Spotlight: Upgrade your OS, or wait a bit?

Staying current is key to taking advantage of what technology has to offer, because, you know, new is better than old.

DevOps the end of Database Administrators?

"Traditional IT" dies every few years anyway, if you define it narrowly enough. Remember dumb terminals, punchcards, sneakernet, programming in C?

Don't let your old 800 number turn into an 'adult' chat line

Instead of letting such a fate befall you, here are several recommendations for putting old toll-free numbers to new use.

Evaluating UC and IT products: Dismissal is lazy

UC and IT being awash in product launches and product hype, these dismissal strategies are useful initial filters to help the inundated buyer. However, if dismissal is too entrenched, the buyer will miss opportunities for genuine improvement.

CenturyLink, NTT included in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting, Asia/Pacific

Through its acquisition of Savvis in 2011, CenturyLink has established itself as a major provider to U.S.-based enterprises and multinational corporations.

Monitoring clouds? Call for third-party reinforcements

Monitoring clouds? For that you'll want to turn to third-party solutions, David Cartwright of CloudPro says.

Spotlight: Gartner revisits OpenDaylight skepticism

In hindsight Lerner stands by that critique--but also notes that moving forward, open-source SDN software will be a boon to the industry. No matter what got left in its wake.

10-megawatt data center for Bitcoin mining rises in Sweden

Refresher: Bitcoin is an electronic currency. "Miners" perform heavy-duty computing tasks necessary to verify Bitcoin transactions, and are rewarded with payment (in Bitcoins, of course.)

Google guns for Lync, WebEx with $999 Chromebox for Meetings, PBX integration

Google announced a $999 Chromebox for Meetings and a new partnership which allows more convenient conferencing. Together these advances aim squarely at making Google+ Hangouts a viable alternative to Microsoft's Lync and Cisco's WebEx collaboration platforms.

CenturyLink gives Salt Lake City-area businesses cloud foundation with 1 Gig service

Besides Salt Lake City, the service will be available throughout Sandy, Midvale, Draper, South Jordan, West Jordan, Cottonwood Heights and other area municipalities. 

Spotlight: Big-game connectivity

Big games demand big data. That's the trend as new sports arenas build out wireless connectivity, presumably so patrons can keep themselves entertained between plays.

OpenDaylight 'gets real' with first SDN software release

The OpenDaylight Project announced the first release of its open-source Software Defined Networking software, dubbed Hydrogen.

Multi-cloud toolkits for avoiding vendor lock-in

Getting scrambled in the cloud computing context might mean seeing your vendor go out of business or something less dramatic, such as poor service, a data breach, unmet service level agreements or a simple lack of leverage in price negotiations. 

So the Cloud and Enterprise guy is going to run Microsoft

The practical impact of Nadella's selection for enterprise IT buyers won't be known for some time. So much the better for poorly supported speculation!

Apple's UX lesson: It's not that simple to be simple

UX is hard work. It's interdisciplinary. Hiring a designer is a tiny step in the right direction. Excellence stems from constant emphasis, creativity, training, testing and improvement. 

Masergy enables enterprises to tap into Amazon's Direct Connect cloud service

Masergy is helping business customers bring their third-party cloud service to their network fold by becoming one of Amazon's Web Services Direct Connect partners.

Spotlight: Mouse tracks--a data scientist goes to Disney World

Mailchimp's chief data scientist John Foreman took his family to Disney--and recorded some observations about how Disney captures and uses data.

Build-versus-buy debate a destructive distraction

InformationWeek's pseudonymous Coverlet Meshing says the classic IT retread "build versus buy" debate is a complete and distructive mischaracterization of how stuff really gets done.

AT&T Q4 strategic business rise to $2.2B, but legacy declines dampened results

These services now represent a $9 billion annualized revenue stream and are more than a quarter of business wireline revenues.

Sprint adds Microsoft Lync to its cloud-based UC solution, enhances mobile workforce trend

Sprint is helping business customers simplify their movement into the bring your own device trend by adding Microsoft Lync to its Complete Collaboration cloud-based unified communications solution.