66 percent of enterprise decision makers surveyed purchased cloud professional services in 2012


HAMPTON, N.H. (Jan. 14, 2013) — Technology Business Research Inc. is pleased to announce the publication of the 2012 Cloud Professional Services Study, which details how vendors are aligning their portfolios to evolving market dynamics. Of the 921 respondents in the 2010 Cloud Professional Services Study, 59% purchased cloud professional services for cloud deployment decisions in the U.S., Europe and APAC; in 2012, that number increased to 66% of 1,300 respondents. Results indicate significant opportunity exists for cloud vendors, as 60% of enterprise customers expect to increase spending on cloud professional services over the next year.

According to TBR Senior Analyst Ramunas Svarcas, "The cloud professional services market continues to evolve, with clients moving from proof of concept to the purchasing of cloud services, and implementing cloud infrastructures, leveraging IT to improve revenues, profits and customer satisfaction. Cloud is no longer just an IT challenge, rather a strategic investment impacting company performance in a growing global competitive environment."

TBR's 2012 Cloud Professional Services Study includes vendor profiles on the top 11 cloud professional services vendors and survey data from 1,300 enterprise decision makers. The surveys were conducted in the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Australia, China, India, Japan and Singapore with enterprises spanning industry verticals, including the top cloud adopting industries: banking/financial services, public sector, healthcare, manufacturing and telecommunications/media. Through the surveys, TBR is able to show trends in cloud professional services adoption as well as idiosyncratic purchasing characteristics between geographies and verticals. The study details the vendors cloud purchasers are most satisfied with and why, while providing insight into the features and capabilities of cloud professional services deemed most important by cloud purchasers.

The study provides a ranking of the top 21 cloud vendors in customer penetration and what customers perceive as most important when making cloud professional services buying decisions. TBR's 2012 Cloud Professional Services Study provides end users purchasing cloud services and professional services valuable information on vendor offerings and which vendors are considered the primary cloud professional services providers. The study identifies potential areas of differentiation to professional services vendors.

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