Red Box Recorders automates call recording compliancy


If compliance assurance for audio recordings is a concern, then Red Box Recorders may have a solution. The company, a provider of products for call and data recording for financial compliance, just launched a software tool that does automated verification of call recordings.

Assure: System Check was designed to help ensure organizations remain compliant with call recording regulations. Its usefulness is, for the most part, limited to the financial services sector, as it does regular checks on all voice communications, including those conducted using unified communications and VoIP systems, to verify compliance and generate reports.

The automated system aims to replace error-prone manual systems. According to the company's press release, manual verification can be disruptive to businesses and, when there are errors, can also cost big bucks when regulatory penalties are applied. Red Box Recorded indicated companies around the world spend millions of dollars every year on manual testing – functions that can miss issues and bring about some of those penalties.

"For the first time trading floors will be assured of 100 percent verification of their communications systems; no one else offers this automated solution to verify recording," said John Cunningham, CTO of Red Box Recorders, in a statement. "When you also consider the cost-saving benefit it's clear that any organization with compliance requirements needs to have this technology."

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