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You surely know the old joke: Two people are having lunch at a restaurant. "I don't know why we keep coming here," one of them grumps. "The food is terrible." "Yes," the other agrees. "And such

Building value for VoIP investors

VoIP might be a good business to be in, but it might not be such a great business to invest in. Although Skype's metrics are good--more subscribers are paying more money each--the

Finding VoIP winners

So if the VoIP service providers are lousy investments, who are the winners? A new study from In-Stat may have some clues. With an increase of 3.8 million households in 2006 (and note: that's an

Avaya, Google serve SMB VoIP customers

Avaya is teaming up with Google to provide small-business VoIP. Google, best known for search, announced yesterday that it was offering a suite of standard office apps as Web-based services. The

Study: SBCs poised for growth

Frost & Sullivan checks in this week with a report saying that robust demand for VoIP is driving growth in the market for session border controllers. The market researchers say that the SBC

Blame carriers for slow enterprise adoption

And now comes Forrester Research, complaining that enterprise-grade VoIP carriers have only themselves to blame for IT managers' reluctance to adopt. The trouble, says the report's author, is that

SPOTLIGHT: Rigas family back in cable

Surely you didn't think the scandal-ridden Rigas family was gone when Adelphia Cable imploded. It turns out that they still own 5,000 subscribers in rural Pennsylvania, and they're getting into

ALSO NOTED: Cisco, Apple strike an iPhone deal; Vonage/Verizon trial starts; and much more...

> Cisco and Apple have resolved their differences over the iPhone name, but they're not telling anyone else what their deal is. The speculation is that it has something to do with the iPhone's

Vonage narrows losses amid slowing growth

Competition from cable companies and smaller upstarts is weighing heavily on VoIP pioneer Vonage. The company, which announced its fourth quarter and year-end earnings late last week, added

KeyOn acquires SpeedNet

Las Vegas-based KeyOn Communications acquired wireless broadband firm SpeedNet Services. The resulting footprint of the newly merged firm now covers more than a dozen states and more than 45,000

Telephia measures residential lines

Research firm Telephia is using its patented signal polling technology to track residential access line share in metro areas. Initially the company will track measurements in 10 markets but plans

Local numbers now available

Local number availability is another tool to help build VoIP usage by businesses. AccessLine Communications has increased the availability of local numbers in key metro areas in the Pacific

Rogers touts VoIP subs

Rogers Communications reported a sizable increase in cable VoIP subscribers. The telecom company ended 2006 with 365,000 VoIP subscribers. Of those, 95,100 were added in fourth quarter. 13,100 of

SPOTLIGHT: VoIP players take on enterprise market

Cable companies have aggressively moved into the consumer VoIP space by attractively packaging VoIP as part of a service bundle. But now independent VoIP players are fighting back by pushing into

T-Mobile CEO says wVoIP won't catch on

The boss at T-Mobile says he doesn't think wireless VoIP is going to be as big a hit as computer-based VoIP. Hamid Akhavan, CEO of T-Mobile International, told a reporter at the 3GSM World

Cisco, Nokia reach dual-mode phone deal

Then again, Akhavan might be wrong. Cisco and Nokia announced a dual-mode smart phone that can run on a GSM network (like the one Akhavan's T-Mobile operates) and over Cisco enterprise VoIP

Nortel, IBM set carrier-grade alliance

IBM and Nortel have inked a deal that will tie the two companies' carrier technologies closer together. As part of the deal, the companies will integrate IBM's WebSphere Presence Server with

HelloSoft ships VoIP stack for TI wVoIP chip

We wrote last issue about how Windows Mobile 6 is including a VoIP stack, even if it's handsets don't have VoIP capability. With all due respect to T-Mobile's CEO, HelloSoft has announced a VoIP

Seven things to do to secure a VoIP network

In case your enterprise customers didn't get the point the first billion times you've told them, here it is again: enterprise