Google says it's not to blame for lack of Skype on Android


There is no Skype application currently available for Android phone users, but on Friday, Google said in a statement that's not its problem. While Skype has its Skype Lite client available for use on Android devices, a full Skype application is not currently available, meaning Skype Lite users still employ cellular minutes to make calls instead of VoIP. Google said the latest Android SDK release supports full VoIP applications, but none have been submitted for review yet, according to a post on the company's public policy blog made by Andy Rubin, vice president of mobile platforms.  

A USA Today article about the lack of Skype for Android also mentioned the irony of Google's actions with Skype in light of its ongoing spat with AT&T and Apple over the removal of the Google Voice application from the Apple iPhone App Store. Google was asked by the FCC to submit clarification about its application review and approval process as its probe into the Google Voice removal. 

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