Online marketers have an ethical obligation, says ExactTarget's Rohrs

It's important to engage one-to-one with your customer, and if you're a publisher, to treat your reader as your customer. But you can't leverage that relationship to score promotional points.

US, European network operators meet to discuss inter-modal competition

Wouldn't it be nice, suggests Verizon's CEO, if all the communications services competed on a single, "Open" playing field? Sure, says Neelie Kroes, if you're willing to accept over-the-top competitors.

Spotlight: Is there a cloud shakeout, and can it be averted?

It's fair to note that analysts did predict as far back as 2011 that the rising number of something-or-rather-as-a-service providers would be curbed by the forces of consolidation and attrition.

Reinventing HP for the umpteenth time

The latest course change for the company credited with creating the independent spirit of the technology industry in the 1960s may finally be the smartest one.

HP to split, Enterprise business may have acquisition in the works

The business that as late as this summer was portrayed as stronger together than apart will be stronger apart rather than together after a huge course change announced Monday.

Cisco's Rowan Trollope says videoconferencing is a pain

The man responsible for bridging all of Cisco's conferencing tools takes the side of users who have to perform the same tasks in their offices every day--and whose headaches have become too much to ignore.

Proliferation of small cells could overcrowd networks, say NFV experts

At the rate current backhaul networks are currently evolving, the bandwidth required by devices roaming between small cells and macro cells could overwhelm their control systems.

Windows 10: Our first real glimpse of Enterprise Windows in 2015

Okay, so the Start Menu is back, but is Microsoft on its way to making a desktop that workers will want to use instead of their iPads? We peek a little more closely under the covers.

Spotlight: The case against net neutrality and for fast lanes

If bits are bits as some net neutrality proponents suggest, it would follow that an equivalent charge should be applied for the carriage of those bits from point A to point B. Sounds reasonable,...

After 3.7 million messages, FCC chief turns his attention to competition

What's this I hear about an "Open Internet?" you can just hear the late, great Gilda Radner asking in her old-lady garb.  Where I live, you can only get broadband from one provider.  How open is that?

Open, cross-vendor reference platform forms around NFV

The leading vendors in the quickly emerging network functions virtualization space have agreed, at least in principle, to found an organization that stewards a common reference platform.

Personalizing a million email messages is hard, observes Ovum's Gerry Brown

It's easy to outline the "customer journey" if you think about it as drawing boxes and arrows. Multiply that job by one million customers, and tell us how easy it is.

Microsoft touts Windows 10 to enterprises: 'We don't want that duality'

The long, global nightmare will come to an end. But the going away party for Windows 8's Start Screen, whose tight grip has locked businesses in Windows 7 and XP, will last a whole year.

ExactTarget's Jeff Rohrs: No audience can be owned

Marketing experts tell stories about how every company can reach their customers better by becoming content publishers.  But where would such a transformation leave content publishers?

Spotlight: Women innovators need more men to become feminists

I've spotlighted this topic here in FierceEnterpriseCommunications in the past, and there are some who will ask me if I think I've overdoing this topic. No, I'm not. 

Still the rock star, Larry Ellison embraces SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DaaS etc.

The word that expresses him best remains "executive," and if Larry Ellison prefers any place in the world to the head seat at the table, it's the very edge of a stage.

Salesforce's Kyle Lacy: The role of predictive intelligence in publishing

Back in the 1990s, the first web publishers experimented with surveys and preferences, and newfangled ways to personalize content for more focused channels of readers.  Maybe those experiments are still continuing.

Businesses ask, must everybody be a software company?

The real-world goals of marketing professionals don't really include transforming their employers into model customers for software vendors. So how can those vendors meet them halfway?

Shut the front door

Last week, a dangerous defect was discovered in the secure shell service bash that enables remote access through Linux. It's saying something for the skill of malicious users--specifically, the lack thereof--that this stupendously obvious exploit may have been lying out there in the open for the entire history of Linux servers, with apparently nobody really taking advantage of it.

Ovum's Gerry Brown: Digital marketing is not enough

One of the world's most prolific analysts in the business space talks candidly about his observations of the continuing disconnect between digital marketing and practical marketing.