Vopium sees mobile VoIP calls over WiFi rising


In a recent report on its growth, Vopium revealed some interesting statistics about how its users were accessing the service. The company which offers mobile VoIP calls and long distance calls at reduced prices, has noticed an uptick in 3G and WiFi use.

It would only stand to reason that mobile VoIP users would be migrating to networks that offered the best quality and lowest jitter. WiFi over a broadband connection would obviously be a better connection to VoIP services over EDGE or even older cellular services. 3G also offers some better connections and one can only imagine the super users with access to 4G networks are loving their mobile VoIP services. Vopium has reported that its users are definately moving to the more advanced networks. Its callers using WiFi and 3G have grown from 19 percent to 35 percent in the last year.

The company's rise in WiFi and 3G usage is partly do to its expansion throughout Europe and its user base finding that mobile VoIP-based calling from increasingly available WiFi hotspots is much cheaper than paying international roaming charges.

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