Has Eero solved the home Wi-Fi user's connectivity woes?


Like many home office workers, my network can sometimes be ... well, let's call it "spotty." The Wi-Fi is the biggest problem for me, as the house is a good-sized bungalow with a finished basement.

The typical consumer Wi-Fi router doesn't have the range to appropriately cover the entire house – not even half of it really. That's why the household has a router both up and downstairs, as well as a repeater. I'm not sure if it's the most efficient way to ensure Wi-Fi coverage, but it's the way it was set up.

Even so, there are spots throughout the house where the connection can be sketchy.

Although I spend most of my computing time at a desktop plugged directly into the router, I've also been known to tote my little Chromebook to the far reaches of the house to tap away on whatever story I'm working on. I also extend that to the back deck when the temperatures warm up (summer is starting to feel like a long lost friend).

In the last couple of months, I've seen mention of Eero, a rather pricey router/range extender/access point product that just recently began shipping.

Eero has an interesting take on the home routing problem. Instead of one central routing device, you deploy multiple Eero units around the house (a three-pack looks to be the standard, but its $499 price tag is a little staggering).

I like the simplicity of what Eero promises, but it also strikes me as a problem that could be much more affordable with a few more traditional home routing problems and a little bit of networking know-how. Even so, the reviews so far are quite favorable. The Engadget review, for instance, is practically a love letter to the device.

It appears Eero may have found the formula it needs to make a splash in home networking. It will be interesting to see what users are saying about it in a few months – and whether it really lived up to expectations. - Chris, @NorthernTalbot

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