Spotlight: 802.11ac enters the home with Netgear Nighthawk X8

The 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol has started making its way out of the enterprise and into the home.

ADVA launches 48-channel multiplexers for cloud data centers

ADVA Optical Networking boosted the connection speeds of its FSP 3000 CloudConnect product to include not only 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps, but now 100 Gbps. The FSP 3000 is a data center interconnect product designed for enterprises that need to be able to scale their networks up as bandwidth and speed requirements increase. The company also unveiled new channel multiplexers that can push the density up to 48 channels.

HP launches OpenSwitch community to boost open networking

HP's latest volley in the war of open versus proprietary networking technology brings together several of the company's supporters in the form of the OpenSwitch community.

F5 and FireEye roll out holistic security solution

F5 Networks and FireEye have formed what could be a long-term partnership to deliver more holistic security solutions made up of products from both companies's portfolios. The duo announced their partnership this morning while also rolling out the first joint solution.

SDN promises operational ease, cost reduction

If recent vendor claims are to be believed, software-defined networking is starting to take off in a big way in the enterprise. There are still years ahead of tweaking and improving those deployments, as well as security concerns to overcome. The reason is clear: SDN promises several benefits over the old way of designing networks.

Identiv bridges network and physical security using IoT devices

Security vendor Identiv launched the Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager, an Internet of Things access control system that provides both network and physical security by integrating with Cisco routers, switches, video and telephony products into what is touted as a low-cost monitoring and protection product.

Spotlight: Cisco says it has signed on 1,000 SDN customers

If Cisco Systems' claims of hitting the 1,000 customer market for its software-defined networking technology is true, then it may show a significant increase in enterprise adoption of the technology.

Fonality looks to add features, capabilities through integration partnerships

Fonality is interested in expanding the integrations it has with other communications and collaboration vendors to push its unified communications offerings. The UC vendor laid out a four-point plan for integrations with other offerings on its blog.

Juniper unites cloud and physical in new reference architecture

Juniper Networks introduced a new network reference architecture designed to provide cloud-like performance and automation to the enterprise network. With Unite, Juniper aims to provide enterprises with simplified and secure network infrastructure products and technology, particularly enterprises that have campus environments, branch locations and make use of cloud technology.

Brocade wants to future-proof campus WLAN investments

A new program from Brocade is intended to ensure future wireless LAN technology continues to perform well on the vendor's wired infrastructure.

Dell simplifies campus, data center networking

New products from Dell are aimed at organizations with campus and data center environments, and according to the technology vendor, they offer simplicity and greater flexibility. Dell's announcement unveiled the Dell Networking C9010 Network Director switch and C1048P Rapid Access Node for campus environments and the Dell Networking S6100-ON for the data center.

Revolve: Robotic telepresence isn't the same old, boring videoconferencing

If traditional telepresence is expensive, difficult to implement and tricky to use, robotic telepresence is meant to be the the opposite. And if companies like Revolve Robotics have their way, robotic telepresence is the wave of the future. Marcus Rosenthal, founder and CEO of Revolve Robotics, recently spoke with FierceEnterpriseCommunications about the emerging robotic telepresence market, as well as his company's Kubi product. And part of what makes robotic telepresence interesting is the more interactive nature of the technology.

Verizon launches team to help enterprises with digital transformation

A new professional services team at Verizon Enterprise Solutions will help the service provider's customers embrace digital transformation. Dubbed the Advanced Network Retainer program, it offers enterprise customers access to a variety of networking experts who can help improve networks and begin to deploy next-generation network technology.

We're out of IPv4 addresses for good this time

There are no more IPv4 addresses available. The well is officially dry. For real this time.

HP open networking now supports Pica8's PicOS

HP added support for Pica8's PicOS networking operating system to the Altoline family of open networking switches – something HP first started talking about a month ago, according to eWeek. But now, PicOS is supported across Altoline products.

Spotlight: Unified communications to grow to almost $76B by 2020

According to Grand View Research, the global unified communications market will grow at a 16 percent compound annual growth rate all the way to 2020, at which point the market will be valued at $75.81 billion.

Cisco tool will detect SYNful Knock malware on your router

The bad news is almost 200 Cisco routers are infected with the SYNful Knock malware, but the good news is now there's a tool to use to find out if your system is one of them.

Alcatel-Lucent targets small locations with 7750 SR-e service router

Alcatel-Lucent expanded its 7750 line of routers with the addition of the 7750 SR-e service router. Designed for branches that are part of a larger IP network or to be used as "full-service" router for small networks, the new router is intended for enterprises using high-bandwidth applications like cloud, the Internet of Things and video.

Spotlight: SYNful Knock now discovered in 200 Cisco routers

The SYNful Knock infection discovered last week continues to get worse as even more Cisco devices are found to have been exploited by an unknown person or group.

Aryaka hybrid WAN aims to solve latency and response time issues

There's plenty of talk about software-defined WAN and shifting some of the traffic off of traditional MPLS connections to the public Internet, but Aryaka Networks' founder and CTO believes the next generation WAN is a hybrid where only the last mile is actually using the public Internet.