Infoblox aims to make IPv6 migration simple

Not sure how much of a headache migrating from IPv4 to IPv6 is going to be? It looks to be an Extra Strength Tylenol kind of problem. The bad news is there doesn't seem to be an easy solution to the problem. The good news is some vendors are finally trying to simplify the migration. For instance, Infoblox just released 6Map, a freebie tool that helps begin the shift to IPv6.

Masergy virtualizes router, firewall with new NFV product

Masergy is hoping to attract enterprises with a new network functions virtualization product that virtualizes both routing and firewall functions. The new Virtual f(n) was designed to eliminate the need for on-site administration while also replacing traditional on-premises routing and firewall appliances.

Kentik Detect aims to set speed records for network data monitoring, analysis

Kentik, known as CloudHelix while running in stealth mode, officially launched with its first product, a cloud-based network visibility and analytics offering that the company claims can process trillions of network data records in a day.

HP's SDN vision may resonate with some customers, but it won't be realized any time soon

HP has been playing hard to take on competitors lately – Cisco is particularly in its cross hairs – and a recent blog post by Ahmad Zamer, HP Networking's senior global product marketing manager, shows that HP has at least managed to convince its customers of its message.

Perseus overcomes non-line-of-sight issue with Fastback IBR

Deploying wireless technology in the steel and concrete jungle of Manhattan is no easy task. With poor line of sight in most buildings, as well as the overly saturated nature of radio signals in the area, it can be a difficult task to get a new network up and running. In an interesting customer deployment story, though, Fastback Networks partner Perseus seemed to have overcome those challenges and built an outdoor wireless network for a financial services firm in lower Manhattan.

New Cisco IoT System aims to simplify digitization

Cisco introduced several new products that make up what it's calling the IoT System, following up on comments outgoing CEO John Chambers made about the digitization of the workplace in his Cisco Live keynote speech.

Spotlight: Cisco fixes SSH vulnerability on security appliances

If the news that Cisco fixed an SSH vulnerability on a handful of its products sounds like deja vu, you may not be alone. A patch issued on Thursday to eliminate a hard-coded SSH host and private key...

Cisco's Warrior may be in talks to join India's Wipro

As departing Cisco executives get ready to leave the networking giant, it's hard not to speculate on where they're going to end up for the next phase of their careers. And the rumors are already starting. According to The Times of India, outgoing CTO Padmasree Warrior is being wooed by Wipro, one of India's largest IT service providers.

How cloud videoconferencing turned LifeSize around

The demand for videoconferencing is increasing at a rapid rate, mostly because of consumer tools like Skype and Apple FaceTime, but that doesn't mean every aspect of videoconferencing is growing. In the case of LifeSize, its leaders found they had to reinvent the company over the last couple of years, shifting from a hardware focus to a software one.

OpenDaylight comes into its own with upcoming Lithium release

With the third release of OpenDaylight coming up, it appears that the project has come into its own relatively quickly. With new features and the hardening of existing features, Lithium represents a much more methodical and collaborative approach by its members and staff.

Spotlight: What's interesting in SDN?

There are many software-defined technologies being hyped, and the number of software-defined networking pilots and production projects is increasing. Network Computing provides a list of seven...

Cisco looks to solar energy for clean energy investment

Cisco is following suit with other big companies looking to green-ify its power usage and rely more on clean energy. The company is planning to purchase energy from an NRG Energy-owned solar farm in the Sonoran Desert in California.

Solarflare simplifies deployment of data packet capture

Solarflare wants to make it easier for network administrators to deploy data packet capture products for monitoring, identification and interception of line-rate 10 GbE traffic. Its own technology, more specifically. The company rolled out two new Solution Paks that the company indicated do just that.

Extreme rolls out policy management to Summit X450-G2 switches

Extreme Networks added support for its NetSight role-based policy management system to its recently-released Summit X450-G2 fixed switches, as well as a handful of other Summit switches.

Arista pushes EOS to cloud with CloudVision SDN architecture

Arista expanded on its EOS network operating system by layering a new product on top of it to provide cloud-based software-defined networking to enterprises. Arista CloudVision is being touted as a turnkey cloud networking product, and it has has support from a variety of other vendors, including Microsoft, VMware, HP, Dell and Red Hat.

Juniper, Ruckus partner for one-stop wired, wireless network shop

Juniper Networks and Ruckus Wireless have partnered to create a unified wired and wireless networking system that's aimed at enterprises, government and education, but is meant to be carrier-grade.

UC to evolve into workstream collaboration, communications

Unified communications is one of those technology promises that has never lived up to the hype. Adoption has been slow. There are complaints that it's not as unified as vendors let on. And sometimes it's rather clunky and difficult to deploy and manage. But the next evolution is coming with a new way of communicating, according to David Michels, president of Verge1 Consulting.

UC poised for rapid growth through 2020

Although I don't remember the first time I heard the term "unified communications," I'm certain it was at least a decade ago. It followed the VoIP trend and was hinted by vendors as being the next big thing in enterprise communications.

Cisco holds broadest network security patent portfolio, but loses in quality

When it comes to the number of patents in its security portfolio, Cisco Systems has the biggest and broadest, but smaller, more security-focused vendors are winning in terms of quality, according to a new report and infographic from consulting firm LexInnova. simplifies networking for Linux containers unveiled a new element of the networking and storage products it's developing for Linux-based containers. Project 6 is software that enables deploying and managing Docker containers across a cluster of hosts; and part of its feature set is a simplified networking system.