Avaya's new network fabric supports tens of thousands of video streams for IP multicasting

Firm to provide network backbone for Interop 2013 conference

Avaya unveiled on Wednesday its VENA Fabric Connect that supports tens of thousands of video streams for IP multicasting.

VENA Fabric Connect provides a new model for IP multicasting which increases its scalability and resiliency, Avaya explained in a release.

In addition, IP multicasting over Fabric Connect uses a single protocol, provides fast failover times, enables single command configuration for end points, drives network traffic through the shortest latent path and supports multi-tenant functionality for virtualization.

"The IP multicast capability enables enterprises to turn on IP multicast routing without the complexity of traditional routing protocols," explained Paul Unbehagen, chief architect for Avaya Networking.

Unbehagen said that in the financial industry, for example, IP multicast is used for stock trading applications. In addition, the security industry uses IP multicasting for video surveillance, he added.

"A lot of enterprises have been struggling to deploy IP multicasting, or even avoiding it because of the number of protocols they have to run," Unbehagen told FierceEnterpriseCommunications. "With the IP multicasting extension to our Fabric technology, they just type in a single command and that enables it automatically."

In addition, Avaya announced its VSP 4000, a fabric-enabled multi-service/multi-tenancy device that extends the VENA Fabric Connect across the network to the campus, metro or wide area network edge in order to connect to remote offices. Avaya said the device reduces the network complexity and increases network agility and uptime for enterprises deploying virtualization technology.

VSP 4000 is the "first of its kind to enable all of the Fabric functionality that Avaya provides… It provides Layer 2 and Layer 3 VSN [virtual service network] capabilities," Unbehagen explained.

Avaya will deploy its VENA Fabric Connect product as the network backbone of the upcoming Interop conference being held in Las Vegas next month.

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