SPOTLIGHT: Nortel, Microsoft reveal alliance results

Nortel, Microsoft reveal alliance resultsIt's been a year since Nortel Networks and Microsoft got together to create their Innovative Communications Alliance. The fruit of their

ALSO NOTED: Public floods FCC with net neutrality support; BroadSoft acquires more funding; and much more...

> Public floods FCC with net neutrality support. Press Release > BroadSoft accepts

After SunRocket, what?

Courtesy of BusinessVoipReport: It seems like only yesterday that SunRocket was one of the

I'm chock full of excitement

I'm chock full of excitement Boy, when I said thought VoIP would be exciting to write about, I really didn't realize just how exciting things would be! While there are many stories one might

HelloSoft launches VoIP for WiMAX SoC

Could VoIP be what WiMAX has been waiting for...and vice versa? We may soon have a chance to find out as a VoIP for WiMAX system-on-chip (SoC) design is here, thanks to California-based HelloSoft.

M5: In it for the long term

M5 keeps its focus on offering hosted VoIP, a.k.a. voice as a service, and building trust with its customers--businesses of up to 1,000 people. To build that trust, the company tells them the truth,

Cisco patches VoIP software flaws

Cisco Systems has made available upgrades to correct two critical flaws that make its Unified Communication Manager (formerly CallManager) vulnerable to denial of service attacks or remote code

List of VoIP risks keeps growing

While most people charged with the security of VoIP networks are concerned with hackers' ability to eavesdrop on VoIP calls, the list of risks is much longer. Denial of service attacks, flooding and

Genband, Nortel offer smooth path to VoIP

Genband and Nortel are teaming to help make it easier for carriers to transition their TDM networks to IP. Nortel is reselling, distributing and supporting Genband's G6 and G2 media gateways. The

SPOTLIGHT: Consumer VoIP revenue to reach$44B by 2012

If you are wondering what that whooshing sound all around you is, relax. It's just the sound of VoIP growing like crazy. According to Research and Markets, the global consumer market grew from 16

ALSO NOTED: Antigua's not kidding around...and neither is Bangladesh; and much more...

> Antigua's not kidding around... Article > ...neither is Bangladesh.

New Websites

If you haven't already gotten the chance, make sure you check out our newly relaunched FierceVoIP website. We've developed new features including improved navigation that integrates our site

U.S. well behind Europe in VoIP

Maybe Al Gore should make a movie about U.S. cooling... in the area of VoIP that is. According to a report released by In-Stat, more than 14 million Europeans took up VoIP service in 2006 and a total

Dear FCC, Support open wireless Internet. - Skype

Citing the 1968 Carterphone decision, Skype filed a letter with the FCC voicing support for open wireless Internet services. The letter was filed the day before the House Subcommittee hearing on the

UMass VoIP deployment lacks initial sizzle

According to the five-year deal, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst has inked with Cedarpoint Communications, the school's VoIP deployment will start slowly with basic calling. However, the

Canada set to deregulate VoIP

Canada's federal government is preparing to put a halt to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission's (CRTC's) plans to regulate VoIP by setting minimum prices for incumbents.

VoIP unveils Click4Me

VoIP Inc. has launched a free web-click calling service on its new feature rich communications portal. The service enables people to connect to each other via free calls without the use of

SPOTLIGHT: VoIP, I presume?

Slow to legalize VoIP, Africa's regulators are still taking a conservative approach by limiting licensing to incumbents. In turn, incumbents are signing agreements with VoIP providers in order to

ALSO NOTED: Forestry Commission uses VoIP to go Green; VoSKY launches Ultimate BizPak; and much more...

> U.K. Forestry Commission uses VoIP to go green. Article > VoSKY launches Ultimate BizPak.

The joys of VoIP for small businesses

I received this great little e-mail from my 12-year-old niece a few days ago: Hey Auntie Ann... Do you have Skype? I just got it. It's a neat way of "calling" people through your