Twilio adds private connection options to cloud-based communications service


Twilio is making it easier for developers to connect to its cloud-based cloud communications offering. Twilio Interconnect offers private connection options between Twilio and an enterprise's on-premise infrastructure and applications.

As the company noted in its press release, many enterprises are interested in leveraging cloud communications, but some are still concerns about security and the level of quality they would get by using the public Internet for data transportation. Interconnect solves that problem by offering private connectivity using cross-connects, MPLS, VPNs and an Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud connection.

"Twilio Interconnect opens up the sophistication and network flexibility of the Twilio cloud to enterprises previously constrained from accessing the public Internet," said Patrick Malatack, vice president of product management at Twilio, in a statement. "This is a huge step for enterprises looking to move away from costly, slow-to-adapt legacy infrastructure and adopt a more agile approach to building communications that meet today's customer demand."

The dedicated network connection options were added to provide Twilio's enterprise customers with improved quality of service for their Twilio communications applications. For enterprises that must comply with regulations like PCI and HIPAA, the new private connectivity options should also make it easier to adopt cloud-based communications services from Twilio.

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