SPOTLIGHT: Microsoft messenger for Mac muffed


Microsoft Messenger for Mac Muffed
Microsoft Messenger 7 for the Macintosh is getting a mixed review from TGDaily.  There are various tweaks and improvements to make it behave more like its PC counterpart, plus some new enterprise features, but Microsoft left some holes in the implementation of audio calls and video conferencing.  You can get audio calls, multi-party conference calls and video conferences, but only users who run the application in an enterprise environment and conjunction with Microsoft Communicator and Exchange Server; no joy for home users. Microsoft says VoIP and video calls to Windows Live Messenger will be enabled through updates "further down the road."

Enterprise users will be happy with improved integration with Office Communicator 2007, but Mac users will continue to rely on tools such as iChat and Skype to conduct audio and video conferencing.  Then again, there's never been any love lost between Apple and Redmond.

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