Skype *was* missing from iPhone App Store -Updated-


-UPDATE- I've heard from Skype that that thier app was back up in the App Store on Friday. There was originally some difficulty submitting their new iOS4 build, but it has been resolved. So, no need to panic!

Panic! First the iPhone 4's fring app loses its Skype capabilities and now Skype goes missing from the App Store! How are we going to make our 3G VoIP calls if this trend continues?

Luckily, according to reports quoting Skype executives, Skype did not remove their app from the App Store and are actually just as befuddled about it as everyone else. The company is pinging Apple to get to the bottom of it.

Some speculation was floating around that Skype was beginning to withdraw its support for apps on platforms that weren't on the Verizon network due to their deal with that carrier. This rumor has been put to rest by Skype. If anything, I'd guess from Skype's recent moves with the SkypeKit they are trying to get on every ecosystem they can. At some point our LG clothes washers will be making Skype calls if Skype succeeds.

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