Infoblox aims to stop DNS data exfiltration attacks in real time

A new product from Infoblox provides enterprises with the ability to apply behavioral analytics to DNS queries in real time. The new Infoblox DNS Threat Analytics product was designed to detect and block data exfiltration attempts using DNS as a communications pathway.

Spotlight: Extreme entices enterprises to trade up to mobility, cloud switches

Extreme Networks wants enterprises to trade in their legacy Extreme and Enterasys gear for new, high-performance mobile and cloud-enabled switches.

Cradlepoint boosts SDN capabilities with Pertino acquisition

Rapidly growing 4G LTE vendor Cradlepoint plans to help enterprise customers quickly deploy software-defined overlay networks through the acquisition of software-defined networking vendor Pertino.

Philips strikes collaboration deal with Cisco on networked lighting

The case for installing networking capabilities into lighting just got stronger. Philips, one of the world's largest manufacturers of light bulbs, has inked a deal with Cisco, SAP and Bosch to work on networked lighting technologies.

Cisco sets sights on Slack as it beefs up voice and video capabilities of Spark

Cisco will be taking on Slack and other team collaboration tools as it beefs up the voice and video capabilities of Spark. The company unveiled the changes yesterday, providing capabilities that Slack currently doesn't provide and potentially giving Cisco a leg up in the team collaboration space.

Polycom phones and collaboration hub now interoperate with new Office 365 cloud PBX feature

Polycom is among the first out of the gate with support for Microsoft's cloud PBX capabilities for Office 365. A handful of Polycom VoIP and unified communications products now interoperate with the cloud PBX functions.

Infographic: MPLS is no longer the only transport connection in WAN, but it's far from dead

As more WAN traffic shifts to the public Internet using software-defined WAN technologies, the more expensive MPLS transport technology may be waning. But as noted by Mushroom Networks, the hybrid WAN that many enterprises will favor over the next few years doesn't mean MPLS is on the way out.

40 GbE switches drove data center Ethernet market in Q3, says Dell'Oro

It was 40 GbE switches that drove the data center Ethernet market in the third quarter of 2015, but 100 GbE is expected to make significant gains in 2016, according to a new report from research firm Dell'Oro Group.

Spotlight: BroadSoft integrates cloud-based PBX with Office 365

Unified communications as a service provider BroadSoft is taking advantage of the new PBX capabilities found in Office 365.

Cisco adds support for VMware and Microsoft to ACI

The latest release of Cisco's Application-Centric Infrastructure software-defined networking technology adds support for Docker containers and micro-segmentation for both VMware VDS, Microsoft Hyper-V and bare-metal applications.

Pluribus Networks eliminates centralized or external controller in SDN product

Pluribus Networks rolled out a software-defined networking product that will be delivered to enterprise customers as part of its Netvisor operating system for open switches.

The battle for UC supremacy heats up

Skype for Business has been in the headlines again. With Microsoft finally unveiling the long-awaited preview of PBX and PSTN features for Skype for Business and, in turn, its Office 365 productivity suite, there is much to be excited about and plenty to discuss.

Skype Meeting Broadcast bolstered through partnerships

Microsoft partners are starting to get behind the new Skype Meeting Broadcast feature coming to Skype for Business. Software-defined networking firm Kollective and media distribution company Hive Streaming both made announcements this week regarding the new feature.

Spotlight: Wave Broadband aims to reduce business telephony costs with Hosted Voice

West coast fiber and broadband provider Wave Broadband is getting into the VoIP business and will be going head-to-head against existing providers.

Sonus simplifies Office 365 PBX migration

Following the Microsoft announcement about new PBX and PSTN features coming to Office 365 and Skype for Business, Sonus is aiming to simplify the migration to the unified communications platform.

Array Networks launches vAPV on Azure

Application delivery networking vendor Array Networks has ported its vAPV virtual application delivery controller over to the Microsoft Azure public cloud. It's now available in the Azure Marketplace.

IHS names Brocade, Cisco, HP and Huawei leaders in enterprise networking

Maybe these names will come as little surprise when leaders of the enterprise networking space are discussed, but it appears that Brocade, Cisco, HP and Huawei are leading the market. That's according to a new IHS report that analyzed the top six revenue producers in the space.

Fastee emerges from stealth with business-focused UC product

The latest addition to the unified communications space is Fastee, which launched out of stealth yesterday with a business communications product available on the App Store and Google Play, as well as on browsers.

Data center SDN pilots are on the rise

If Big Switch Networks is correct, then software-defined networking in the data center is about to cross the chasm from being sales driven to market driven.

Solve the network skills shortage with automation

It frequently feels like technology is changing faster than IT professionals can add new skills; and that has resulted in new skills necessary within organizations, but generally not enough people with those skills. It's not a problem that's going away, but according to Lori MacVittie of F5 Networks, automation is the key.