SPOTLIGHT: AT&T to bundle VoIP

AT&T will bundle VoIPAT&T is adding VoIP to it's TV bundle, which now includes U-verse, broadband, and a circuit-switched phone service. AT&T says switching the voice offering to VoIP

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> Voice Vision, a video VoIPer out of Las Vegas has partnered up with Propper Entertainment, a promo firm in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Truphone demo coincides with iPhone lock-down

Truphone conducted a high-profile demo of its proprietary VoIP client on an iPhone last week, just as Apple cracked down on

Jaxtr surpasses 2 million

Jaxtr, the Silicon Valley VoIP software start-up, says its base of registered users doubled in the last 30 days to 2 million. Put another way, Jaxtr says it's grown three times faster than Skype did,

VoIP gear seized in Bangladesh

The telecom regulator in Dhaka, Bangladesh has seized around $746,000 worth of VoIP equipment from KDS Group. The Daily Star there reports the seizure represented the largest haul of its type in the

Digium Takes Switchvox

Digium, creator of the open-source Asterisk VoIP platform, has acquired Switchvox, one of its vendors. Switchvox of San Diego, Calif., targets the small- and medium-sized business market with a

Canadian VoIPer offers freebie

Cybersurf is giving away VoIP service in Canada. The provider, based in Calgary, Alberta, said it's offering its CIA Home Phone Basic service for free to poach

SPOTLIGHT: VoIP services reviewed

VoIP services reviewed AT&T's CallVantage VoIP service is maintaining an 84 percent quality rating at BroadbandReports, where it was recently

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> ViaTalk says, hey, we kept our customer service department in country. Press Release >

WiFi doesn't mean VoIP freedom

Last week, FierceVoIP reported the introduction of the Nokia 6301, a handset capable of handing off live calls between cell and WiFi networks by means of unlicensed mobile access, or

Courts issue Vonage, Sprint and Verizon verdicts

Vonage won a reprieve from one court yesterday after losing in a jury trail the day before. On Tuesday, the Holmdel, N.J. VoIP provider was ordered by a jury to pay Sprint Nextel $69.5 million in

Truphone launches iPhone VoIP client

A Truphone VoIP client for the iPhone is lighting up blogs. Blognation first reported and tested the client Wednesday, saying it required a fairly complicated bypass. Meanwhile, Truphone, a London

Ad-supported Pudding raises privacy concerns

A Silicon Valley start-up is proposing to do to VoIP what Google has done to email--monitor users to target ads. Pudding Media of San Jose, Calif., said it has developed technology that will drop ads

T-Mobile offers WiFi Blackberry

T-Mobile rolled out a WiFi-enabled BlackBerry this week in the form of the 8320. Aka, the "BB Curve," the phone uses UMA (unlicensed mobile access) to hand calls between T-Mobile's network and its

8x8 to take 12,000 VoIP subs from exiting firm

Packet8 has confirmed that it's picking up 12,000 VoIP subscribers from an unnamed operation that intends to wind down in the coming months. Packet8, located in Santa Clara, Calif., said it struck

SPOTLIGHT: Dutch VoIP grew 7 percent in 2Q

VoIP use in the Netherlands logged an increase of more than 7 percent in the second quarter of this year, TeleGeography reports. The growth rate was a bit slower than 1Q because Dutch telecom KPN

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> RingCentral Inc., a Redwood City, Calif.-based, enterprise communications unification provider raised $12 million in venture funding from Khosla Ventures and Sequoia Capital.

BREAKING NEWS: Damages vacated on Verizon v. Vonage appeal

A federal appeals court has vacated the $58 million in damages awarded to Verizon by a lower court that found Vonage guilty of patent infringement. Three specific patents were at

Nokia phone navigates WiFi and wireless

Nokia unveiled a handset last week that will hand off a live call made on a cell network to a WiFi connection when one is sensed. The Nokia

Norway's Vyke hits 1 million VoIP subs

Norway's Vyke Communications says it's exceeded the 1 million mark for paid VoIP users. Downloads of its IP voice software doubled over the first six months of this year, the company said. Vyke