IBM SoftLayer pushes high-performance computing power into hybrid clouds

Take IBM's SoftLayer cloud computing platform, add Platform Symphony parallel computing infrastructure, stir in the Platform LSF Scheduler tool and presto!

Spotlight: Cheap Windows devices get cheaper

Why Microsoft is cutting prices even further and possible reasons why...

Netflix/Comcast agreement rattles Internet economics

What's been happening among major providers over the past year and why it's bad for over-the-top providers like Netflix.

Will WebRTC raise contact center costs?

Cost savings via WebRTC is not the no-brainer that "web browser" might suggest.

Apps, mobile, clouds can't run if your WAN only crawls

Survey says the enterprise as a whole is unhappy with their WAN infrastructure and yet, only 15 percent of the IW survey respondents indicate plans to grow their WAN capacity. Where's the disconnect?

Frontier's 10G optical service grabs business customers' attention

Lisa Partridge of Frontier Communications weighs in on their new 10G optical service as well as plans to skip straight to a 100G tier.

Level 3 gives enterprises private connection to Microsoft Azure cloud

FierceEnterpriseCommunications interviewed Paul Savill at Level 3 Communications on the higher dedicated speeds and security benefits of providing a private network option to Microsoft's Window Azure.

Spotlight: SIP Trunking myths debunked

Wait--SIP Trunking is two decades old?

Evernote: A case study in building your business via API

Evernote says integration with third-party products via API makes customers 50 percent more likely to buy Evernote's premium version.

Alcatel-Lucent turns up NFV volume supporting mobile networks

Alcatel-Lucent announced this week that it has rebuilt a number of services running on its CloudBand platform.

Does enterprise software need consumer-grade UX design?

The business world continues its awakening to the idea that apps have to be usable, or nobody will use them.

Comcast Business, Time Warner Cable become a bigger factor in the Ethernet race, says VSG

Comcast Business and Time Warner Cable continue to make a name for themselves in the medium-sized business market selling Ethernet services, according to Vertical Systems Group's latest U.S. Ethernet Leaderboard.  

Spotlight: Upgrade your OS, or wait a bit?

Staying current is key to taking advantage of what technology has to offer, because, you know, new is better than old.

DevOps the end of Database Administrators?

"Traditional IT" dies every few years anyway, if you define it narrowly enough. Remember dumb terminals, punchcards, sneakernet, programming in C?

Don't let your old 800 number turn into an 'adult' chat line

Instead of letting such a fate befall you, here are several recommendations for putting old toll-free numbers to new use.

Evaluating UC and IT products: Dismissal is lazy

UC and IT being awash in product launches and product hype, these dismissal strategies are useful initial filters to help the inundated buyer. However, if dismissal is too entrenched, the buyer will miss opportunities for genuine improvement.

CenturyLink, NTT included in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting, Asia/Pacific

Through its acquisition of Savvis in 2011, CenturyLink has established itself as a major provider to U.S.-based enterprises and multinational corporations.

Monitoring clouds? Call for third-party reinforcements

Monitoring clouds? For that you'll want to turn to third-party solutions, David Cartwright of CloudPro says.

Spotlight: Gartner revisits OpenDaylight skepticism

In hindsight Lerner stands by that critique--but also notes that moving forward, open-source SDN software will be a boon to the industry. No matter what got left in its wake.

10-megawatt data center for Bitcoin mining rises in Sweden

Refresher: Bitcoin is an electronic currency. "Miners" perform heavy-duty computing tasks necessary to verify Bitcoin transactions, and are rewarded with payment (in Bitcoins, of course.)