Net neutrality doesn't matter with SD-WAN, says VeloCloud exec


Net neutrality will continue to be a hot topic and be debated, but no matter which way decisions go, cloud-based software-defined WAN vendor VeloCloud believes it has the solution to the problem of preferential treatment.

Mike Wood, vice president of marketing at VeloCloud, told FierceEnterpriseCommunications that SD-WAN presents benefits to enterprises no matter which way the net neutrality debate goes.

"Even though that debate will go on, it's not going to matter for businesses," Wood said. "And the reason is that as a business, now that you have something like software-defined wide area networking, you can literally play both sides of the fence on this one. If things shift to where everything is equal and you can get the bandwidth that you purchase and it is guaranteed and there's no preferential treatment at all, using SD-WAN allows you to leverage that model because you can run traffic across one or multiple links, especially with a cloud-delivered model like VeloCloud has, and be able to have the best of both worlds in that model."

It will allow businesses to drive pricing down from ISPs and push them to compete for enterprise business, he said.

Now, if the net neutrality debate swings the other way and preferential treatment becomes the norm, SD-WAN enables enterprises to circumvent the issues presented. Using multiple MPLS and Internet links, enterprises will be able to proactively select and steer applications across particular links at specific times based on the typical things like packet loss, jitter and performance, but also based on the preferential treatment apps are given on individual links.

"Even if it goes the other direction, with an SD-WAN solution, especially cloud-delivered where you've got a presence in the Internet and you can measure what's actually happening all the way down to the last mile and into the branch office, it's not going to matter because you're going to be about to route around these issues that present themselves," Wood said.

With a focus on cloud-delivered SD-WAN, VeloCloud hopes to provide enterprises with the foundation for their next-generation WAN architecture. It's not focusing on the net neutrality issue, but Wood indicated the benefits of using a software-defined approach, especially if decisions are made on the side of those wishing for preferential treatment of traffic.

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