Not all VoIP benefits go to customers

A story out of the UK suggests that although telcos are building out their VoIP infrastructure, customers shouldn't start counting on rate cuts. Instead, the article quotes an analyst for

SF Vonage users get E911

Vonage users in San Francisco can now count on emergency services coming when they dial 911. The FCC ordered VoIP carriers two years ago to deploy Enhanced 911 and the

IDC: Microsoft's in VoIP for the applications

IDC has a new report about Microsoft's getting into the VoIP market. It should surprise no one that

SPOTLIGHT: VoIP + Craiglist = Espionage?

Could VoIP and Craigslist be combined for spying? It's not impossible, as a bunch of hackers (in the good sense) are demonstrating.

ALSO NOTED: Filipino agencies heading VoIPward; Black Hat security releases; and much more...

> Filipino government agencies are being told to build out intranets that can carry VoIP. Article

Sprint expands on JV with Time Warner Cable

Sprint Nextel announced a major five-year agreement to expand on its joint venture with Time Warner Cable. The deal sees Sprint provisioning the cable MSO's "digital phone service" in an

Cisco: How to select the right VoIP integrator

Cisco's Unified Communication Implementation Adviser Stephanie Carhee has a few tips on how to choose the best VoIP integrator for your enterprise. Apart from the obvious: "Don't just choose your

New tools help the enterprise secure VoIP

Researchers at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas released 13 new tools that aim to help the enterprise probe for vulnerabilities in their VoIP deployments. The researchers engineered

Telstra gives wVoIP a boost

Telstra has inked a three-year deal with global virtual WiFi network operator iPass to resell the carrier's estimated 1,000 WiFi hotspots around Australia, which may be surprising to any readers

Report: Home-based firms likely to use VoIP

According to a recent report from IDC, home-based firms are are "twice as likely" to adopt VoIP as their fixed phone system than normal householders. According to the researchers, almost 40

SPOTLIGHT: Case study: Subway franchises using VoIP

It's a problem for many young companies, including Les White's Subway franchises: He expanded his eateries from five to 30 but still wanted to maintain a high level of customer service through a

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> MetaRing is all set to roll out its prefix-3 VoIP numbers for users in Singapore "with full interconnection capabilities."

Rumor Mill: wVoIP in portable gaming devices

As portable gaming devices take on more and more networking capabilities, it's only a matter of time until VoIP functionality finds its way into them as well: According to rumors floating around

Trend: "Vishing," VoIP phishing on the rise

A recent report from MessageLabs found that VoIP is fast becoming the platform of choice for cybercrooks engaging in phone and email scams. The latest scams make use of an automated voice message

Russian operator may test FMC in 2007

Telcos controlled by Russian holding vehicle AFK Sistema may begin testing fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) services in the spring of next year. According to Sergei Shchebetov, general director of

Report: Carriers look to generate rev from VoIP

According to a recent study by Infonetics, 83 percent of North American, European, Asia Pacific and Central- and Latin-American service providers said that the availability of new applications and

Balancing security and performance at the app layer

Securing VoIP networks at the application layer is an ongoing problem for IT managers, since there is no all-in-one security solution for the many VoIP and multimedia apps now running on IP. Many

SPOTLIGHT: MetaSwitch takes aim at cable VoIP

MetaSwitch is making the leap to the cable sector with its softswitch technology. Previously, the company has focused its efforts on the independent and telco markets for VoIP, but the company's new

ALSO NOTED: Vonage bleeds more revenue loss; SMEs in Ireland shrug off VoIP; and much more...

> Acme packet expands to take on Canadian VoIP market. Article > Vonage continues to bleed, loses 17 percent of

Big gear vendors back expanded IMS

If you're in the phone business (whatever that is these days) and Verizon Wireless, Cisco, Qualcomm, Lucent, Motorola and Nortel are suggesting a technology direction, you'd best at least pay