InfiniBand leader: 100 Gbps 'not a trick,' already around for awhile

A Mellanox marketing chief who also leads InfiniBand's principal trade association, takes issue with how we characterized stacking IB traffic lanes, and we respond.

Spotlight: FCC report says broadband customers get what they pay for

CATV-based broadband subscribers may be getting even more speed than advertised, DSL certainly less.

Mellanox touts 100 Gbps InfiniBand switch, but is it really faster?

It's a new... track... record for the latest single-chip switch for high-performance computing. But maybe we need a ruling from the judges on this.

Survey: Value of generic top-level domains is sagging

When asked by a domain name exchange whether their companies are really into the domain name market these days, a huge number of American respondents said no. But that's just the U.S.

GAO: Agriculture Dept. spends $100 per subscriber per month to build rural broadband

The federal government may be spending more on rural broadband subscriptions than the subscribers themselves, says a new study--though some of the reasons why remain a mystery.

Oracle acquires live-assist technology it thought it already had

The best live customer service for Web users utilizes remote access technology, one prominent example of which Oracle now owns.

US Supreme Court: Only software, not abstract ideas, can be patented

One of the most silent justices during oral arguments to ever sit on the bench, Clarence Thomas, makes his voice heard in explaining what methods do not deserve a patent.

Spotlight: Building smarter cities through advertising

As I've mentioned before, nothing about the infrastructure of the Internet is inherently free; someone is always paying for it somewhere, somehow. Embedded in Wednesday's announcement from...

W3C: HTML5 is just about closer to taking the next step toward almost being done

It's something around which mobile app developers are already building business models, but the standards body in charge says these things take time to bake.

Neelie Kroes moves Europe towards adopting Korea's 5G, whatever that is

The EC Vice President makes a commitment toward harmonizing Europe's 5G research with South Korea's, at a time when both countries are scrambling to define 5G.

Sprint expands its 4G LTE footprint with more rural carrier deals

Expanding your customer base with a merger is now bad; expanding it with rural carrier deals is good. Or is it the other way around?

Yo: Some thoughts on a syllable and the signal-to-noise ratio

Maybe a one-bit communications service is not such a silly idea after all. Except, wait a minute, you can't do one-bit signals on SMS, can you?

Sens. Leahy, Franken propose ban on Internet 'fast lanes' for literally anyone

The Internet cannot be divided into tiers, say leading Democratic lawmakers whose bill could effectively outlaw NFV.  Oops.

When will Cisco's projected IP traffic growth collide with Comcast's caps?

It's not just that the math doesn't look good for consumers worried about likely service caps for at-home Internet service. The math may not account for enough variables.

Spotlight: Cloud to render extinct CIO, IT department yet again

The role of the CTO and CIO will "no longer fit" an evolved enterprise where "squads" of IT-knowledgeable workers manage synergistic strategies.

Level 3 beats CenturyLink to altar, to pair with TW Telecom

When you get married, you want your partner to be financially secure. When one partner is down on his luck, but working hard to make an honorable comeback, it makes for the perfect romantic plot.

Microsoft: No more US IPv4 addresses left for Azure users

So many users of the company's infrastructure service have apparently sought static IP addresses for their VMs that now it has to borrow addresses from other countries.

Canada: Law enforcement needs warrant before pursuing private data

Can the value of privacy be made a variable in light of the weight of illegal activity? Canada's highest court says no.

FCC Chairman turns up volume on Verizon in wake of dingo metaphor

Tom Wheeler picks one comment from a concerned citizen, and starts a rallying cry that looks more like it's on that citizen's behalf than the previous rallying cry.

Spotlight: Actual journalism prevails: TweetDeck was just vulnerable to misuse, not hacking

In a medium devised specifically to amplify the power of knee-jerk reactions, a software deficiency got trumpeted way out of proportion.