Avaya reaches SMB goal; Fraunhofer IIS goes HD with VoIP apps


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> Fraunhofer IIS makes full-HD voice available for VoIP apps. Article

> Avaya reaches new goal in small and mid-size markets with over 300,000 IP Office sales. Article

> BlackBerry enters VoIP space with BBM Voice. Article

> ShoreTel does not sell Vapor-ware. Blog

> Mellanox extends Infiniband across the campus. Article

Telecom News

> Pacific Wave, an international network peering facility which connects research and education (R&E) networks in 40 countries in the Pacific Rim, on Tuesday announced it updated its network to 100G. Article

> EvoSwitch, an Amsterdam-based data center provider, on Monday revealed plans to enter the U.S. data center market this January. Article

Cable News

> BendBroadband said it has added content from ESPN, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, Hallmark Channel and Pac-12 Networks to its TV Everywhere lineup. Article

> Dish Network has developed a $30 "Digital Off Air Module" for its Hopper multiroom DVR that allows subscribers to receive broadcast signals via over-the-air antennas. Article


> IPTV is tough if you're a hardened jingoist. How can you wave a flag and chant USA!, USA! when the majority of IPTV activity is taking place outside the United States? Article

> British telco TalkTalk claims it has hit the 29,000 subscriber mark since launching its IPTV video service in September and that it is adding about 1,000 subscribers a day based on "good demand following the launch of our marketing campaign in October." Article

And finally… Are smart glasses dumb? Article