Study: BYOD requires software-based authentication


A new study released from authentication specialist Encap estimates that enterprises with 3000 employees could save more than $165,000 by moving to an authentication process based on smart-device software rather than hardware.

The recommendation comes as more companies accept the "bring your own device (BYOD)" trend of enterprise workers using their own mobile devices in enterprise IT environments.

The study cites deployment cost for hardware one time password as $202,000, as opposed to smart device-based software at $9,000--a 95 percent decrease in cost.

"The BYOD trend is growing, and employees are demanding access to enterprise applications quickly and securely, no matter where they are or what device they are using," Sarah Wallace, analyst for Heavy Reading, said in a statement. "A solution that allows access to these services regardless of the device, location or network in a secure manner is invaluable to enterprise IT managers."

The report said smart device-based software is at least 60 percent less expensive than all other software based approaches in terms of annual costs per user.

"Our study shows that the time for hardware-based authentication has passed—it is just too expensive when compared with the alternatives," Thomas Bostrom Jorgensen, CEO of Encap, said in a statement. "Employees want simple access across a range of devices. Similarly, IT managers want to easily integrate authentication without painful provisioning and replacement issues. Hardware approaches are incompatible with today's world of smart devices, remote access and cloud apps."

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