SDN vendors: Carriers can't upgrade their hardware all at once

A recent webinar hosted by one of the software-defined networking industry's premier analyst firms reached the conclusion that too much disruption may not be a good thing. Sorry, Intel.

Nancy Pelosi to FCC: Take a hint from Supremes, make broadband Title II

The House Minority Leader makes official the Democratic leadership's support of a very controversial move to regulate the Internet with the same language used to regulate long distance service.

Less need for broadband regulation with more competitors, says FCC's Wheeler

"It was the absence of competition that historically forced the imposition of strict government regulation in telecommunications," said a man whose industry is responsible for some monopolies.

Spotlight: The positive side of intellectual property

In 2007, I promoted a then-young fellow (which could describe a lot of us) named Tim Conneally to write for me at Betanews

New 40GbE 'Fortville' can load-balance network traffic across CPU cores

It's been said a multicore processor doesn't act like multiple processors when it's processing a multitude of mundane tasks. That's not so any more, if the network adapter knows what to look for.

Latest Intel adapters, comms chipsets accelerate existing OpenSSL

Just when it appeared there was growing momentum toward moving away from the current, perhaps under-nourished, OpenSSL session encryption standard, Intel offers the biggest incentive yet to stick with it.

Comms-specific Xeon CPUs to power purpose-built servers for SDN, NFV

As HP, Dell and Cisco already heralded with blasting trumpets, the first x86 servers with custom-built functionality for communications are on their way. Here's how they'll be unique.

CenturyLink extends Canadian reach by opening second Toronto-area data center

CenturyLink is giving its growing Canadian customer base more options for colocation and cloud services by opening its second data center in the greater Toronto area.

Send us your FierceCIO Fierce15 nominations

From now until September 22, 2014, we are seeking nominations of organizations that have led outstanding digital transformation projects and initiatives, and will recognize those efforts with the first annual FierceCIO Fierce15 Awards to be announced in October. 

Cisco risks de-centralizing data centers to enable expanded UCS platform

A new, smaller server in Cisco's Unified Computing System platform could give the company an opening for a new class of server customer. Or perhaps an old class, depending on your point of view.

Spotlight: No, the folks in Ferguson weren't protesting for net neutrality

 If we let Google News or Facebook act as our single source for how all information is filtered, we're in danger of losing our perspective.

FCC's O'Rielly: Net neutrality would hike broadband costs

Suppose the costs service providers incurred to comply with new Open Internet rules were passed to consumers. Such consumers needing a cause for legal action may now get one.

Obligatory post-nudity-exposure opinion piece

There comes a point where the sheer volume of "Lessons Learned" pieces in the wake of the Great Celebrity Cloud Hack points to a deeper problem than the ridiculousness of password-based security.

Firefox security fix points to deep flaws in 'chain of trust'

The makers of Web browsers and Web servers have been resolving the problem of authentication in unique ways. Now one browser maker is trying to bridge the gap between them.

2 competing approaches to overlay networks: VMware and Alcatel-Lucent

The term "open" is often used in conjunction with software-defined network architectures. Convenience stores are "open" too, many of them all-day long, but SDN vendors do have their own conveniences in mind.

HyTrust and VMware: A successful SDDC must be policy-based

There seems to be general agreement now on the notion that a policy engine should be the "definer" in a software-defined data center. At issue now is to whom that engine should belong.

Avaya's extended pact with HP will lead to UC-as-a-service-in-a-box

For the critical part of its unified communications service--its support--Avaya is now trusting HP to handle that part for itself, and is actually giving HP the personnel to do it.

Spotlight: Do we really need another operating system?

Ron Miller, for the Intronis Blog this week, makes the case that hybrid cloud architectures have changed the way we work with all computers to such an extent that neither Windows nor ChromeOS can effectively address it--Windows being too much, ChromeOS too little. 

Social media is tearing us apart, says Pew Research

A chilling report on the effects of social media on everyday society reveals that Americans are less willing to be open in public about controversial viewpoints when they are members of Facebook or Twitter.

VMware: Before us, software-defined networking couldn't be done

There are a handful of competing approaches to the concept of defining networks in software. This week, VMware changed its tack from declaring its NSX approach superior, to the only one that exists.