Legacy carriers may fumble FMC rollouts

Tech consultants The Yankee Group says that legacy carriers who are working on fixed/mobile convergence will probably blow it the first time out. FMC promises to let customers use the same handset

Yahoo follows AIM's VoIP lead

AOL's doing it, so you could have made book on Yahoo's getting into the game, too. Weeks after AOL announced a VoIP add-on to AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo has cut a deal with iBasis, a global VoIP

Vonage IPO sinks

We guess it's good news that Vonage's IPO came off as expected this week. Underwriters set the price of 31.25 million shares at $17--the middle of the expected range--so the company raised more

Plaxo to build in VoIP service

Unless you don't have any friends, you've probably gotten email from a company called Plaxo, a Web 2.0 company that centralizes people's address books and calendars online. Wanting to do more than

SPOTLIGHT: VoIP hits the mainstream

A market research report points to a 300 percent jump in operator revenue last year as evidence that the VoIP market won't go away anytime soon. TeleGeography's update predicts that there will be

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> You know about counting chickens before they're hatched, but the consultants ON World have released a study that says there will be 100 million users of mobile VoIP worldwide by 2011. How do

Bill would add Net neutrality to antitrust law

Net neutrality is back. The leadership of the House Judiciary Committee has introduced a bill that would make Net neutrality part of federal antitrust law. As you might expect, carriers and owners

Carrier group promotes VoIP standards

An international consortium of converged media carriers and manufacturers are now officially working with global telecom regulators. The IPSphere Forum has established a liaison with the

Trend: VoIP boosts carrier infrastructure sales

Broadband carriers are building out. Typically, the market for carrier switches and routers usually dips a bit in the first quarter. Not this year; Infonetics Research says shipments increased by

VoIP deployment issues emerge

It would be nice if selling and deploying VoIP services were a simple thing, but it isn't. CMPNet Asia breaks down the problems with VoIP deployments into six bullet points: Reliability, hidden

PGP inventor sparks VoIP security debate

Sparking widespread attention from the computing world, PGP creator Phil Zimmerman has released a free program which encrypts VoIP communications. The program, known as Zfone, exchanges security

SPOTLIGHT: Telcos need new marketing approaches

Telcos need to get smarter about viral marketing if they want to fend off VoIP services like Skype and Vonage, says one marketing consultant. Instead of focusing on sound quality, she advises

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> Colleges and universities are looking seriously at replacing TDM networks with VoIP. Makes sense, since higher ed has a disproportionate amount of IP bandwidth and is always looking to keep

Metric: VoIP to steal $100B in PSTN revenues

Over the next five years, VoIP usage should drain $100 billion from carriers' PSTN revenues, according to U.K. research house Informa Telecoms & Media. In fact, by 2010 PSTN revenues should no

DSL Forum releases VoIP interop standards

Technical standards are as dry as dry can be, but try deploying a technology without them. In this case, the DSL Forum is doing its part with Technical Report 122, which defines a standard set of

Cablevision offers $19.95/mo intl calling

Cablevision has become another player in the consumer VoIP price war, offering unlimited international VoIP-based calling for a flat $19.95 a month. Cablevision's World Call service does have some

Another VoIP party line?

Computer "chats" are something of a misnomer, of course, because they substitute typing for actual chatting. But a soon-to-be-public beta of Radio Handi is promising to be a voice "party line for

Deutsche Bank does major VoIP roll out

Deutsche Bank started getting into VoIP in a big way when it bought a U.S. mortgage company with 1,000 employees in 10 locations. Network World carries an interesting profile of a VoIP

SPOTLIGHT: SIP on VoIP opens networks

Markets change when open standards evolve, and the business of computer-telephone integration is no different. The evolution of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) on VoIP networks is enabling

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> Pacific Internet and NEC are teaming up to get a chunk of the Australian small-business VoIP market. They're figuring on more than 8,000 customers by the end of next year.