ActionPacked! offering free QoS auditing for Cisco UC users


ActionPacked! Networks, a company that produces quality-of-service (QOS) monitoring software targeted at unified communications (UC), telepresence and VoIP applications, will provide its LiveAction QoS software to qualified users for free. The new software build is for Cisco users and will allow them to view detailed analysis of their QoS in real time.

"Most Cisco users have no idea if the QoS policies they use to shape and police network traffic are actually producing results because the Cisco command line interface doesn't provide reporting or visual feedback," said ActionPacked! Founder Nelson Kanemoto. "What we're offering is a definitive way for users to audit their QoS settings based on Cisco's published best practices and the ability to literally see their QoS policies at work using both live and historical graphs."

The QoS audit software will include an extended trial license until June 30, 2010 when customers can convert the trial license to a free permanent license for use with up to three devices. They can also get discounts on adding additional devices to the plan.

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