Oracle aims to boost cloud network performance with new SDN-enabled fabric


Oracle's latest move to capture the enterprise cloud market is the announcement of Oracle Enhanced Data Rate InfiniBand Fabric, a software-defined networking enabled 100 Gbps cloud network infrastructure designed to boost application performance.

The vendor's goal is to improve network performance, efficiency and security so enterprises can more confidently deploy business-critical applications in the cloud. According to Oracle's press release, EDR InfiniBand Fabric was built on open standards and can improve response times in network-facing applications.

"In cloud environments, new tenants, applications, and changing workload demands are the norm. Traditional, rigid approaches to network infrastructure that rely heavily on manual processes can be time consuming, costly and error-prone," said Raju Penumatcha, senior vice president of Netra Systems and networking at Oracle, in a statement. "Oracle EDR InfiniBand Fabric provides a scalable and non-blocking, secure, open, and unified solution that virtualizes all network infrastructure for on-demand provisioning and orchestration without compromising performance."

With EDR InfiniBand Fabric, Oracle promises 10 times the performance of Ethernet and three times the performance of previous generation InfiniBand. At 100 Gbps speeds, the new fabric was designed to also provide four-to-one network consolidation while also enabling integration with existing data center storage and networking infrastructure.

EDR InfiniBand Fabric, which will be available in the second quarter, expands on Oracle's existing InfiniBand products. Oracle has invested in InfiniBand technology since 1999, when it helped to form the InfiniBand Trade Association.

It also plays well into its cloud strategy. Although the new InfiniBand offering is geared toward improving application performance for its own branded cloud services, Oracle also noted the technology can also improve third party and internally developed enterprise applications.

"Enterprise customers deploying business-critical applications in the cloud require software-defined, high-performance network infrastructure that can respond to changing business demands in real time," said Brad Casemore, director of research for data center networking at IDC, in a statement accompanying the press release. "With optimizations for Oracle's application software integrated into its InfiniBand network-fabric silicon and switches, Oracle is delivering a comprehensive stack of integrated software and infrastructure – including the underlying network fabric – so that enterprise customers can readily embrace cloud computing."

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