VoIP infrastructure sales drop in first quarter

VoIP infrastructure vendors hit a little bump in the road earlier this year. Infonetics Research says sales declined 8 percent in first quarter '07 from the previous quarter, due mostly to declining

Bad VoIP handsets defeat nuke scientists

The Argonne National Lab is one of the nation's premier research facilities, up there with Los Alamos. It was at Argonne's predecessor facility, in fact, that Enrico Fermi created the first nuclear

Cisco intros PTT VoIP

It's Interop time, so there's going to be lots of enterprise network gear getting introduced for the next week or so. Some of it will be VoIP related, and some will be pretty interesting. Like

Avaya shows cheap VoIP phones, big distributed IP PBX

Microsoft is always talking about how expensive VoIP desksets are. Avaya is debuting a new series of phones between $139 and $299. The company also announced its Distributed Office System, a

New VoIP/WAN security box from Nortel

Nortel's using Interop to get into the unified WAN/VoIP/security router business. The new Secure Router 4134 will be able to act as a remote-office gateway for Microsoft's Office Communications

SPOTLIGHT: Bridgeport Networks is in play, sort of

Bridgeport Networks is apparently in play. One of Openwave Systems' big shareholders wants to buy a controlling interest in that company, and would then move to acquire Bridgeport. Bridgeport's

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> VoIP is useful all on its own, but geeks will be geeks. Here's how to do a lot more with VoIP than you might have expected.

CALEA deadline comes and goes

So how did your CALEA conformance come off? Last Monday was the deadline--the real deadline, after several extensions--for VoIP carriers to comply with the Communicaions Assistance for Law

Siemens goes outside for new CEO

The scandal-rocked industrial giant Siemens has gone outside for a new CEO. Peter Loescher, a senior exec at Merck and, previously, General Electric, was picked over the weekend to succeed Klaus

World VoIP sub count at 40M

Whether these numbers make you happy or not may depend on whether you're a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of person. Market analysts Point Topic say there are twice as many VoIP subscribers

Indian cellcos try to close out VoIPcos

It's not unusual for revolutionary entrants into a sector to attempt to shut the very door that let them in so that no one else can follow their path to success. The latest examples are Indian

VoIP no longer top of IT's mind

Are VoIP and convergence the topmost things on IT execs' minds? Well, as it turns out, that is not the case, according to a survey from the trade group CompTIA. The group asked the execs via a web

SPOTLIGHT: Web shop to offer branded VoIP

Here's a website developer that's kind of making the Indian ISP's point. Pricester, a publicly traded Web developer, says it will be offering VoIP services provided by whitebox vendor VIVOphone.

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> An interesting new white paper from two TI execs see SMBs as the next frontier of VoIP sales for the same reason that those businesses like the web to begin with: it gives them inexpensive

Microsoft shows VoIP phones

The Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, endearingly known as WinHEC, is one of Microsoft's bigger jamborees. Because software is pretty much useless without hardware to run it on, WinHEC usually

Wal-Mart sells Skype gear

There is, for some reason, a continuing debate about whether VoIP is too complex for consumers. This news should pretty much end discussion: Wal-Mart is selling Skype-capable equipment and pre-paid

Genband spins out Tekelec's Taqua

You may recall that Genband has been on an acquisition tear for the last year or so, scooping up a series of media gateway companies. The latest purchase, a couple of months ago, was of a chunk of

Sipera finds phone vulnerabilities

Phones on an enterprise VoIP network are, by definition, just as vulnerable to attack as computers on the network. Sipera's VIPER lab has found six vulnerabilities in three popular phones. Two flaws

8x8 awarded database-driven call connection patent

The VoIP service provider 8x8 says it's been awarded U.S. Patent 7,218,721. (When did they pass the 7 million mark?) Patents are written in their own abstruse language, but the main claim seems to be

SPOTLIGHT: Deltathree powers new Intelsat VoIP service

Deltathree says it has won the contract to power Intelsat's VoIP service--which also provides the news that Intelsat plans to roll out a VoIP service.