineer uses the oldest tricks in the book to prove you don't need bots to take down a network.

Bruce Schneier: NSA would rather eavesdrop than negotiate for bulk data

Already, people are happy to give away elements of their personal data to private industries for marketing purposes. Why does the U.S. Government bother with eavesdropping for the same data?