CloudVertical measures cloud spending


Dublin-based startup CloudVertical has launched a cloud computing analytics platform designed to allow enterprises to track how much capacity they are using and how they are spending on cloud-based services.

Enterprises that rely more and more on cloud-based services for a variety of function increasingly require organizational tools to help keep them on track with spending and consumption of apps via the cloud.

CloudVertical's platform tracks spending by days, weeks and months, and extrapolates that to predict future cloud costs. The platform sends alerts to enterprise IT managers if there are spikes in usage.

The platform currently supports Amazon Web Services, Heroku and VMWare. Cloud Vertical was founded by CEO Ed Byrne, who sold his company Hosting 365 to Sungard in 2010.

"With the old model, you never had to track flexible capacity," Byrne said in an article in TechCrunch. "But in the new model, you can always add more capacity. Capacity can be infinite."

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