Brother OmniJoin adds telepresence interoperability feature for communications between Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize systems


Brother's OmniJoin division is trying to bring together various telepresence systems so they can more seamlessly work together. The company's new OmniJoin v7 Interoperability feature aims to connect the OmniJoin meeting service with other traditional videoconferencing systems.

So far, it looks like the interoperability feature extends to Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize telepresence systems through support for SIP/H.264, H.323/H.264, SIP/BFCP and H.323/H.239 protocols.

It's a feature of telepresence that feels long overdue. Proprietary systems that are able to only communicate with systems from the same vendor have long made telepresence tricky to deal with. Not that there are that many telepresence systems in the field, it seems, but for those using it to conduct regular business transactions and meetings, some level of interoperability between systems is good to have.

OmniJoin goes beyond connecting telepresence systems, though. The service also provides interoperability with desktops, laptops and mobile devices, which are increasingly used for business video communications (daresay more than telepresence or traditional videoconferencing systems).

"We pride ourselves in offering companies the ability to promote full collaboration between disparate teams, knowing today's workforce extends beyond the boardroom into remote locations and via varying devices," said Bill Henderson, vice president of marketing for Brother OmniJoin, in a statement. "The introduction of OmniJoin Interoperability is a continuation of this commitment to our customers, whom we can now support from all web and video conferencing endpoints, whether that be via a mobile phone, desktop, laptop or telepresence system."

It should be interesting to see how well the interoperability features between systems like Cisco TelePresence and OmniJoin on smartphones. Mobile devices aren't exactly outfitted to look like Cisco's virtual boardroom table. That may detract from some of the true telepresence features, but at the same time provide a needed function.

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