LumenVox, Top VoIP Company 2008: FierceVoIP, Fierce 15



Where it's based:  San Diego, CA
When it was founded:  2001

Why it's Fierce:  Speech recognition technology is one of the unsung building blocks of new wave voice applications.  LumenVox has been around for a while, but they've officially opened up their speech recognition software to the wide world of open source over the past few years. The company now supports VoiceXML through a partnership with I6Net, opening up thousands of existing VXML applications to run on Digium's Asterisk platform; there's also support under "numerous" Linux distributions.

Other firms working with LumenVox include Active Voice, Aculab, Avaya, BroadSoft, Metaphor Solutions and Pactolus; work is in progress to integrate the software with Cisco, Envox, Genesys and Sun solutions.

Did we mention that LumenVox is an affordable solution for speech recognition?