Spotlight: Bross leaves Huawei to join Juniper Networks

Second North American defection this quarter

Matt Bross, the North American chief technology officer (CTO) for Chinese gear maker Huawei Technologies, has left the firm to join U.S. rival Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), according to an industry source consulted by Light Reading. Huawei confirmed that Bross was leaving. "Matt not only has been a key figure in Huawei technology advancements in the past three years, he also brought a business acumen that contributed significantly to Huawei's continuous pursuit of customer-centric innovation of products and solutions," Huawei spokeswoman Jannie Luong wrote in an email sent to Light Reading. This is the second major North American defection from Huawei this quarter. John Roese, general manager at Huawei's North American research and develop organization, became CTO at EMC (NYSE: EMC) last month. Huawei has come under scrutiny from Congress over security concerns about its telecom equipment, with some members threatening to ban the company from the U.S. market. Read more