Fuze Meeting makes Android tablets into virutal conference rooms


Back in September, Fuze Box launced their Fuze Meeting app for the iPad. Since then, the tablet universe has experienced a big bang of growth.

Now Fuze Meeting is hitting all the new up-and-coming Android-based tablets on the market. The app attend virtual meetings directly from their tablet device. A release set for 2011 will allow Android tablets to even host the events.

The Fuze Meeting application allows users to make VoIP calls into meetings allowing users to call over data networks when their traditional phone service is good enough. Fuze Meeting offers shared computer desktop viewing in real-time over Android devices as well as high quality video and audio sharing. Attendees can also share content by uploading from their connected device.

"We live and work in a mobile economy and our productivity should not be limited to the four walls of a conference room," said Jeff Cavins, CEO of Fuze Box in a release. "Now, members of a sales team on Android tablets, a prospect on an iPad, and a colleague on an iPhone can meet simultaneously and collaborate with unmatched productivity."

The app is also available on the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android phone, PC and Mac.

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