Avaya aims to solve healthcare security woes with SDN


Software-defined networking vendors promise to solve several problems as networks become increasingly more complex and dispersed across multiple locations. One of the potential benefits is a more secure networking environment. That's what Avaya is hoping to provide the healthcare industry with a new vertical-targeted SDN security product.

Avaya SDN Fx Healthcare takes into account the growing number of Internet of Things devices making their way into the healthcare system. And there are many, as various health technology devices are becoming IoT-enabled and could create even greater challenges to locking down corporate information and patient data.

"The pace of advancements in medical device technologies is at an all-time high, but unfortunately, so is the increase in security breaches, despite very conscious efforts on the part of the industry to close potential gaps," said Liam Kiely, vice president of Avaya Networking, in a statement. "What happens in many cases is that healthcare organizations may hold back on attaching these technologies to their network where they can be accessed by authorized medical staff and IT personnel – which delays possible improvements in patient care and operations."

It's a problem that comes with significant risk, but it's not restricted to the healthcare industry. Device proliferation in enterprise companies of all types has been on the rise for years. IoT only promises to compound the problem and make security even more difficult.

According to vendors like Avaya, that's where SDN comes to the rescue. Avaya's platform provides a way to more easily connect and onboard devices, automatically keep an up-to-date device inventory list and engage in flow monitoring and control.

The end result? According to Avaya, far few breaches.

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