Sizing Up Business VoIP Carriers


How many business VoIP seats are out there? Ike Elliott's Telecosm blog has published data published or provided by business service providers, along with an interesting four quadrant chart to position the players by size and markets.

Out of 15 VoIP providers providing or publishing data, CBeyond reports the largest number of business VoIP seats--over 440,000--served, with ranked second with 10,000 hosted seats and 110,000 trunks. New Global Telecom (NGT) is third with 82,000 seats and 8x8 isn't far behind with 79,970 seats.  It should be noted the data isn't by any means comprehensive, but a compilation based upon data voluntarily provided by surveyed businesses.

Charted data divvying up the market between retail and wholesale and national and selected cities or regional markets more clearly defines how business VoIP carriers have positioned themselves. Cbeyond squarely dominates the retail market as it focuses on selected cities or regions while NGT holds a similar position in the wholesale/national quadrant.

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