Dell disaggregates OS from switch with launch of OS10


One by one, networking vendors are disaggregating their operating system software from their switching and routing hardware. Dell joined the disaggregation trend a couple of weeks ago, and according to a TechRepublic article, the reason really comes down to being competitive and providing enterprise customers with future software-defined use cases.

Dell is one of the many networking vendors shifting more toward open source projects for its networking. With the introduction of OS10, Dell's network OS, the company expanded its presence in the software-defined networking and software-defined data center spaces while also beefing up the open source modularity of its software.

It's a bit of a late entrance considering most of the major networking vendors supporting open source have already jumped on the disaggregation bandwagon, but SDN is still in its infancy. Some industry experts believe SDN is poised to become a big deal in the enterprise over the next few years, and although it may be a gradual shift, it seems likely the software-defined approach will eventually be the common one.

TechRepublic noted Dell's interest and flexibility around the Open Compute Project and its standards, but also how the disaggregation of OS10 from Dell switches could play into future integration with NSX, VMware's SDN product.

To maintain competition, disaggregation had to happen. Dell's a little late in making the shift, but particularly with the upcoming EMC/VMware acquisition, the company could still be in good shape as the SDN market grows.

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