'CIO Paradox' extends to Enterprise Architects


Martha Heller's 'CIO Paradox' addresses "conflicting forces that are deeply embedded in governance, staffing, executive expectations and even corporate culture" surrounding IT and business.

Ivan Lazarov, Chief Architect for Enterprise Business Solutions at Intuit, tells Heller that many of the same forces apply to the job of the enterprise architect.

For example, Lazarov writes, Enterprise Architects:
- are hired for a strategic role, but spend tons of time on operational issues.
- are accountable for the results of systems design--but are regarded as business impeders if they insist on a thoughtful design phase for major projects.
- are (or should be) important in the vendor selection process, but are often circumvented by vendors in the sales process.

Lazarov provides another dozen or so examples of paradoxical expectations and processes. Many seem inherent in the speed of technology change versus the slower nature of corporate change.

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