Mobile "virtual number" service about to debut

Coming out of hiding this week is TalkPlus, which a "VoIP 2.0" (who decided that we've rev-ed voice? I can't find the e-mail anywhere) service that lets you put a "virtual number" on your mobile

Analyst: VoIP hardware market to grow 25% a year

I have no idea how consultants made a living before Dan Bricklin invented the computerized spreadsheet. The compound annual growth rate certainly existed, but hardly anyone besides accounting

Aussie VoIP market growth estimated to slow

More about CAGR. The boxcounters at IDC expect that competition will slow revenue growth in the Australian VoIP and IP-PBX markets for the next five years. The news isn't all bad: IDC expects

How to balance security and accessibility

Balancing accessibility and security is the neat trick for any network, VoIP perhaps more than some. The British Computer Weekly has a very nice article about just that balancing act,

VoIP worries the public sector

NetworkWorld is also worried about VoIP, but its coverage of the InfoSecurity conference focuses on all sorts of threats to critical IP infrastructure. One expert professes concern that

SPOTLIGHT: Governator orders broadband for CA agencies

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signs an executive order requiring all state agencies to install broadband. It's a little hard to imagine a state agency that wouldn't already have

ALSO NOTED: Vonage enters Big Sky country; Cincy Bell goes VoIP; and much more...

> Vonage is now available in Montana. (You mean it wasn't before?) The carrier now has numbers in the 406 area code, so people within the state can now place local incoming calls.

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Yesterday a few of you may have received an issue of our sister publication, FierceIPTV. This was an accident. We accidentally sent the wrong

Comcast phone outages in NJ, Pittsburgh

It's just plain hard to quantify trouble like this, partly because it's geographically dispersed and people don't always know their phone service is out (electric blackouts, by comparison, are

VoIP helps reduce tailpipe emissions

There are now 300 million Americans, and on Friday nights it seems like they all want to get out of Manhattan at the same time. What does that have to do with you? In a word, telecommuting. The

IBM, 3Com team on mid-range server VoIP

In all the hype about the Internet and personal computing, it's easy to forget that there are an awful lot of enterprises that run on mid-range systems--what used to be called minicomputers.

Cisco buys startup for $31M

Cisco wants to be everywhere the network is, which is one reason it's paying $31 million to buy mobile VoIP startup Orative. Orative's

Airvana makes first Rev. A QoS call

As Rev. A of EV-DO is starting to get rolled out, Airvana says it's made the first QoS-controlled wireless VoIP call over a Rev. A network. One of Rev. A's features is apparently the ability to

SPOTLIGHT: SunRocket extends uReach deal

SunRocket has re-upped its deal to use uReach's Converged Services Framework for converged voicemail. Customers can retrieve their

ALSO NOTED: Skype phone from USRobotics; 33 reasons VoIP beats telcos; and much more...

> Not only does modem maker USRobotics still exist--who knew that it was spun back out of 3Com a few years ago?--it's got a new wireless Skype phone.

VoIP gives life to teleconnects

Most of the voice network wranglers we talk to here at FierceVoIP will freely tell a nosy reporter that they're pretty much resigned to IT departments winding up with responsibility for the

VoIP Inc. restructures, builds out network

VoIP Inc. says it's restructured its business, killing off an unprofitable phone card business, raising some cash and swapping $7 million in debt for stock. At the same time, the company announced

Vonage adds traffic, weather services

Vonage is either planning for wireless VoIP or isn't thinking very clearly about its market. The carrier has announced two free subscriber services familiar to radio listeners: traffic and

Siemens Networks scores TWC win

One of the hardest tricks in business is launching a new business from within an old business without missing a step. Think of the way the old AT&T shakily launched its Information Systems

Don't worry about the killer app

One of the more unfortunate metaphors to come out of the Internet Boom was that of the "killer app." In reality, any application that popular could either have such a lowest common denominator as