Arbor Networks: VoIP, IPv6 emerging security threats


Summing up responses from "nearly 70" IP network operators around the globe, Arbor Networks issued a gloomy report on worldwide infrastructure security. Malicious attacks (are there any friendly attacks?) continued to grow at "an alarming rate" over the past year, with VoIP and IPv6 labeled as emerging threats.

Only 21 percent of respondents said they had the tools in place to detect threats against VoIP infrastructure or services, but those that do are prepared with solutions to mitigate threats against VoIP infrastructure and services. The report doesn't specifically break out VoIP-specific attacks into a unique category, but at least one operator noted "Heavy VoIP scans on the increase recently."

Chasing new reviews means that ISPs are increasingly deploying more complex infrastructure to deliver VoIP, video and IP services.  Adding more complex infrastructure also adds more opportunities for an attacker because everything gets so much more complicated.

Arbor says providers need to have deep application insight into IP services and apps - can we say DPI and an Arbor Networks sales brochure?  On the other hand, any sarcasm is tampered by reports of DDoS attacks as large as 40 gigabits, with the largest sustained attacks of 24 and 17 Gbps respectively. When you stop to consider that all but the largest carriers run at about 10 Gbps or so, life gets very ugly.

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- Arbor Networks summarizes its fourth annual infrastructure security report. Release.

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