Skype CEO: iPhone VoIP over 3G 'soon'


Hot off the announcement of its Verizon partnership, Skype didn't want to leave AT&T and the iPhone out. Om Malik over at GigaOm was able to corner Skype's CEO Josh Silverman and ask him about the VoIP over 3G Skype app and the answer was that it would be coming very soon. What does that mean? 'Soon' truly is anyone's guess, but Malik thinks it will be Q2 of 2010.

Skype claims to be fine tuning the 3G version of its popular iPhone app, and has yet to release it despite AT&T and Apple opening up the restrictions on VoIP over 3G on their network. One thing to keep in mind is probably the concern Skype has about quality of service. Already on record saying that the AT&T 3G network is strapped in major iPhone user areas, I am sure they are worried about how well their app will work over 3G once it goes live. Skype's latest tactic of teaming up with Verizon to send Skype calls over the voice network and the rest of the data over 3G is telling. Perhaps a similar deal will emerge for the iPhone?

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