Facebook's Open Compute Project gains a big win at Equinix


Facebook's Open Compute Project scored a big win this week as data center and interconnection company Equinix rolled out elements of OCP technology within its International Business Exchange data centers.

Equinix provides data center services, but over the last few years, it has also built out a global interconnect network that enables direct connections between enterprise data centers and various public cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Using OCP technology, Equinix plans to develop an open source ecosystem in the IBX data centers that will also entail Equinix and Facebook collaborating on open source software and hardware for the data center.

The partnership establishes a strong connection between a global data center and interconnect services player – one that will also build on what OCP contributors have already done in furthering Web-scale networking.

"As ever more people and devices come online around the globe, sharing data-intensive content, it is vital that the infrastructure and platforms are in place to support the demanding performance needs of IoT," said Andy Lawrence, research vice president for data center technologies and eco-efficient IT at 451 Research, in a statement accompanying the press release. "Equinix's involvement in OCP and its plans to create an open source ecosystem inside its global platform of data centers, is exactly the kind of initiative that is needed. It will place the company in a position to better respond to the needs of enterprises as they tackle the burgeoning possibilities of IoT."

Equinix's goal is to drive further innovation as OCP continues to develop. It seems like the right candidate for the job. Equinix's data centers host more than 1,100 network providers and more than 500 cloud providers. It also has strong partnerships already in place for interconnect services between the largest public cloud providers. - Chris, @NorthernTalbot