Spotlight: Don't get left behind by the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is still one of those topics not fully understood, but it will have an impact on networks everywhere. And it will be soon.

Marriott underscores difficulty of WLAN management

Marriott International has certainly come out as the bad guy in the recent battle over its blocking of personal Wi-Fi hotspots, but have some sympathy for its misunderstood network administrators.

Improved video technology drives conferencing

Expect video traffic on the network to continue increasing. As the technology has matured, so too has the interest in using it for webconferencing, whether using a cloud-based service or an on-premise unified communications system.

Wave 2 wireless to run UC better than wired

If the promises being made about the speeds of the 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless protocol come true, then network administrators may want to consider it for organizations that are running hefty unified communications applications.

HP Networking takes aim at Cisco SDN

As you can imagine, software-defined networking was a hot topic at last week's Cisco Live! event in Milan, Italy, but its competitors aimed to downplay Cisco's big announcements around software.

Maximize performance with affordable 10GbE

It seems like "do more with less" has been an ongoing trend for more than a decade, and as we creep through 2015, some of our readers may be looking for ways to upgrade hardware while keeping to a strict budget.

Spotlight: Slack acquires Screenhero for collaboration features

Slack, which has been building a reputation as an enterprise communications platform, is leaning more towards collaboration and unified communications with the acquisition of Screenhero.

Get business recovery for your Switchvox phone system

Digium has announced a new service meant to provide a little business continuity to its customers' Switchvox on-premise business phone systems.

Big Switch expands Big Cloud SDN capabilities

Big Switch Networks has released version 2.5 of its Big Cloud Fabric solution, which was originally released in the third quarter of 2014. This latest update comes with expanded orchestration, hypervisor, use-case and network topology support.

RingCentral ties UC functions into Google for Work

As Google finds its way ever deeper into the enterprise, third parties are looking to beef up what end-users can do with it. There's a growing trend in cloud providers adding unified communications capabilities to Google; and the latest entrant into the market is RingCentral.

Cisco software strategy offers more flexibility

Simplification is the general trend at Cisco Live! in Milan, Italy. In addition to simplifying network operations, Cisco also introduced a new software licensing model that is intended to make selecting and buying the vendor's networking and infrastructure software easier.

Cisco simplifies network operation with Meraki

A brilliant idea or simply wishful thinking? Cisco is finally being a little more proactive with its Meraki acquisition, and what it's aiming to do is make operating the network as easy as operating an iPhone.

Spotlight: Cisco NetAcademy Day starts in Milan

With any luck, you're sipping espresso in Milan, Italy today with Cisco executives and partners, gearing up for Cisco Live!

Changes afoot

A welcome to our new editor and a heads up about a change to our publication schedule. 

Take your videoconferencing with you

Logitech's new video conferencing camera is designed to be portable and easy to use. 

Harden your network's security against these threats in 2015

The good news about network security is there are always new processes, products and updates to fight the constant battle against malicious nogoodniks. The bad news? Those malevolent rascals tend to always pull more aces out of their sleeves.

A10, Cisco partner for dynamic application networking services

A10's Thunder ADC has been fully integrated with Cisco ACI, offering enterprises a new option for automatic provisioning of application delivery and security services. A10 says it's a lower cost alternative to other ADC offerings.

Unified communications death predictions are exaggerated

Long live unified communications. Or not. No, really, some members of the technology industry are already predicting that unified communications is dying, if it's not already dead.

To cloud or not to cloud your UC

Running your unified communications system in the cloud is now an option but you should think hard about management, security and other issues to find out if it makes sense for your business. 

Brocade hopes to spur SDN market with free Vyatta controller offer

Brocade is now offering its Vyatta controller and will let you use it for free for a year so you can gain some experience with SDN.