Cablevision joins million-member club

If you follow the VoIP customer trends, you'll have noticed that cablecos' enrollment numbers have been sneaking up on the old-school VoIP carriers. Word came this week that Cablevision has now

Efonica says people like free stuff

As long as we've got the ruler out, Fusion Telecommunications is flogging the news that its Efonica VoIP service pulled 100,000 registered customers in less than a month after its debut That

SPOTLIGHT: xG looks for local partners

xG Technology is looking for local dealers and carriers for its xMax wireless VoIP technology. xMax uses unlicensed spectrum and claims triple the range of other technologies.

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> A cluster of 11 oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico is getting what's billed as the first sea-borne WiMax installation.

Editor's Corner

Remember: FierceMarkets's IMS Executive Summit is right around the corner. The event, in Washington, DC on August 29-30, boasts an impressive roster of speakers, including top service providers such

Microsoft and Nortel announce alliance

Microsoft and Nortel announced today that they are getting together to work on what they're calling Unified Communications. Microsoft, it will not surprise you to learn, sees the PC and not the

Asterisk vulnerabilities found, patch issued

If you use the Asterisk open-source softswitch, we hope you had a good weekend because you've got some patching to do today. Internet Security Systems found a couple of flaws in Asterisk last

VoIP still beholden to the last mile

Could VoIP become a victim of its own success? An interesting piece in VoIP News suggests that telcos may not be willing to terminate an increasing volume of VoIP calls forever, unless

A quality call is more than voice

Everyone focuses on voice quality as one of the key metrics of VoIP service, but they frequently make it sound like that's the only metric. It isn't. A call lasts from off-hook to on-hook, and

10M users?

CommuniGate Systems has demonstrated a SIP farm supporting 10 million users. The company's All-Active Dynamic Cluster was running on HP Superdome servers; other participating vendors included

SPOTLIGHT: Is hosted VoIP cutting-edge or just Centrex?

Is hosted VoIP a good idea or the next coming of Centrex? As with most things, it depends who you ask.

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> Foundry Networks introduces two new high-capacity network switches aimed at the enterprise VoIP market.

Recording VoIP

There are a ton of reasons a company might want to record its own VoIP calls, starting with Sarbox compliance and running through points like customer service, security and even CALEA. Witness

Skype hacked?

There's a report that an unnamed Chinese company has developed software that can place calls over Skype's proprietary network. The software doesn't use Skype's Supernode peer-to-peer feature,

CALEA compliance

Speaking of trapping calls, netheads are still thinking hard about what it will take to make VoIP compliant with CALEA. If you came in late, CALEA is the Communications Assistance for Law

"All new systems sales will be IP..."

Here's the boldest statement we've seen yet about VoIP adoption: "By 2009," a Gartner analyst says, "there will new no sales of traditional phone systems... All new systems sales will be pure IP

Cablecos out-satisfy telcos

Everyone curses the phone company. Now there's word that consumers like the VoIP they're getting from the cable company better than their old POTS service. The consultants J.D. Power &

SPOTLIGHT: Cisco UCM vulnerabilty

Cisco's got a buffer overflow vulnerability in its Unified Call Manager 5.0. On a scale of 1 to 10, Symantec's calling the problem a 10.

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> Where does POTS beat VoIP? Power, baby. Power! Article > HOT Telecom, owned