netTalk Duo: an easier alternative to magicJack?


Just about everyone has heard of making phone calls over the Internet these days. Now it's as easy as clicking a link in you Gmail to call grandma--provided she is on Gmail. But what if grandma hasn't jumped on the Gmail calling train yet and still likes to use her good old landline? Well for that, grandma would have to use a magicJack or maybe...a netTalk Duo.

The netTalk Duo takes the need for a computer out of the equation. A user can plug the device into their broadband line and then into a regular home phone and make VoIP calls with ease at the same low rates we've all come to expect from VoIP. The device has a leg up on the magicJack--as well as any other computer based VoIP--where users need to have a computer on and the VoIP app running in order to receive calls to their phone. With the netTalk Duo, users just keep their phone plugged into the device--and the device plugged into the Internet router--and they never have to worry about missing a call.

Like the magicJack, the initial purchase includes a year of service and also like most of these types of devices, there might be a little learning curve. Check out the source article for a complete review. Also, magicJack maybe ruffling a few feathers of its competitors further as it's been working to make all calling for its customers completely free--a promise I haven't seen yet from the netTalk team.

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