Intel: SDN is a 'long-term play', NFV a 'big deal'

The latest word from the CPU maker on the subject of equipping server CPUs with NFV functionality is that there's enough demand from telcos to make it happen, that it simply has to happen.

Intel hopes asynchronous OpenSSL will thwart future Heartbleed

Now that the dangers of an insecure session-layer security library are crystal clear to the world, Intel is one of the companies contributing improvements to its open source version.

Intel preview: Will the next Xeon include SDN, NFV 'inside?'

Special coverage of the CPU maker's invitation-only event may reveal whether Xeon-based servers, available before the end of this year, could accelerate SDN and NFV.

Could utilities throttle your electricity like Comcast throttled BitTorrent?

Politicians have argued that ISPs should serve customers more like utilities, where electrons flow to the switch and nobody questions which ones belong to what appliance.  But what would utilities prefer?

Level 3's Q2 enterprise revenues jump to $984M, plots new EMEA, Latin America opportunities

Level 3's ongoing focus to become a larger factor in the enterprise service market continues to pay off in the second quarter as revenue from its enterprise Core Network Services (CNS) segment rose 11 percent to $984 million.

Spotlight: Why should Europe concede that Google is the Web's gateway?

Supposedly the European Union's new data protection directive was supposed to protect any individual's right to keep her private information from being widely published. But in practice,...

Dialogic: What contact centers cannot do with WebRTC by itself

A conferencing server can manage multiple pairs of two-way calls over the Web, but in a conversation with Dialogic, we learn that a standard for bridging existing calls doesn't really exist yet.

Ponemon: Infosec pros focusing more on protecting info than technology

Read that headline again, because it's meant to be good news. Governance strategies advise businesses to focus on protecting information and helping people.

Ford's next car-charging network could bypass smart meters

In an interview with Fierce, the man leading the charge (literally) for Ford Motor Company explains how his company's next electric vehicle innovation won't wait for the smart grid.

Successful proof-of-concept of migration orchestration across clouds

AT&T and IBM have announced a successful demonstration of automated migration of an active cloud workload over an SDN, suggesting that to move a data center from place to place may soon no longer require people.

Spotlight: The inevitable 'cloud crash' headline

In the old days, back when we got our news from sources that didn't also try to show us "upskirt" photos, we could read or listen to commentary we disagreed with (right now, I'm thinking George Will, pre-Fox) and appreciate the reasoning behind it.

Preliminary GAO report reveals usage-based Internet pricing already prevalent

Early figures from a report due out in November show that consumers are close to hitting a data usage roadblock that enterprises--which may use even more data--won't encounter.

What I mean by 'communications'

Every week, I get this question from someone at least once:  What's the difference between the "Telecom" in FierceTelecom and the "Communications" in FierceEnterpriseCommunications?

How would the Senate's revised surveillance bill impact governance?

The fact that Congress is considering an abstract concept to specify explicitly "identity" may open the door for private firms to do the same. But how could such a system identify people while maintaining privacy?

Spotlight: The meaning of 'public' in a world of privacy

Should the public's right to data be defined before the law starts interpreting "public data" as something to which everyone has a right?

Cloud orchestration platform Cloudify rethinks its entire purpose

An open source team that found itself competing with the very platform it tried to support amends its value proposition with an orchestration engine it hopes will keep up with OpenStack.

What 'Internet of Things' means today: production line visibility

Someplace beneath the marketing hype is the reality of what "Internet of Things" technology can actually do and it actually makes more sense than the hype itself.

Dropbox disabling links to possible PDF malware, reports Cyren

The distribution sources for potentially malicious documents are actively working to disable their distribution. But a Dropbox security alert seems to indicate that's making customers mad.

Sprint to resell Google Apps for Business, adding 24x7 support

Reviving a sales model that goes back to the 1980s, the reseller becomes the customer's point-of-presence for Google's SMB applications.

Dialogic SVP: How WebRTC could put an end to carriers' voice plans

Think about this for a moment: If your phone has an HTML5 browser, and that browser has WebRTC, then why do you need a phone number?