Unified Comms in 2013: The year of living boringly?


For all the noise and product announcements and putative advances in technology, analyst Dave Michels says the year 2013 in Unified Communications was characterized by very little real progress.

Does that sound like a glib assertion? Michels (who admits he is sometimes called a curmudgeon) steps through a number of key areas, including:

WebRTC: Got hung up in the standards committee. And still no indication of support from two big browsers. (Michels doesn't specify, but those appear to be Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Apple's Safari.)

Contact centers: Technologies are improving, but business processes lag behind. As Michels asserts, "The problem is reasonable contact center deployments and/or sincere concern for the customer experience remains the exception… as far as I can tell from the businesses I call--it's still 1999." Customers still have to enter the same information multiple times, websites fail to capture context and so on.

Video: "Lots of talk about 1080p, yet I still can't buy a USB 3.0 webcam (1080p exceeds USB 2.0 speeds)."

Michels also looks at UC developments in the contexts of mobility, cloud and more.

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