Logitech Group videoconferencing system aims to bring high-end audio and video to enterprises


Logitech is hoping to make videoconferencing simpler with the upcoming launch of Logitech Group, a high-definition videoconferencing endpoint designed to work with a variety of conferencing services and applications.

Logitech Group was designed to be the successor to the Logitech CC3000e conferencing endpoint. The new product was designed to provide high-end audio and video to conference rooms of up to 14 people – or 20 with optional add-on microphones.

Most importantly, though, it was designed to work with existing cloud videoconferencing services, including Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, WebEx, Lifesize Cloud and Blue Jeans Network.

According to Scott Wharton, vice president and general manager of Logitech's video collaboration group, Logitech Group was designed for the growing cloud videoconferencing services on the market, which are driving industry growth.

"The growth is really coming out of the cloud," Wharton told FierceEnterpriseCommunications. "If you look at it like the PC market, high-end videoconferencing isn't going away. It's stabilized. But all the growth and revenue is coming from the cloud."

Logitech Group fits into the conference room and huddle room space, but Wharton noted it was designed to avoid the "huddle uncomfortably around the laptop" style of meetings many businesses are using. It's also a contrast to high-end – and rather expensive – conference room systems from competitors like Cisco and Polycom.

The CC3000e had much success in the conferencing space, Wharton said, and Group was designed to expand on its features. Also, it's priced for the small- to medium-sized businesses but designed for enterprise communications.

"It has much better audio and video, but the name focuses around the audio. It was designed completely from the ground up to be much better audio," Wharton said.

Priced at $999.99, Logitech Group will be available in March with high-end microphones, 1080p video display capabilities and a focus on taking over the traditional videoconferencing market.

One benefit some enterprises may find from Logitech Group is the fact it was designed so users can easily switch between difference conferencing services, said Joan Vandermate, head of marketing for Logitech's video collaboration group. She indicated enterprises typically use multiple conferencing applications, and Group was designed so end users can simply switch apps by logging in on the endpoint.

"You literally just plug this thing in via USB to a computer and HDMI to a TV," Wharton said.

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