Cisco, Huawei launch war of words over corporate integrity


Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO) Chief executive John Chambers' less-than-flattering comments about network equipment vendor Huawei Technologies' trustworthiness drew a quick response from the Chinese company. Chambers remarked that, in the areas of computer security and intellectual property, Huawei didn't always "play by the rules." Huawei wasted no time in responding, calling the comment "unfortunate," and adding that it "has great respect for Cisco and, like Cisco, Huawei has earned trust and respect in the over 140 markets in which we do business... Contrary to suggestions otherwise, as a global information and communications technology leader with almost 50,000 patents filed world-wide, Huawei has a strong history of respect for the intellectual property rights of others, and the protection of our own." No work back, yet, from Cisco, but you can be sure this is one battle that's just heating up. Article

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