Microsoft? Not so fast.

Yes, Microsoft's OCS could be a game-changer. Yes, you should be worrying about it today. But remember: the thing's

"Free" fails

I can never remember if it was Robert Heinlein, Ayn Rand, or Paul Volcker who said "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch." (Hey--where else in your Inbox are you going to find Federal Reserve

VoIP is harder than it looks

VoIP? Easy? Not so much, it turns out. This coming year, enterprises will come to the realization that putting voice on their LANs is a little more complicated than they thought. The bad news is

All bandwidth is created equal

Once upon a time, there were three ways to get data into your home: the phone line (which was used for two-way voice communications), over-the-air radio and TV (and maybe a newspaper delivery).

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So how was your year?
If you're in the VoIP business (and the very fact you're reading this would make it a good bet that you are), you've been busy. I thought it would be

Vonage IPOs, tanks

Vonage went public this spring at $17, and put some of the stock aside for its customers. The stock

EV-DO Rev. A hits

Cellcos have this love-hate relationship with wireless VoIP. It's clearly a wave that is going to hit their networks and business plans hard, so they're playing a classic holding-pattern. Some

Welcome, Microsoft

There's this little software startup up near Seattle you may have heard of. It's called Microsoft and it's

Siemens embezzlement scandal

I've gotten some email over the last couple of weeks complaining that I'm being too hard of Siemens. I

Net Neutrality

When Congress went home, it left unresolved the matter of "net neutrality," thank goodness.

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Remember: Next week is the gala year-in-review and year-ahead issues of FierceVoIP. Then I get to rest for a week and collect what's left of my wits. If you've got any thoughts about

Former Siemens telecom head arrested in scandal

The Siemens telecom embezzlement/bribery scandal keeps getting messier. The latest is that the

Jaxtr social network VoIP tool bows: Do you care?

I had an informative chat the other day with Konstantin Guericke, whom fans of the Social Web will recognize as one of the four founders of LinkedIn. Konstantin's running a new VoIP-related

Skype ends party, sets annual unlimited rate

The enduring question of how eBay expects to make money from Skype got a little closer to being answered this week. For the last year or so, Skype's been offering free off-network calls within the

VoIP peering chatter is a sign of progress

We've written a lot about VoIP peering and why it's important and how it's the next big thing. Here's an analysis that suggests that the very conversation--circular as it may sometimes be--is

How to design cheap, effective enterprise VoIP

There's nothing in this article about designing cheap high-quality enterprise VoIP services that should be a surprise to a smart IT exec. But let's be honest for a moment: even the smartest IT

SPOTLIGHT: Mass Chinese migration sparks VoIP call centers

In China, people are moving en masse from the country to the city in search of economic opportunity; for many, keeping in touch with home with a payphone is not a workable option. One company has

ALSO NOTED: Skype notwithstanding, free VoIP lives; "Year of VoIP?" Oh, please; and much more...

> Skype starts charging again, and someone else comes in behind to offer free VoIP. Remember: if "cheap" is your entire business plan, you will lose.

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Look next week for two year-end editions of FierceVoIP--one looking at the year just past and another looking at the year to come. If you've got opinions, let's hear 'em! -

Vonage leads VoIP pack, just shy of 2M customers

TeleGeography is out with its VoIP market share numbers for the third quarter, but there's nothing about them that would make you spit your eggnog out in surprise. Vonage maintains its lead with