Canada's own AWS-3 auction will try, again, to grow a fourth wireless carrier

Neither Canada's nor the U.S.' attempt to foster new wireless competition from the sale of AWS-3 frequencies ever amounted to much. What's the Canadian for, "Try, try again?"

Net neutrality supporters: Deep packet inspection is a dangerous weapon

Network access providers should be disallowed from using DPI, and should provide regular reports to demonstrate they're not, suggests yet another group of Internet technology leaders.

Half-million fraudulent transactions plague Brazil's banks

How often would you let yourself be robbed every single day your business is open, until you decided it might be a good idea to shut the door to the vault?

Spotlight: Tracking how customers' credit card data is collected

The problem with thinking that anonymized databases are safe lies in the presumption that they're separate. They're not, as an in-depth report published not on a tech news site but a real...

New Rackspace partnership aims to make a better SharePoint than SharePoint

As every mobile operator knows, when an app becomes available to a customer up front, its adoption soars dramatically. Now AvePoint has captured prime real estate with Rackspace without being acquired by it.

Amazon stabs at heart of SharePoint, Dropbox with one thrust

The cloud service leader already had enough storage in its ammo belt to deliver a competitive document collaboration service. The only real question was, when?

Net neutrality opponents now claim regulations are disrespectful to Obama

Let's try this one: The FCC has an obligation to regulate Internet communication, but only to the extent that it has determined beforehand the benefits outweigh the costs.

T-Mobile CEO on 3rd-party services: 'There were some fraudsters in that bunch'

In a textbook example of how not to respond to a textbook example of how not to issue an indictment, the defendant's CEO says his company "IS" (all caps) not engaging in cramming, "FULL STOP!"

Google: Unrestricted search is a human right, EU is interfering

Some 70,000 takedown requests are being handled by hand, according to Google's legal chief, who's now faced with the task of owning up to all the data Google owns.

Spotlight: Alcatel-Lucent claims its XG-FAST achieves 10 Gbps over copper

Just when you thought the last mile had to be ripped and replaced, Bell Labs unveils a formula for keeping things as they are.

Scytl e-voting exposes the dangers of automating a democracy

A cryptographic protocol involving secret codes and device-to-device handshakes brings into question whether technology can actually drive away the world's last remaining voters.

Aereo: If we're a cable company, grant us a license

Observers called last month's Supreme Court decision against Aereo the "looks like a duck" argument. Now Aereo is not only owning that argument, it's turning it on its ear--if ducks have ears.

Lua asks, can collaboration be managed with analytics?

How effectively are the people in your organization communicating with one another? Perhaps--just perhaps--the answer can come from analyzing the patterns of that communication.

With Windows Server fading away, Microsoft unveils Azure storage appliances

There may be less of a role for Windows Server in the data center than ever before. Ironically, what takes its place could very well bear Microsoft's trademark.

4 Internet of Things consortiums draw 'lines in the sand' for next big battle

You know a new technology has evolved past the embryonic phase when three or more teams of tech players close ranks to decide how to make use of it.

Spotlight: Social publicity sites ban publicity seekers for seeking unfair advantage

It's called "social networking," not because it follows the principles of Marx and Engels, although many of its practitioners wish it did. 

Do we have, or do we need, facilities-based ISP competition?

One of the least understood concepts in the net neutrality debate becomes the next political football.

Cloud Conspiracy Review: End of the road for new technology, proclaims newspaper

It was a good go for a promising new technology, but alas, dozens of services outages and one or two bankruptcies doomed cloud computing at the starting gate. I know. I read it in the Times.

Virtualization: A solution for securing mobile identity?

If someone steals your phone then logs onto your apps, those apps may think they're working with you. What if the connection between you and those apps could be severed first?

Brocade: NFV will change what it means to be 'certified'

Can yesterday's certified communications skills translate into today's NFV skills? It depends on whether someone steps up to serve as a certification broker of sorts between the two skill sets.