Brocade: NFV will change what it means to be 'certified'

Can yesterday's certified communications skills translate into today's NFV skills? It depends on whether someone steps up to serve as a certification broker of sorts between the two skill sets.

Spotlight: Facebook depressed by having depressed people with depressing content

Following the publication of a research study that revealed that Facebook conducted clandestine tests on its own users, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg made a statement to reporters apologizing not for the study, but for the way people learned about it. 

FTC complaint: T-Mobile can't charge for what it didn't advertise on TV


On its face, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's formal complaint against T-Mobile last Tuesday alleges that the telco charged customers for unnamed data content provided by third parties, that those customers never consented to or more likely, never actually received. It goes on to allege that the carrier pocketed as much as 40 percent of those overcharges.

The right to not know or be known

As Google begins its effort to comply with Europe's "right to be forgotten" law, more is now known about what's being forgotten than ever before.

IBM's move toward 'Connections' continues with hybrid v.5.0

In a refreshingly non-IBM-style move, the company is tying a lasso around all its collaboration services that want to, well, collaborate with each other, and is putting them all in one platform.

Ping Identity architect: SAML 'might not be the future'

The identity assertion language that developers adopted for authentication just four years ago may already be outdated, says someone you'd think would be SAML's evangelist.

The final word, maybe: Is 4x EDR InfiniBand 100 Gbps or not?

In a follow-up to a follow-up, the chief of a key InfiniBand working group says speed barriers were indeed broken, though it's important to know which ones.

Ruckus Wireless cuts ribbon on San Jose, SF muni-Wi-Fi

The most ambitious municipal Wi-Fi platform in America to date is now 100% live.  Now its capacity to survive an onslaught of negative publicity from telcos, will be tested.

Spotlight: The Internet of Things has a problem with 'Things'

If inventory systems become automated to the extent that they can track your purchases passively in real-time, is your privacy being violated?

Facebook research reveals bad content can depress people

During one week in 2012, nearly 700,000 Facebook users had their news feed content positively or negatively stimulated, and their responses to that stimulus were clinically monitored.

Oracle's new Orchestrator aims to help NFV do whatever it does

Last year, Oracle acquired one of the principal players in the session border controller space. This year, it's injecting that space with its IT-based vision of service orchestration.

Framing the issue of mobile security: Is cloud the solution?

A tweet-chat session between experts in authentication, some well-known journalists, and myself, reveals the role our own perception plays in the security problem.

Google, the latest gTLD registrar, attempts to revive interest in the named Web

Having over a thousand new namespaces for folks to put their personal stamp on should be fun, says Google's CIO. It'll be a headache for database developers, admits a Google technical manager.

Spotlight: How can cheap technology possibly drive a healthy economy?

Once customers perceive the rich value of the product, argues The New York Times in defense of every upgrade to its paywall in the last decade, they will willingly pay a premium for it.

Salesforce, Oracle grapple for retailer cloud space

You knew something was up with Salesforce by the way Oracle snapped up a retail service provider from out of nowhere.

'Public' as in 'airwaves' vs. 'public' as in 'performance'

There is no clearer signal of our having fully embraced the 21st century and shaken off the remains of the 20th than the lack of a wake for the old era's most pertinent metaphor.

FCC Commissioner Pai: Title II for net neutrality 'makes no sense'

An FCC opponent of the Chairman's plan to permit premium service agreements by ISPs slammed the idea of Title II-style regulation for net neutrality, before slamming net neutrality.

The decision: Aereo's technology cannot circumvent copyright

Aereo had hoped that its personally rented antennas were legally sheltered from the Copyright Act's definition of public performances. Now that shelter has been blown all to smithereens.

InfiniBand leader: 100 Gbps 'not a trick,' already around for awhile

A Mellanox marketing chief who also leads InfiniBand's principal trade association, takes issue with how we characterized stacking IB traffic lanes, and we respond.

Spotlight: FCC report says broadband customers get what they pay for

CATV-based broadband subscribers may be getting even more speed than advertised, DSL certainly less.