VoIP innovators show at DEMO

The semi-annual geekfest DEMO is kind of like a Sundance festival for start-ups, except without the snow: companies with neat products get six minutes to make the first public showing of their

IMS Plugfest finds the holes that need fixing

There's nothing like a dose of reality to bring promises down to earth, and that's pretty much what the first IMS Plugfest was like. Ten core network vendors got together a couple of weeks ago at

Is Google lusting after voice?

There's some loose talk going around about how Google is getting ready to compete with telcos, but I'm not sure I'm buying it. Yes, the Google Talk beta is being widely pushed out to Gmail users.


How does VoIP help in CRM? Mostly by providing another way to furnish customer service--literally opening a dialog--and keeping shoppers from going to competitors.

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> Vonage says 94 percent of its VoIP customers have E911. Article > How do enterprises look at VoIP switch vendors? Here's the

NEC maps Turing test for SPITers

It sometimes feels like data security is on everyone's list of New Year's resolutions, even though it's one of those things--like eating right--that needs year-round attention. Word's out that NEC

Roundup on VoIP security attacks

Here's more about security. A couple of semiconductor designers have written an interesting article breaking down VoIP security attacks into three basic scenarios: eavesdropping, spam (which, on

Top 10 ways your VoIP migration could go wrong

A corporate migration to VoIP isn't all that different from any other corporate technology migration, except that a bit higher profile--which may be all the difference in the world. Network

Will IMS free OSS?

It's a question that won't seem to go away: Is IMS truly the bee's knees, a set of standards that will squeeze all the old technology out of the phone network? Here's one opinion that suggests

Deep tech on IMS and OSS

If you're looking for deeper than deep information about IMS, OSS and BSS, you could do far worse than putting aside some serious time for Zippy Grigonis's magnum opus on the subjects. He comes

SPOTLIGHT: Who's hot in VoIP?

Late January is kind of an odd time for a magazine to publish a "hot companies" list, but this one is pretty interesting, with some well-known companies and a few surprises.

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> Remember that Netgear wireless phone that could connect both to Skype and PSTN? First reviews are coming in, and they're not bad at all.

Bangladesh cracks down on illegal VoIP

A lot of countries complain about unauthorized (read: non-tax-paying) VoIP operations in their countries. Bangladesh appears to be getting tough about it. In the last few days, the Bangladeshi

Digium makes is easier to buy Polycom gear

Small and medium businesses don't have a lot of time or inclination to worry about their phone systems, which may be one of the factors slowing VoIP adaptation in that market. Digium, home of the

Skype cleared in Streamcast anti-trust suit

Skype is now clear of a $4.1 billion antitrust lawsuit over the rights to some of the carrier's underlying technology. Streamcast, a distributor of the Morpheus peer-to-peer file sharing software, samples its service

When you're trying to build a business, sometimes sampling is a good strategy. That's what is trying with its "Make A Call" promotion. Visitors to the service provider's website can enter

The latest news of the VoIP future

It's metrics and predictions time! In-Stat says the VoIP market gamed 3.8 million households in 2006, with wholesale revenues of $1.1 billion last year increasing to $3.8 billion in 2010. The

SPOTLIGHT: UAE to cut VoIP access next week

The United Arab Emirates are getting serious about VoIP restrictions, too. The telco that serves broadband to Dubai's Free Zone and Emaar residential buildings will cut off VoIP traffic starting the

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> XO Communications says it's now serving 100,000 business VoIP users at 7,500 companies. Article > Multi-Tech

Skype dumps per-minute charges for per-call pricing

Skype is playing with its fee structure in interesting ways that seem to reflect changes in its own cost structure. We wrote last month about the $30/year unlimited calling plan. Now, for everyone