FierceVoIP's Fierce 15 - 2008



VoIP is maturing. However, there is still a long way to go before VoIP is the standard of the land and TDM is relegated to the dust bin of history along with crank phones and pulse dialing. 

In many ways, VoIP has just started its journey.  We're moving out of simple voice replacement and lower-cost minutes, into the more dynamic and richer world of voice mashups, mobile UC, and enterprise UC, which enables more efficient business processes.  He who moves beyond the "Me too" trap of sameness to deliver rich and unique applications and services is sure to survive and thrive. 

Success in this environment has to be measured by a cycle of continuous improvement - not a single flash in the pan, but a series of achievements building on top of each other. You have to build or acquire products and features, you have to build relationships, and, ultimately, you have to build a base of paying customers. 

Openness is goodness.  The open source telephony movement can be defined in many ways, ranging from a fully open code base, to open standards, to open APIs anyone can use to build mashups.  Openness is not going away. It is my pleasure to announce the top VoIP companies -- The 2008 FierceVoIP Fierce 15 in alphabetical order:

- Doug Mohney