Ifbyphone, Top VoIP Company 2008: FierceVoIP, Fierce 15



Where it's based: Skokie, Ill.
Where was it founded: 2005
Website: www.ifbyphone.com 

Why it's Fierce: Ifbyphone is doing more than just running vanilla VoIP apps, building unique services that we expect to be copied in some form by others down the road.  It is a company that understands marketing and business as much as the "Gee, this is cool" world of Voice 2.0. 

Ifbyphone has built: A hack to link phone call data web-based ad info from Google Analytics to make it possible for marketers to gauge the effectiveness of lead-generation campaigns; a "smart" conference call API callable from a web page; a lead distributor tool for virtual call center use and... you get the picture. We're talking a tool kit of applications that continues to grow quarter by quarter and made affordable for small businesses.

In addition, the company has a large and diverse set of customers, ranging from popcorn companies using basic capabilities to an automated "12 Step" prayer reminder.  CEO Irv Shapiro "gets it" when it comes to customer service.