Apple's successor to Objective-C points to future cloud deployment

At WWDC on Monday, Apple's development team introduced some very old ideas in very new packaging--ideas that appear adaptable for use in a future PaaS scheme.

Unanimous: Akamai loses landmark Supreme Court CDN patent reversal

For a method patent to be infringed, says the high court, the infringing party must deliberately perform all the steps. It's a decision that could have an impact on future software patent cases.

Spotlight: Unified Communications: 'Omnichannel' or the right channel?

The counter-argument to the omnichannel approach advocates giving all the tools to the contact center, rather than inundate the customer.

New anti-Title II bill would close the door on Open Internet

H.R. 4752 would limit the FCC's regulatory authority for broadband services to Title I of the Telecom Act, which an appeals court earlier this year declared wasn't much authority at all.

Level 3, Equinix jointly address enterprise's need for secure cloud connectivity

The deal gives customers for Equinix' new Cloud Exchange a fast track for deploying hybrid clouds with fiber networks.

Video rental chain will bring fiber-to-the-premises to Urbana-Champaign

With NTIA federal grant money, the college town already built its fiber optic backbone. At last, Urbana-Champaign has partnered with an ISP, and it's not what anyone expected.

Sophos: Most companies permit Dropbox, few companies like it

The practice most commonly associated with the phenomenon called the "consumerization of IT" may be responsible for a low level of confidence among IT professionals.

Microsoft's key development platform now builds iOS apps

While Visual Studio lacks a native way for developers to design and deploy apps for iOS and Android, that gap can now be filled with just a few clicks.

Spotlight: A workable, device-agnostic comeback plan for BlackBerry

BlackBerry owns the keys to a remarkable virtualization infrastructure called QNX, and finally, someone in charge there will put it to good use.

A guide to life in the post-era era

A convention audience looking for Satya Nadella's rise to signal the passage of something and the dawn of something else, was not disappointed. Here we go again.

Survey: Developers still treat open source components as free-to-copy

Software development teams continue to implement open source components as boilerplate, cut-and-paste code. Now, one repository service may have a way of estimating the costs.

Adobe to add new DRM to its PDF Reader to bolster e-signing

A forthcoming addition to Adobe Reader will connect with EchoSign's cloud service to verify digital signatures in contracts and forms, as well as to monitor how documents are accessed.

Earl Comstock: Legal precedent for the cloud dates back to 1956

A former staffer to the late Sen. Ted Stevens says a check of the congressional record would reveal the net neutrality debate was actually settled once already--at about the time we were landing men on the moon.

Appeals court allows rural broadband fund, fueling Title II debate

A three-judge panel in Denver ruled last Friday that the ambiguities between "information" and "telecommunications services" in existing statutes are different for each section.

Spotlight: As OpenStack grows, can it remain open?

Now that HP joins the OpenStack mix, there's new evidence that community members are closing ranks.

Survey: Organizations are slowly abandoning dedicated conferencing tools

Fewer organizations in a new Frost & Sullivan survey say they plan to continue using the conferencing tools they already have than the number saying they're using these tools right now.

Another side of net neutrality: The case in favor of Title II

Until recently, he was the principal spokesperson for telecommunications service providers in the U.S.--and yet Earl Comstock remains in favor of clear guidelines for Internet regulation.

The last great customer experience

If the objective of all business is to deliver "great customer experiences," then how much do you want to bet that the Internet improves after this next round of net neutrality talks?

Cisco CEO Chambers: Most corporations will die unless networks can adapt

With the aid of an animation that literally depicted the Cisco logo mowing over competitors, the CEO opened his annual conference with the most optimistic sounding threat imaginable.

Cisco Android desktops: Its bid to replace PCs in the office

Executives might not want another screen cluttering their desks. So Cisco is working to give them a reason to kick one of those screens off.