Hype: Google VoIP phone pictures hit the Internet?


Google is getting everyone to rewrite their holiday wishlists this week with its leaks of what some claim are pictures of the new Google VoIP phone. Sure it looks kinda like the T-Mobile MyTouch I already have in my pocket, but that wont stop tech nerds from ranting about it, and I--dear readers--am one of those tech nerds. That said, this latest hubbub seems like hype and speculation to me.

The new Google phone that is currently being analyzed across the Internet is called the 'Nexus One' and is an HTC handset running on T-Mobile that was given out to Google employees to test out new features for Android over the holidays. The phone features an updated Android build with some 3D elements, more home screens.

Noticeably absent from the recent reports were mentions of the phone being a data VoIP-based calling phone. Most reports just discussed the phone working with GSM based carriers like T-Mobile, which to me means this isn't the same phone we were talking about a few weeks ago. In fact, it looks to me like just another HTC phone that will be launched on T-Mobile running Android. Don't worry folks, I still have hope that a Google VoIP phone is in our future--it just might not be under my Christmas tree until next year.

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