Enterprise use of digital technologies reaches 'tipping point,' says Gartner

Enterprises realize only 43 percent of technology's business potential

Enterprise use of digital technologies including mobile, analytics, big data, social and cloud have reached a "tipping point," requiring chief information officers (CIOs) to develop new IT strategies, priorities and plans, judged research firm Gartner.

"Digital technologies provide a platform to achieve results, but only if CIOs adopt new roles and behaviors to find digital value. CIOs require a new agenda that incorporates hunting for new digital innovations and opportunities, and harvesting value from products, services and operations," said Mark McDonald, group vice president and Gartner fellow.

Currently, enterprises realize on average only 43 percent of technology's business potential, according to a survey of more than 2,000 CIOs conducted by Gartner in the fourth quarter of 2012.

"IT needs new tools if it hopes to hunt for technology-intensive innovation and harvest raised business performance from transformed IT infrastructure, operations and applications. Without change, CIOs and IT consign themselves to tending a garden of legacy assets and responsibilities," said McDonald.

In terms of technology priorities, CIOs picked analytics and business intelligence as their top priority, followed by mobile technology and cloud computing. The CIOs surveyed controlled total IT budgets of $230 billion and were located in 41 countries.

Gartner's survey reflects similar CIO technological priorities as a survey of 269 CIOs conducted by CIO Magazine last year, which found that increased investment in mobile, cloud computing and business intelligence and analytics were CIO priorities.

Although the CIO Magazine survey identified similar priorities, they were ranked in a different order. Mobile was the top priority, garnering 58 percent of the respondents' vote, followed by public cloud computing with 52 percent and business intelligence and analytics with 51 percent.

While the ranking might be different, the message is clear: Mobile, cloud and business intelligence and analytics are the top enterprise technological priorities for CIOs. These technologies will determine the future of enterprise communications in the coming years.

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