Rumor Mill: Cisco buying Nokia?


Ed Note: It appears this rumor is a bit 'old news' and since it's been so long and hasn't come true, I think it is safe to say that Cisco wont be purchasing Nokia. But, with HP buying Palm while simultaneous using Cisco as their rallying cry, it was exciting to think about how this might heat up the communications arms race.

Well this seems a little far fetched... However, when you look at it in context with some of the other stories we've been covering, it has its merits. A small U.K. newspaper apparently reported that it thought Nokia might be bought by Cisco and a number of tech blogs have jumped in to give their two cents. Since the two companies work together on VoIP technology, could that be reason enough to bring them together?

When you think about Cisco-competitor HP buying Palm last week, this rumor seems like a mirrored response to that news. HP buys a mobile device company? Cisco should buy one too. We did note that by purchasing Palm, HP was completing it communications services offerings and gaining a one-up on its competition. The downside was that none of the purchased brands HP has picked up are industry leaders. If Cisco bought Nokia they would own a very successful handset maker.

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