Fortinet brings together partners to boost SDN security


Fortinet is promising advanced threat protection with the introduction of the Software-Defined Network Security framework. The new framework aims to increase security of the network within the data center.

What makes this interesting is it provides network administrators with a security framework that crosses all three main layers of the network architecture – the data plane, the control plane and the management plane. At each layer, Fortinet's SDNS provides security. Here's what it offers:

  • On the data plane, SDNS encapsulates security engines from fixed hardware into logical instances. According to Fortinet, they can be more scaled in a distributed manner and also embedded into virtualized switching fabric and abstracted network flows.

  • On the control plane, SDNS provides orchestration and automation of security policies as they related to provisioning elastic workloads. The goal is to eliminate gaps in both security and compliance in highly agile and dynamic environments.

  • For the management plane, SDNS provides a single pane of glass management view for security policies and events across a wide range of components the network touches, including physical and virtual appliances, private and public clouds and across converged infrastructure.

"There is likely no single SDN platform that all enterprise and service provider customers are going to standardize on," said John Maddison, vice president of marketing for Fortinet, in a statement. "Hence the reason we are developing an ecosystem to support different SDN platforms through proprietary and open application programming interfaces (APIs). The key is providing scalable security modules that can be called on-demand, at the orchestration level."

Fortinet has also signed on several integration partners for SDNS. They include HP, Ixia, PLUMgrid, Pluribus Networks, Extreme Networks and NTT. It looks like the vendor plans on discussing SDNS with and signing on other technology partners over time.

Working with technology partners, Fortinet is integrating with software-defined networking controllers, orchestration frameworks, hypervisors, as well as cloud, analytics and security management tools.

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