Reports indicate Cisco is about to develop a hyperconvergence appliance with Springpath


Rumors surfaced this week that Cisco is preparing to develop its own hyperconvergence appliance thanks to an OEM deal with hyperconvergence software developer Springpath. If true, it could mean the end of rumors that Cisco will acquire Nutanix and also put a damper on an existing relationship with SimpliVity.

The rumor kicked off with a CRN article that indicated not only an OEM deal in the works, but also an undisclosed investment Cisco recently made in Springpath. CRN also noted that the deal, which the article indicated it learned about from multiple sources, said the deal could also mean an eventual acquisition of Springpath by Cisco.

Springpath is barely out of stealth mode, having emerged in February 2015 after operating since 2012 under the name Storvisor. The company's HALO architecture is its focus. HALO was designed to be a hardware-agnostic hyperconvergence product with log-structure distributed object store layers. Basically, HALO takes standard servers and turns them into a shared pool of compute and storage.

A Network World article indicated the deal could have an impact on the company's existing relationship with SimpliVity and would likely nix any chances of a Nutanix acquisition.

And if the rumors are indeed true, the fruits from the relationship could be seen as soon as next week. CRN noted that Cisco may announce the new appliance next week at its Data Center Partner Connection even in Maui, although details may be put off until the Cisco Partner Summit in San Diego in late February.

It was only a matter of time before Cisco settled on its hyperconvergence strategy. There has been speculation for some time as to what route Cisco would take. We could finally have details and a roadmap as early as next week.

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