AWS Workspaces finally gets VoIP integration


The signs that unified communications is moving to the cloud continue to come. Now, it's Amazon Web Services that's getting in on the game – not so much as a provider, but rather integrating its existing virtual desktop infrastructure offering, Workspaces, to more easily integrate with VoIP and UC.

Now, organizations can add VoIP and UC capabilities to their cloud-based virtual desktops. According to an article on The Register, the new feature works by taking audio from any client – say, Skype for Business or WebEx – and run it through Workspaces.

This could make the lives of engineers and administrators a little easier while also making the VDI service far more useful. AWS launched Workspaces back in 2013, and there are examples of attempts to install softphones on it almost from the beginning (at least from 2014). But Workspaces wasn't equipped to connect to audio devices, making it less than ideal for organizations that not only wanted the benefits of VDI, but also VoIP or full-on UC suites.

The feature has been long-requested by customers, but for whatever reason, it took AWS more than two years to finally add what strikes me as a necessary feature in today's business world. - Chris, @NorthernTalbot

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