Marissa Mayer says mobile is remaking Yahoo


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says mobile computing may remake her company completely.

Speaking at's Dreamforce conference in San Francisco this week, Mayer said that the company is taking a 'mobile first' approach to all product design. Yahoo has approximately 400 million mobile users, and Mayer argues that Yahoo's product set matches well with frequent mobile activities beyond email and text--weather, maps, stock prices are all in demand from mobile users.

Prior to Mayer's arrival, Yahoo's mobile development efforts were limited and disjointed. The company has ramped up from roughly 30 to 60 mobile developers to more than 400. The emphasis on design has grown as well, since mobile users are particularly sensitive to design and user experience (UX) considerations, given the premium on screen space and usability.

The same point about design and user experience is made about the entire unified communications (UC) industry over on UC Strategies. Robbie Pleasant points to recent development work at Avaya, focused on contextual awareness; Alcatel-Lucent, focused on seamless cross-device integration; and hosted service provider Fonality's single interface for phones and business applications.

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