Recording VoIP

There are a ton of reasons a company might want to record its own VoIP calls, starting with Sarbox compliance and running through points like customer service, security and even CALEA. Witness

Skype hacked?

There's a report that an unnamed Chinese company has developed software that can place calls over Skype's proprietary network. The software doesn't use Skype's Supernode peer-to-peer feature,

CALEA compliance

Speaking of trapping calls, netheads are still thinking hard about what it will take to make VoIP compliant with CALEA. If you came in late, CALEA is the Communications Assistance for Law

"All new systems sales will be IP..."

Here's the boldest statement we've seen yet about VoIP adoption: "By 2009," a Gartner analyst says, "there will new no sales of traditional phone systems... All new systems sales will be pure IP

Cablecos out-satisfy telcos

Everyone curses the phone company. Now there's word that consumers like the VoIP they're getting from the cable company better than their old POTS service. The consultants J.D. Power &

SPOTLIGHT: Cisco UCM vulnerabilty

Cisco's got a buffer overflow vulnerability in its Unified Call Manager 5.0. On a scale of 1 to 10, Symantec's calling the problem a 10.

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> Where does POTS beat VoIP? Power, baby. Power! Article > HOT Telecom, owned

What's a "vish"?

It would be churlish, of course, to suggest that security companies stay up all night dreaming up threats that they can then scare us all with. Then again, who other than a security company is

More Vonage patent news

Maybe Vonage will wind up spending all its IPO money in court. (Doesn't that happen to big lottery winners, too?) Klausner Technologies, which already collects royalties on voice mail from Time

Taipei's city-wide wVoIP net

This qualifies, we think, as the largest wireless VoIP rollout we've seen. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is building a wireless IP FMC network specifically dedicated to telephony. Taipei has a

A C-level VoIP briefing

Smart technologists know that no big project happens until the CEO is comfortable with the technology. That's why you should know about a big BusinessWeek insert about VoIP, aimed


Want to record your VoIP calls--even if you decide in mid-call that you really ought to be taping? Check out IPstudio 1.2. Article

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> Cisco's in talks to wire the UAE for VoIP, once the government says it's OK. Article > Newgrid is

Editor's Corner

Publisher's Note I'm thrilled to pull back the curtain and introduce you to our new lead editor, veteran technology writer Dan Rosenbaum. Dan is an extremely accomplished

Another USF option for VoIP carriers

You'll remember that the FCC voted a couple of weeks ago to make VoIP carriers pay into the Universal

First VoIP, then POTS

Primus Telecommunications Canada is doing an interesting thing: rolling out VoIP before it gets into the POTS business. Primus's last-mile service is copper to the curb over Bell Canada's wiring,

New Kenya dish slashes VoIP prices

Not all cell carriers give VoIP the hairy eyeball. In Kenya, where a new satellite uplink is allowing cell carriers to bypass the legacy telco on international calls, cellcos promptly slashed

Aussie VoIP partners wind up in court

One bid to roll out VoIP service in Australia has wound up in court. Softswitch developer Transcom is suing the publicly traded ISP Chariot over the apparent collapse of a joint venture that would

Ready or not, here comes wVoIP

Cell carriers who think they can resist VoIP are kidding themselves, a research report says. An In-Stat study has estimated that 132 million cellular handsets with WiFi will ship in 2010. About 20