Amazon, Google and Microsoft are top in developer's survey


Approximately 20 percent of application developers say they are now working on cloud applications, says a recent study by Forrester Research.

It will cost you $2,495 to purchase the full report, "Development Landscape 2013", from Forrester on its site, but ZDNet's Joe McKendrick saved you from plopping down that sum if just the survey highlights will suffice.

McKendrick writes that the top uses for cloud applications among app developers are computer, storage and relational database management systems. And three companies are the clear favorites in terms of outside cloud service providers:

For compute resources, "Most developers using cloud turn to Amazon as a source of raw processing power," McKendrick writes. The top three company platforms cited by developers were Amazon's (NASDAQ: AMZN) EC2 (cited by 62 percent), Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) Azure (cited by 39 percent) and Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Cloud Platform (cited by 29 percent).

For relational database management systems, there was is clear leader, with 48 percent citing Microsoft Azure and 45 percent selecting Amazon RDS.

For storage, "Amazon Web Services leads with 43 percent of cloud developers, but Microsoft and Google follow close behind at 32 percent and 31 percent respectively," McKendrick writes.

McKendrick also quotes Hammond on what the survey results suggest for the market ahead.

"We're moving away from distinct leaders in a single market segment, like IaaS or PaaS, and toward a model that mirrors a traditional buying pattern, where app development professionals choose between best of breed services (e.g. compute, storage, RDBMS, messaging, CRM) or integrated data-centers of services (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Salesforce/Heroku/Database)," Hammond writes.

For more:
- read the Forrester Research survey report (purchase required)
- read the ZDNet survey highlights

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