Security companies pile onto VoIP

As mushrooms follow the spring rain, security companies are lining up to exploit last week's arrest of two hackers who allegedly broke into VoIP carriers' networks and are accused of stealing

Analyst goes bullish on cable voice

The stock market may have hammered Vonage's IPO, but that doesn't mean the Street is bearish on VoIP. One analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein and Company says that cable carrier Comcast will

Judge to VoIP carriers: heed CALEA

A federal judge has sided with the FCC, ruling that VoIP carriers had to comply with a law that lets the federal government tap digital phones. The law, known as CALEA, was passed just as VoIP and

Who uses VoIP? About who you'd think.

Stop the presses. A new survey aims to reveal who is subscribing to VoIP services, and the results are a little less than surprising. TeleGeography Research asked 900 VoIP households in the United

Open-source infrastructure apps may be vulnerable

A security researcher says the popular VoIP infrastructure applications Asterisk PBX and IAX Client are both vulnerable to hackers. Core Security Technologies says that the two open-source

SPOTLIGHT: Tips for deploying enterprise-class VoIP

If you want to help customers set up VoIP on their enterprises, it's a good idea to know where the pitfalls might be. There's a good common-sense article that covers more than just the technology,

ALSO NOTED: Cisco goes shopping; Juniper revs intrusion app; and much more...

> The networking giant Cisco has scooped up a couple of interesting VoIP-related companies. Article > Juniper Networks has a new

VoIP carriers hacked, bandwidth resold

If anyone asks you why security is important for VoIP networks, now you've got an answer. Two men were arrested earlier this week for stealing bandwidth from as many as 15 VoIP companies and

FCC awards spectrum for airborne WiFi; VoIP to follow

Maybe we'll need "Talking" and "No Talking" sections of the plane. The FCC finished auctioning off two chunks of 800MHz spectrum last week. One of them went to a division of JetBlue, which isn't

Qualcomm says VoIP over EV-DO works

Mobile carriers don't like VoIP on their networks, but Qualcomm says it has tested VoIP over a new revision of the EV-DO data networking and that it works just fine. The tests over CDMA2000

BEA ships updated SIP server

BEA, an infrastructure software company, is shipping version 2.2 of its WebLogic SIP Server. The company says the software, a component of the WebLogic Communications Platform, is the first

PIKA moves to make Skype corporate

PIKA Technologies has announced server software that will let enterprises integrate Skpye into their existing telecom infrastructure. Altough still in field trials, the technology promises to TDM,

SPOTLIGHT: VoIP phones for mere mortals

Intel is trying to make VoIP simpler for mere mortals. The chip giant just introduced a PC add-on card that will let people plug an ordinary phone directly into their computers and use VoIP

ALSO NOTED: Sphere signs Polycomm VAR; Sonus and Atreus tie up; and much more...

> Sphere Communications has signed the multimedia VAR ReView Video, a top distributor for Polycomm, as a Master Distributor for its Spherical IP PBX.

FEATURE: Maintaining VoIP Performance Over Time: Avoiding Unseen Pitfalls

By Amichai Lesser IT organizations typically obsess about voice quality for months or years as they prepare for their initial VoIP implementation. They take great pains to ensure that their

Net2Phone sues Skype over P2P patents

Old VoIP hands know that Net2Phone, a division of telecom upstart IDT, has been around more or less forever in Internet terms. Now they're suing Skype, saying that Skype infringes on one of

Vonage may take stock buyback hit

You'll remember that Vonage went public recently at $17/share, and that the stock has been sinking since. (It closed yesterday at $12.32, off a June 1 low of $11.52.) As part of the IPO, Vonage

Packaged VoIP-over-WiMAX solution in the works

A quartet of telecom companies are working together to build a VoIP-over-WiMAX solution for service providers. AudioCodes is bringing its media gateway. CableMatrix has QoS and policy management

Will VoIP swamp cellular data networks?

If there's anything that the last 50 years of telecom history has shown, it's that tiny tech trends can build quickly into tectonic shifts. That's one reason cellular carriers are so paranoid

Tekelec picks active IMS FMC testing vendor

Tekelec has picked Ixia to do active testing on its IMS-based FMC network. Ixia's IxVoice is a hardware and software suite that tests both VoIP and PSTN installations running on a full suite of