Rebtel reveals free international VoIP calling for BlackBerry


The iPhone and Android ecosystems may have a bunch of VoIP apps floating around, but anyone working in the business world knows that if you don't have an app for BlackBerry, the corporate world is probably not very interested. Luckily, Rebtel has made some big plans to cater to this crowd.

Rebtel just announced the launch of a BlackBerry application which allows users to make and receive free international calls. The app enables calls between more than 50 countries. The Rebtel release follows a similar release on the Android platform and predates a release for the iPhone. 

The app insures that calls from Rebtel users on BlackBerry or Android devices are completely free of international charges and also runs in the background and routes any international calls through Rebtel instead of the user's carrier. In addition, the app works on the cellular network and does not require WiFi.  

"We are committed to bringing innovation into the oligopolistic marketplace to make international calls either free or super-cheap for our customers," said Andreas Bernstrom, CEO of Rebtel in a release. "Our BlackBerry app, in addition to our Android app, delivers this in a powerful way, and the fact that this can be used across the bulk of Smartphone devices is a huge advantage to mobile users who are looking to connect with friends and family across the globe in the most inexpensive way possible."

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