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Cisco buys WebEx for $145,000 per customer

Cisco's chief development officer Charlie Giancarlo gave a keynote last week at VoiceCon. Given Cisco's position in the VoIP market, he kind of had to, since Nortel and Microsoft gave talks of

Microsoft buys voice recognition company Tellme

In comparison to the Cisco/WebEx deal, $880 million is walking around money, but word is that's what Microsoft just spent on Tellme Networks. It's an interesting play, but entirely makes sense if

Nokia Siemens Networks to open shop April 1

That long-gestating deal that will bring together the carrier business of Siemens and Nokia finally has a due date--and its really soon. The companies announced yesterday that Nokia Siemens

Nokia, Siemens in enterprise FMC deal

Not to confuse matters, but Nokia and Siemens have another, unrelated deal in the works. Siemens Communications--the enterprise part of Siemens that's staying (for now) with the parent company--is

Telco execs know that VoIP is killing their business

This falls into the category of "you mean someone paid money to find this out?" The authoritative Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 155 telecom executives in 36 countries, and discovered that

SPOTLIGHT: BPL standards working group established

The technical spec for broadband over powerline moves another step closer, as the IEEE has set up a standards working group. If you're following this, look for the P1901 Working Group, which already

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It's frequently entertaining--and always instructive--to talk to Microsoft executives and their partners in quick succession. Interests that are supposedly aligned usually turn out to diverge in

VoWiMAX may be a technology too far

Is wireless VoIP especially vulnerable to fraud? One analysis suggests that using WiMAX to carry voice entails particular revenue risk. The issue isn't WiMAX itself; it's that carriers who are

Should wireless broadband be net neutral?

There was an interesting-sounding panel in Washington last week about whether wireless broadband networks ought to be subject to net neutrality rules. (This presumes that anyone is subject

Bated breath on Vonage patent loss

Last week brought news of Verizon's patent victory over Vonage. Now that people have had a chance to pause

CLEC Cordia introduces Magellan dial-around service

The CLEC Cordia is launching a VoIP service it's dubbed Magellan. The Private Magellan service, Cordia CEO Joel Dupre told FierceVoIP, allows customers to set up a phone number in any of 40

Verizon Rev. A rollout near completion

Not to flog our sister newsletter too much, but it's pointing out that Verizon Wireless says it's almost finished rolling out its EV-DO Rev. A network

SPOTLIGHT: Successful VoIP trial on IPv6

This is geeky, but vital. The world's Internet addressing scheme is moving to IPv6 (from the current IPv4), which will provide billions more IP addresses--important stuff if you want things like

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Press Release: Citel Announces Portico Telephone VoIP Adapter

Citel Announces Portico Telephone VoIP Adapter SEATTLE - March 5, 2007 - Citel, the VoIP Migration CompanyTM, today launched the Porticoâ„¢ Telephone VoIP Adapter (TVAâ„¢) enabling

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Publisher's Note As I see it, our mission here at Fierce is to connect you with information that contributes to your success. For this reason, I am particularly thrilled to

Verizon wins Vonage patent fight

Most patent trials drag on and on, and jurors take forever to sift through generally incomprehensible technological data. Then there's Verizon's patent suit against Vonage. It started last week,

OCS 2007 beta goes public

As I wrote earlier in the week, VoiceCon did not suffer from a lack of Microsoft presence. I'll have more about that next