ALSO NOTED: T-Mobile UK allows VoIP; Study says multilocation SMBs like VoIP; and much more...

> As previously reported, T-Mobile has launched a service tier that includes approved WiFi calling over its data network.

FEATURE: The impacts of Skype and other Voice over IM networks on carriers

The explosive adoption and usage of web-based voice is a significant disruption in the technology market. Skype, the leader in this category, is signing over two million users per week, and its

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There are a million conferences out there and sometimes it feels like I've been to every one of them--and I've got the hotel bills to prove it. But I've been spending a ton of time lately helping to

GoogleTalk gets a 3rd-party VoIM service

We've written before about VoIM services on Yahoo Messenger, AIM and Skype. Here's one that works with Google: Splinternet is in beta and hopes to go commercial at the end of this month. It works

UAE VoIP ban gets teeth, sparks debate

You'll recall that the United Arab Emirates does not love VoIP. More accurately, the legacy telco and regulators there don't love VoIP. Businesses seem to like it fine, and were using it

Has wVoIP hit the inflection point?

No one who reads this newsletter will find anything new in an article from the St. Paul Pioneer Press about wireless VoIP. What's important is that articles like it exist. It's stuff like this

Cox, Vonage and Skype lead 2Q subscriber numbers

VoIP subscriber figures are out for the 2nd quarter of the year and the biggest cablecos have caught up to the legacy VoIP carriers (yes, it still seems odd to refer to "legacy VoIP carriers").

Vonage allies with HP

The two metrics that any subscription-based business need to watch are the cost of customer acquisition and the churn rate. Vonage has cut a deal that will put its software on HP and Compaq

SPOTLIGHT: Broadsoft programmers go global

BroadSoft is hiring some programmers to work out of Ireland, part of a "follow-the-sun" development strategy. Article

ALSO NOTED: Talkster testing webVoIP; Nomadic E911 service launching; and much more...

> Talkster is the latest web-based VoIP callback service designed to work from mobile phones.

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Last chance for the Fierce 15!
Nominations for the 2006 Fierce 15 close at the opening of East Coast business on Monday. That gives you less than one workday to

VoIP an IT worry, SANS says

What keeps IT managers up at night? The SANS Institute says they're worrying about phone stuff. Cell phone worms seem to top the list, even though reports of them in the real world are few and far

Why would you buy your own company's product?

Every VoIP carrier in the world is tired of having to compare its service to the legacy TDM world. It's not like VoIP is new, so why aren't people getting it? One commentator suggests that it's

Consumers hate complexity, love support

In case you don't believe the last item, we're just catching up with an Accenture survey about the "digital home." It found that the 10,000 consumers surveyed love the idea and the promise of the

Spun-off Dialogic will focus on TDM

Back in the day, if you wanted a telecom circuit board, odds were good that it would come from Dialogic. Then the company got bought by Intel and somehow, Dialogic wasn't so dominant. Now Intel

Genband buys Siemens DCO products

The German telecom company Siemens is in the process of spinning its carrier-related business into a joint venture with Nokia. But it paused this week to sell its Digital Central Office product

SPOTLIGHT: Pretexting bill stalls in House

If it's good enough for HP, it's good enough for thee and me. Congress can't agree on the terms of a measure that would make it a federal crime to lie to get someone's phone records.

ALSO NOTED: Akonix box steers Skype traffic; New NGT CEO; and much more...

> Akonix has a network appliance that detects and routes Skype traffic on corporate networks. Article

FEATURE: Can 3G and WiMAX Co-Exist?

To mobile network operators, it would seem that forces are trying to pull the industry apart. Management teams-focused on the declining voice revenues-want a tight lid kept on CAPEX and OPEX as

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There's less than a week left to submit your entry for the 2006 Fierce 15!

OK, so maybe you don't think your company is the coolest thing on four wheels. And if