Not-so-strange bedfellows: Single sign-on, API management, good UX


Monolithic business applications (think late-90s ERP) made a certain amount of sense--all that functionality tightly integrated under one user interface. 

Unfortunately, as Ben Kepes points out, that interface usually stank.

Writing on, Kepes notes that the pendulum has swung the other way--and might swing even further. Now corporate users commonly face the problem of dealing with loosely integrated applications and functions--each having its own interface.  This inconsistency presents software vendors with an opportunity. Kepes says he expects 2014 to see the emergence of a set of vendors focused not on building applications, but on providing great integration and UX for others' apps. Good API management together with elegant single sign-on functionality under a consistent user interface--the big data space shows movement in that direction and other areas might follow.

"This is an area that I expect to see much movement on in 2014," writes Kepes. "With a general acceptance that the future of enterprise IT is going to become ever more complex, and a huge spread in the types of applications being used, I envisage vendors coming to market that combine a broad integration play, with Single Sign-On built in and functionality that allows for inputs from all manner of data sources."

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