Webinar: Wi-Fi Optimization: Achieving Improved Performance from Wireless Networks

Date: March 13, 2013  |  Time: 2 pm ET / 11 am PT  |  Duration: 1 Hour

Hosted by:
Fred Donovan, Editor,

With wireless networks typically designed with less than 5% of the capacity of wired networks, enterprise users have come to expect less when they are connected using Wi-Fi. This underperformance of Wi-Fi networks comes from a number of sources, including radio signal leakages, "noise" from other sources, poorly mapped channel usage, and less than optimal access point locations. In addition, Wi-Fi has a reputation for being less secure than other types of network or internet access.

Join Fred Donovan and a panel of experts as they discuss the following Wi-Fi optimization strategies to improve network performance and security:

  • User optimization – streamline and secure the process of onboarding users
  • Application optimization – control and prioritize critical applications
  • Device optimization – ensuring that a broad range of devices can access the Wi-Fi network
  • Spectrum optimization – ensuring RF is tuned to deliver better performance
  • Capacity optimization – wireless design to handle future requirements


Sue Rudd, Director, Service Provider Analysis, Strategy Analytics

Lee Badman, Network Architect/Wireless TME, ITS, Syracuse University 

Bruce Miller, VP, Product Marketing, Xirrus