ALSO NOTED: GIPS and Skype extend pact; Efonica makes China deal; and much more...

> GIPS and Skype have extended their deal. GIPS provides software that's a key part of Skype's phones. Article > Fusion

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I'm looking forward to meeting some of you next week at the IMS Executive Summit in Washington, DC. If you haven't registered yet, it's not too late to sign up for this amazing event. When you

A new idea: Build QoS reporting into endpoints

Why don't legacy telecom managers like VoIP? Because they're used to being able to control each and every session and they're uncomfortable sending traffic into a mysterious self-routing cloud.

If carriers can't manage quality, IT giants will

Maybe it's because trade show and conference season is starting, but VoIP management at the enterprise level is very much in the air. Light Reading suggests that if carriers,

Save big bucks: Buy cheap desksets

If customers want to save a few billion bucks on their VoIP deployments, Gartner suggests that they cheap out on the

Nortel slides in new carrier VoIP sales figures

Synergy Research has new numbers about who's supplying the carrier VoIP market. In the

911 from the public safety angle

911 remains a big deal for VoIP carriers. It may be helpful to see how the public safety community sees it. has an interesting article from the 911 side about dealing with VoIP. Though

SPOTLIGHT: Solving Africa's "telecom famine"

The African VoIP Forum was this week in Lagos. Nigerian regulators talk about the "telephone famine in Africa which VoIP can help to address."

ALSO NOTED: VoIP handset market hits $500 million last quarter; VoIP VARs urged to go multimedia; and much more...

> The Dell'Oro group says the global VoIP phone market surpassed $500 million in the second quarter of this year. Gartner would be so proud.

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Nominations are now open for the 2006 Fierce 15! The business of VoIP, like any other disruptive business, is not for the faint-hearted. The day, ultimately, will belong to the

Why Sprint went with WiMAX

The telecom world is still buzzing a bit about Sprint Nextel picking WiMAX as its

Mexico opens to VoIP

Cable telephony is coming to Mexico and telcos are predictably not happy. Cablemas, Mexico's second-largest cable TV operator, says it's been awarded licenses to run phone service in 13 of the

Tekelec pushes disaster recovery

It's been a year since Hurricane Katrina first popped up on radar screens; if you haven't been thinking about it, don't tell your bosses or clients. Tekelec says its Tekelec 6000 VoIP Application

VoIP aids off-shore call centers

Lou Dobbs is going to hate this. The CNN anchor is an outspoken foe of offshore outsourcing, but here's a report that says VoIP is helping drive

Automated call quality checks for new customers

Here's a good idea: automatic call quality testing for self-installed customers. Minacom is introducing

SPOTLIGHT: Dubai VoIP slow to arrive

People in Dubai were promised VoIP this year, but they don't have it yet. And they're starting to write letters about it to the local newspaper.

ALSO NOTED: CommX goes with Bladecenter; Sipera expands network security; and much more...

> The carrier CommX is moving from a Sun Sparc platform running Solaris to IBM Bladecenter running Linux; they claim a 10-times increase in network capacity.

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As you'll see from the countdown at the top of today's issue, only 11 days remain until the FierceMarkets IMS Executive Summit. We've assembled a truly amazing event and I'm personally quite excited

Report:DNS has role in boosting throughput

When your computer gets slow, the first thing you think about replacing (if you're into that kind of thing) is the CPU. Most people never think about the storage system or the video

Trying on VoIP to improve retail service

Here's an interesting VoIP application in the retail business: Women trying on clothes at the Mitsushoki department store on Tokyo's Ginza strip can now use RFID and VoIP to pick their selections.