Spotlight: Nearly half surveyed say SDN may be too immature to be secure

If you give a group of C-suite executives a list of bad things to choose from and tell them to arrange them in order of bad-to-worse, like a tally of "Brady Bunch" episodes, does the one...

Congress defunds ICANN/IANA governance transition

Inspired by a belief that ICANN and IANA extend First Amendment protections to Internet users worldwide, representatives in Congress successfully thwart budget provisions for a transition plan.

DNS governing body ICANN admits its systems are compromised

A security upgrade process just begun by ICANN on its zone domain transfer system revealed a compromise whose signature implies the hacker knew what he or she was doing.

Internet of Things presents solution to single sign-on

If you're scared by the idea of a central server out there in the world granting you access to your company network, maybe you'd feel easier with your company network granting you access to the world.

Yubico puts FIDO's second authentication factor in your pocket

The era of logging onto the Web using a real, physical key may have just begun. Of course, if things start to get cumbersome and that key is easily bypassed, it may have just ended.

The information/communications dichotomy

Most intelligent people actually know what the Internet is. So why, when we get into one of the most important debates of our time, does intelligence fail us and we suddenly get this wrong?

Spotlight: Does a CDO or a CIO make communications purchasing decisions?

I'm already on record as somewhat skeptical about enterprises deploying yet another chief something-or-another officer. One key reason is that it isn't exactly clear who has responsibility for what initiative. 

FCC insists rural broadband come to par with urban at 10 Mbps

It may not be an official re-definition of "broadband" just yet, but the FCC's alteration of its Universal Service Fund order does give it double-digit download speeds. The question remains, will enough carriers sign up?

Microsoft prepares more Windows 10 details for January 21

IT organizations aching for more data that could lead them to a decision about whether to abandon Windows as their company desktop may get a few morsels next month.

Ping Identity engineer: On second thought, passwords may be okay

One of the objectives that the FIDO Alliance 1.0 Specification sets forth is to strengthen authentication through a choice of multiple factors. And one of its compromises is allowing passwords to be one factor.

Top 10 issues in communications: Number 4, the virtualization of devices

One of the most productive and useful innovations in the history of communications may not happen because some folks are making headway characterizing it as unnecessary.

Spotlight: Advocacy group urges FTC to go to war with FCC on net neutrality

Since the principle of divided government has performed so well in recent years, why not try pitting one government regulatory agency against another in order to effectuate a stall of net neutrality?... Fiber to the place almost near the home

The "last mile" leading from customer distribution points to customer premises can remain paved with copper, now that a standard for interfacing fiber to copper has at last been published.

Top 10 issues in communications: Number 5, the uncertain future of identity

It remains the conversation we're afraid to have: the one that leads us to the conclusion that the only way to secure our communications is with a system that reliably identifies us.

FIDO 1.0: The first solid volley in the war to kill passwords

A coalition of major providers, many of whom have been burned by security breaches, proposes a standard for gaining authenticated access over the Web. Hopefully the Web's still around when the standard's adopted.

Linux leader: Dependency on a platform is good for the platform

Now that Linux in the enterprise can be described using the Latin phrase de facto, the proverbial shoe finds itself on the other foot. It may be too soon for any Linux vendor to adopt a Microsoft-style swagger.

Microsoft COO signals end of license-driven Windows

"We've got to monetize it differently," says the man responsible for implementing the business model that will define what it means to be a PC in the year 2015.

Spotlight: The Internet of Things and your insurance costs

I've said any number of times, in these pages and elsewhere, that we as a society are not ready for the convergence of all the concepts we are creating that culminate from these new technologies, into one arena of public discourse.

Dell, Wyse reassess the high cost of virtual desktops

If cost remains the key inhibitor to deploying virtual desktops on thin client devices, then could Dell's incorporation of Wyse into the entire company drive those costs down?  Or should I say, drive them down enough?

Germany's Merkel joins with Italy in proposing two Internets, one with QoS

Europe's "way out" of the net neutrality debacle appears to be to divide the Internet into a quality-of-service tier and a free-for-all tier. Now, the E.U.'s most provocative member is on board.