Intel and Siemens getting together on VoIP

Intel and Siemens are tying the knot on a VoIP technology development that sounds very IMS-ish. It's a little hard to tell from the report linked here, but it sounds like the two tech giants are

VON: Peering deals abound

Peering is important because it's conceptually dumb (not to mention expensive) to use the PSTN to bridge between VoIP routes. It's a business that benefits from scale; the more carriers that a

VON: Brix gets data from 300 million TI DSPs

Surely you remember Brix Networks, the quality testing company. They're the ones who said a little while ago that

SPOTLIGHT: Lucent upgrades carrier-grade firewalls

Just because it's been bought by Alcatel doesn't mean business at Lucent comes to a crashing halt. The company made a big upgrade to its carrier-grade VPN Brick 700 and 1200 firewalls.

ALSO NOTED: Video on your mobile? No one cares; Mitel uses Borderware in gateway; and much more...

> It turns out that only 1 percent of mobile subscribers are paying for video service. Article > Mitel

Editor's Corner

There are a lot of different ways to measure the vitality of a market. One of the better ones is to look at its trade shows. The number and significance of product and industry alliance

VON: Converged Windows Mobile WiFi cell phone

The odds are pretty good that you've never heard of Paragon Wireless. It's one of those under-the-radar companies that quietly builds the technology that better-known companies deploy in products.

VON: IPTV "quality alliance" launched

The "V" in "VoIP" doesn't just stand for "voice" anymore. Six vendors announced here that they're forming the V²oIP Quality Alliance (in case your browser doesn't read it right, that "²"

VON: SIP-based IVR to ease eBay bidding

This one's a little outside the box, but it's a great application and provides fodder for Skype watchers. If you've been buying on eBay lately, you might have noticed a link that lets you get a

VON: A home Skype server, but don't call it that

VoxLib is launching an interesting convergence tool for Skype, called VOX for Skype. It's software that sits on

VON: Spirent launches protocol tester

There are more than a couple of management and testing tools being shown at VON. Spirent says it's shipping its Protocol Tester, which it touts as a simple and flexible tool for testing IMS or

SPOTLIGHT: Yahoo Messenger gets conferencing

Don't count on conferencing to save your business. Yahoo Messenger has partnered with Vapps to let Yahoo's IM customers set up conference bridges of up to 500 users. Only a consumer application?

ALSO NOTED: Intel publishes VoIP spec; Earthlink expands VoIP; and much more...

> Intel has published a Universal Phone Device Interface, designed to make VoIP phones easier to connect to PCs.

Editor's Corner

The telecom industry has closed the summer house, stowed the beach umbrellas and cleaned the grills. Time to go back to work and hit the road with a vengeance. There are two big trade shows next

U.K. wVoIP startups take on cellcos

If you don't think the wireless VoIP is going to cause trouble for cellcos, you need to pay attention

Intrado finishes NYC E911 trial

Intrado, which provides E911 services to VoIP carriers, says it did a successful trial of location-based E911 in

New term of the day: VoIPhreaking

Because you don't have enough to worry about, here's something else: your VoIP service interfaces with the PSTN at some point or other, right? What do you think of the prospect of some cracker

AOL publishes Phoneline APIs

Over on the consumer side of VoIP, you learned earlier this week that AOL was getting out of the pure-play VoIP business while keeping its AIM Phoneline alive. They're doing more than just keeping

Busta provides browser-based VoIP

We'll see you your Busta Rhymes and raise you a Busta VoIP. The Voice Commerce Group has announced Busta, a VoIP service that it claims will work with any browser, fixed or mobile. We haven't

SPOTLIGHT: Global Crossing drives conferencing traffic to VoIP

Global Crossing is using its on-demand teleconferencing system to drive customers to VoIP and its converged network.