Microsoft touts Windows 10 to enterprises: 'We don't want that duality'

The long, global nightmare will come to an end. But the going away party for Windows 8's Start Screen, whose tight grip has locked businesses in Windows 7 and XP, will last a whole year.

ExactTarget's Jeff Rohrs: No audience can be owned

Marketing experts tell stories about how every company can reach their customers better by becoming content publishers.  But where would such a transformation leave content publishers?

Spotlight: Women innovators need more men to become feminists

I've spotlighted this topic here in FierceEnterpriseCommunications in the past, and there are some who will ask me if I think I've overdoing this topic. No, I'm not. 

Still the rock star, Larry Ellison embraces SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DaaS etc.

The word that expresses him best remains "executive," and if Larry Ellison prefers any place in the world to the head seat at the table, it's the very edge of a stage.

Salesforce's Kyle Lacy: The role of predictive intelligence in publishing

Back in the 1990s, the first web publishers experimented with surveys and preferences, and newfangled ways to personalize content for more focused channels of readers.  Maybe those experiments are still continuing.

Businesses ask, must everybody be a software company?

The real-world goals of marketing professionals don't really include transforming their employers into model customers for software vendors. So how can those vendors meet them halfway?

Shut the front door

Last week, a dangerous defect was discovered in the secure shell service bash that enables remote access through Linux. It's saying something for the skill of malicious users--specifically, the lack thereof--that this stupendously obvious exploit may have been lying out there in the open for the entire history of Linux servers, with apparently nobody really taking advantage of it.

Ovum's Gerry Brown: Digital marketing is not enough

One of the world's most prolific analysts in the business space talks candidly about his observations of the continuing disconnect between digital marketing and practical marketing.

Spotlight: No, CRM is most certainly not dead

One of the sad realities of the business I'm in is that we too often succumb to the temptation to tilt our headlines toward the extremes. As a result, quite a few technologies have been declared dead--for example, The Cloud (2007 - 2010), content management systems (1994 - 2010) and passwords (1000 B.C. - 2014).

Leading Linux vendors mitigate 'bash' security nightmare

Engineers responsible for most of the world's server software are to be commended for their discretion as a hole in the Linux universe the size of the universe was patched before people knew about it.

Connections 2014: What have we learned today?

A service vendor can say its software helps colleagues to work together, or work better together. But that's only if these people perceive any value whatsoever in the concept of "together."

Could Twitter redefine 'relevance?' A talk with Salesforce's Kyle Lacy

If the Twitter platform is being leveraged by marketing service providers to determine what's interesting and relevant to people, then won't Twitter's own determinations ruin their predictions?

Salesforce connects ExactTarget's CRM platform to mobile apps

ExactTarget's existing flowcharting system for designing customer interactions--originally created for managing e-mail campaigns--was extended this week to both manage and create mobile apps.

Marc Benioff, force of nature, heralds dawn of mobile marketing

The chief of Salesforce, which is the parent of ExactTarget, would probably command the stage if he stood there for longer than two minutes. As it is, he can certainly command an audience.

Spotlight: New branch of data science industry appears all for naught

So here's my question: If a multi-billion dollar industry has sprung up overnight around the collection of data about the habits, interests, appetites, preferences and wardrobe of elementary school kids based on where they sign in with their digital IDs, then how come education isn't improving?

Connections 2014: Keys to the conference

Have intelligent tools for online communication and commerce become more effective than mass media at reaching an audience and inspiring more people in that audience to respond positively?

Cisco engineer to FCC: 'The Internet is not a highway'

If lawmakers and regulators would stop treating the Internet like a giant roadway and more like... well, a network of networks, Cisco believes, they would realize their proposed solutions are the wrong ones.

Hatch bill would give Microsoft way out of Irish email warrant trap

Microsoft could not help but violate somebody's law this time around. In an ironic twist of history, the man most responsible for holding Microsoft to the letter of the law paves the way for a resolution.

Vyatta, Brocade's open NFV platform, now includes a controller

It's called Sunshine, and obviously it follows the existing model of OpenDaylight. But for Brocade to consider it part of the Vyatta platform, it must be differentiated somehow.

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison teases database-as-a-service

It's a fitting new moniker for the title that Larry Ellison has held for practically all of his life, and probably for several of his next ones. And his next surprise is no longer a surprise.